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Gabby DeSouza died

by Gary

Gabby DeSouza

Gabby DeSouza
photo by Comunidade News

From time to time, some propeller accident victims stand out in our memories. The press typically does not cover most of them, or just provides the very basics of the accident and never returns to the story. Sometimes accident victims are covered a few times, and very rarely, the press falls in love with them and provides more indepth coverage for a longer period of time. This level of coverage is often reserved for youth. Sometimes coverage continues as the community unites to pray and rally for them as they fight for life in the hospital or fight to save a limb, sometimes as friends and family try to raise funds to cover tremendous medical expenses, sometimes as friends and family prepare their home for their return in a wheelchair, sometimes when they return home from the hospital, sometimes as they endure countless surgeries, sometimes as new prosthetics are fitted, and sometimes as family members try to pass boating safety laws in the name of their deceased children. Other times it comes as youth try to return to sports activities, want to walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma, reunite with rescuers, mark the first year anniversary of the accident, or try to give back to others facing similar challenges. They are seen as vibrant teenagers full of life and anticipations whose lives where tragically changed or cut short.

A few U.S. examples from recent times include: Britteny Lindt (15 year old cheerleader), Cole Ortega (14 year old surfer), Allysa Squirrell (11 year old training as a junior lifeguard), Molly Moses (16, known from Miracles for Molly), Gabby DeSouza (14 year old Floridian), Drew Barefield (12 year old Florida boy snorkeling), and Emily Fedorko (16 year old beautiful Connecticut girl). Others like Kali Gorzell of Texas had similar stories, but were never picked up in depth by the press.

These young, vibrant teenagers captured the hearts of those who read their stories. The press continued to run follow up stories on those who survived. Among them was Gabriella “Gabby” DeSouza, a cheerful, sassy Florida teen who lost her lower right leg to a propeller accident in February 2011. Read More→

Bruce Porter

Bruce Porter

Bruce Porter was a member of the Western Underwater Dive Club. Eleven club members, including Mr. Porter, booked a dive charter vessel tour in New Zealand on 7 February 2014.

Mr. Porter was from England and settled in New Zealand on Aukland’s North Shore with his wife in 2008.

While diving near the entrance to Poor Knights Islands he was struck by the dive boat’s propeller and later died from his wounds. They were diving from a 53 foot catamaran, the Pacific Hideaway. Read More→

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