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Milligan Charitable Bike Ride logoIn May 2013, Nicholas Milligan’s family was in an horrific boat accident at Padstow Harbor in the UK. His family of 6 were all ejected from a RIB, the unmanned RIB began to circle, he and his daughter Emily were killed, his wife Victoria lost a leg, his son Kit suffered terrible injuries to his leg, and his two other daughters were traumatized and also received minor injuries. We covered the accident in, Nicholas Milligan Boat Propeller Accident.

Nicholas Milligan family

Nicholas Milligan family

Victoria Milligan

Victoria Milligan

Now, his widow, Victoria Milligan, has launched a major fundraising effort for RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and Child Bereavement UK. She hopes to raise over £300,000 (over $510,000) during a charity bicycle / bike ride that begins in Cornwall. Read More→

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Christopher Stanley, 17 of North Bay, Ontario Canada, was boating southeast of town with another teenage male on Lake Nosbonsing on Sunday June 15, 2014 about 8:45am.

Details of exactly what happened are still sketchy, but somehow he and his friend ended up in the water with their 16 foot boat circling them in the Circle of Death.

Rescuers were able to save his friend, but Chris slipped below the surface and his body was recovered that evening. A postmortem examination was scheduled for Monday June 16th.

Chris’ friend was taken by ambulance to a medical facility so his injuries could be assessed.

The local underwater search team, OPP Underwater Search and Recovery, spend Sunday searching for his body. Christopher’s body was found about 12 hours after the accident.

Units involved in the search and rescue operation included: North Bay OPP, North Bay Marine Unit, North East Regional Snowmobile All Terrain and Vessel Enforcement (SAVE), OPP helicopter unit, and OPP Underwater Search and Recovery unit.

OPP – Ontario Provincial Police in Canada.

Our coverage of this accident will provide more details on the accident, on Christopher Stanley’s life, then propose a question. Read More→

Casey Schulman

Casey Schulman

In April 2014, Casey Schulman’s family helped sponsor “Shine on Week” at Jeb Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia in honor of their daughter that lost her life to a boat propeller.

The week is to be filled with encouragement and good will for all. Casey’s mother, Margo Schulman reported the week turned out to be just what she wanted it to be. During the week, students also have the opportunity to nominate other students for a $20,000 college scholarship. The intent is to award the scholarship to someone involved in improving the lives of others.

Staff members reported the week was an opportunity to stop and enjoy life and share some of the passion Casey had for life.

Students tried to raise some of the funding for the scholarship via crowd sourcing at StartSomeGood.

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MV Explorer

MV Explorer
image courtesy Wikipedia

On June 13, 2014, several news outlets began reporting the University of Virginia (Uva) had announced its plan to end its sponsorship of Semester at Sea.

The relationship previously had students around the county enrolling as visiting students at University of Virginia, along with UVa students, traveling the world on an older cruise ship while attending onboard UVa accredited classes.

UPDATE – 17 June 2014, one day after posting this article, we received a polite email from Institute for Shipboard Education / Semester at Sea (SaS) saying our article misrepresented some points and asked us to “fix the false implications.”

The points Semester at Sea would like to make are:

  • “the unfortunate incident involving Casey Schulman in Dominica happened on an excursion independent of Semester at Sea.”
  • “the propeller was from that of another ship, nothing to do with the Semester at Sea ship nor a Semester at Sea-endorsed excursion.”
  • “The agreement to discontinue the partnership was entirely mutual.”

We appreciate the Institute for Shipboard Education / Semester at Sea contacting us and correcting what they feel are misstatements in our coverage. Please be sure to review Semester at Sea’s three comments above before drawing any conclusions from this article.

We are not agreeing or disagreeing with Semester at Sea’s comments, but will leave the remainder of our post as it was originally written.

************************************************************************** Read More→

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Back in February 2012 we developed a list of outboard motors striking submerged objects, breaking off, and flipping into boats. We instantly noted a large percentage of these accidents involve bass boats with high horsepower outboard motors.

We have since identified 21 occurring since February 2012, plus several earlier ones. Many of the accidents we continue to identify are bass boats in which either the outboard motor swivel bracket broke, or the jack plate failed to retain the drive and the outboard jumped into / entered the boat.

Three of these accidents involving bass boats occurred within a 30 day period spanning April and May 2014

To better call attention to this issue we created a list of outboard motors of 150 or more horsepower that have flipped /jumped into boats since 1999. Much more information on each of these accidents is available from the full list of accidents linked to above.

As we mentioned on the list of outboard of all sizes jumping in, this is only a partial list of accidents. Many accidents are not reported and many states refuse to make their accident reports public in the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD).

Several of these bass boat accidents occurred during tournaments or pre-fishing for tournaments, and some involve well known bass fishing professionals (bass pros). Read More→

Rex Chambers' boat with outboard motor broke off

Rex Chambers’ boat with outboard motor broke off

We updated list of boat accidents on our Outboard Motor Struck Submerged Object and Flipped Into Boat page today (2 June 2014).

The updates included one 2002 accident, several 2013 accidents from the recently released USCG 2013 Public Boating Accident Report Database (BARD),
and the recent Todd Iwamoto and Rex Chambers accidents.

We also added BARD reference numbers to the 2013 accidents we had previously identified.

Once again, we would like to call the boating industry’s attention to the number bass boats with large outboards are appearing on this list in recent years, several of which were participating in bass tournaments. We previously published a 74 page pdf document containing an extensive list of ways to mitigate and prevent these accidents on various types of vessels, including bass boats:

Approaches to Prevent Outboard Motors From Flipping Into Boats After Striking Submerged Objects.

We encourage the boating industry to apply those or other methods where appropriate, and especially call their attention to the bass boat issue.