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A number of materials have been created as part of a package to assist boat builders in using the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) to Post Sale (after sale) monitor their boats for being involved in accidents. The hope is that boat builders will use that information to improve the safety of their vessels. Gary Polson of / Polson Enterprises authored these materials.

These materials are not professional advice. They are educational materials to stimulate discussion and encourage boat builders to develop their own processes to best use BARD for their specific situation.

Links to BARD Training Materials

The Basic Process

The basic process of Post Sale monitoring boats for product safety purposes is shown on our Process for Post Sale Monitoring of Power Boat Accidents Chart.

We explain how to use BARD for this process in a series of 9 videos of which 4 are introductory, 4 are specifically for boat builders, and 1 illustrates additional tools and helps we provide for boat builders.

The use of BARD for this process is also explained on our post providing training support materials including worksheets, and in our technical paper on BARD search strategies.

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