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On Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005, two teenage girls from Cooper City (Samantha Archer,15, and Jaysell Perez, 14) borrowed a 2001 Yamaha WaveRunner X800 PWC from a family friend at his waterfront home. They took it out on the intracoastal waterway at West Palm Beach, Florida near Currie Park. While in process of turning around and heading back to shore, Archer let off the throttle and attempted to steer away from hitting a 31 foot high performance boat.

When Samantha Archer backed off the throttle, the Yamaha WaveRunner lost steering and they collided with the boat. Both girls were struck by the boat’s twin propellers. Jaysell Perez was killed and Samantha Archer was horribly injured.

The accident resulted in:
Daniel Perez vs. Yamaha Motor Corporation USA. Case # 2006CA005301. 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, Florida. Read More→

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PGIC Now Hosting SPIN

by Gary
SPIN logo

SPIN logo

Stop Propeller Injuries Now (SPIN) –
an Advocate for Boat Propeller Safety is proud announce that as of yesterday (26 September 2012) we now hosting the SPIN (Stop Propeller Injuries Now) web site.

Per their site, “SPIN actively promotes boating safety issues, specifically the need to protect the public from accidents and fatalities from the exposed propeller.” Read More→

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Mark Barhanovich

Mark Barhanovich

Mark Barhanovich, 54, of Biloxi Mississippi was on fishing trip with a friend early Sunday morning September 16, 2012. They were in a 23 foot center console fishing boat off the coast of Mississippi in the Mississippi Sound, just east of Deer Island on their way to Horn Island. Biloxi, Mississippi is the largest city in the area.

The outboard motor struck a submerged object (many think it was a dredge pipe) about 6:30 am Sunday. The outboard motor broke loose from the transom, flipped into the boat, and its propeller struck Mark Barhanovich in the back. Another friend was nearby in another boat at the time of the accident.

The emergency call came into Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) at 6:39 am Sunday morning.

Mark’s friend in the nearby boat ferried law enforcement and ambulance crews from shore to the disabled vessel.

Mark was taken to Jackson County Small Craft Harbor, then to to Ocean Springs Hospital where he was declared dead at 7:52 am Sunday morning as friends and family were gathering at the hospital. Read More→

Our Detecting People Near Boats More Reliably Using Optical Image Stabilization invention disclosure below was posted on 19 September 2012. We will make no changes to the text below the line following this paragraph except to correct misspellings, punctuation, and to update html/computer codes and links. Any updates to the invention will be posted below the invention disclosure.

Detecting People Near Boats More Reliably Using Optical Image Stabilization Invention

This invention has to do with improving the reliability of virtual propeller guard systems designed to detect people in the water near boats that may be in danger of being struck by the boat’s propeller. Read More→

Listman Trial - Jay O'Sullivan

Jay O’Sullivan working the Listman Trial for the Defense: image courtesy of CVN

The boating industry has been pretty successful in defending propeller injury cases when the plaintiff presents a traditional propeller guard (ring or cage type guard) as the exemplar, example of how the defendant could have prevented the accident. This post reviews those defenses, reviews how some modern day products are challenging those defenses, and how some new propeller safety products coming down the pipeline may provide even more challenges for the boating industry’s conventional courtroom defenses.

If the boating industry hopes to keep winning in court, they may need to come up with some new defenses. Read More→

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Contrapel Water Jet

by Gary

Two New Zealand inventors (Barry Davies and Paul Paterson) have spent nearly twenty years developing a contra-rotating water jet. Like contra-rotating propellers, the Contrapel waterjet uses two impellers turning in opposite directions.

The original efforts were by a firm called ContraJet Ltd. After that effort stalled, it became PropellerJet Ltd. The water jet research and development operation is now called Contrapel Ltd.

Contrapel Boat

Contrapel Rescue Boat

The technology is now running in a 10 meter rescue boat built by Stabicraft Marine. Read More→

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William E. Coxe III was boating in Beaufort County, South Carolina, with a companion on January 31, 2009 in his 18 foot Hewes Redfisher built by Maverick Boat Company.

As they returned to the CC Haigh Jr. Boat Landing, Mr. Coxe dropped off his companion to go get his truck and boat trailer. Mr. Coxe kept his boat in position in the river by idling in forward against the current. As Mr. Coxe was preparing to haul his boat from the water, he slipped, fell into the throttle, the boat accelerated forward, and Mr. Coxe was ejected from the vessel. The boat began to circle, being weighed down by his clothing and concerned about the cold water, Mr. Coxe tried to swim to shore. The Yamaha outboard propeller struck him multiple times. He received massive facial lacerations that removed much of his nose and almost severed his jaw.

Prior to the filing of the complaint, Mr. Coxe had incurred medical bills in excess of $500,000. Read More→

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Adrian Todd was 14 years old when he was struck in the face by a boat propeller on April 21, 2008 at Refuge Bay in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. His cheekbone was crushed, his left eye socket was damaged, his left cheek was severely lacerated, his nose and upper lip were cut in half, his right cheek and eye lids were lacerated, and his right eye was permanently damaged.

Adrian Todd pull started a 8 horsepower Mercury outboard motor, the motor was in gear or slipped into gear, Adrian fell over the stern of the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) and was struck by the propeller.

Legal action was brought against Mercury Marine Australia. The case rose through the Australian court system to the Supreme Court of NSW, Court of Appeal in Sydney. Read More→

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RingProp safety propeller

Several years ago, a UK firm tried to commercialize a ringed propeller from Australia called RingProp. The propeller was said to be safer than traditional propellers because human limbs could not easily enter between the blades. When the propeller was spinning it created a shroud around the blades.

Efforts to develop RingProp were spread over at least two decades, two continents, several firms, and one stock exchange. We previously covered the history of RingProp hoping other firms might learn from their efforts and avoid their mistakes.

Liquidators have now placed the intellectual property behind RingProp for sale at Edward Symmons, a UK property and asset consultancy. Read More→

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Navigator Prop Guard Down Position

Navigator Prop Guard Down Position

Navigator Prop Guard Up Position

Navigator Prop Guard Up Position

Guy Taylor received U.S. Patent 8,257,121 for a “Boat Propeller Shield” on September 4, 2012. His 3PO Propeller Shield automatically swings up from his hexagonal shaped Navigator guard when underway to reduce drag. The shield automatically falls down to protect people behind the boat when the boat is at rest or backing up. Read More→

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