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Mark Barhanovich was killed 16 September 2012 when his 23 foot center console fishing boat struck a dredge pipe off Deer Island, Mississippi. The 225 horsepower Suzuki outboard motor broke off and flipped up into the boat, fatally striking him with its still rotating propeller.

Deer Island Barge Position

Position of the Deer Island, Mississippi barge associated with the dredging operation per USCG 2012 Week 37 Local Notice to Mariners dated September 12, 2012. Deer Island is the long thin island to the south west of the barge (red balloon).

Mr. Barhanovich’s family settled a civil suit against the dredging operation, C.F. Bean, LLC and other parties.

The United States Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against Bean on Friday 16 October 2015 for not properly marking the dredge pipe.

Case Citation: United States of America v. C.F. Bean LLC. Criminal No: 1:15cr71HSO-RHW. United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi Southern Division.

Bean pleaded guilty in Federal Court on Tuesday 27 October 2015 to improperly marking its dredging operations near Deer Island. Read More→

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DJ Laz

DJ Laz

DJ Laz, South Florida radio personality, was operating the 42 foot boat involved in the fatal propeller strike of Ernesto Hernandez in May 2014. Ernesto and others nearby came to help push the large boat off a Nixon Beach sandbar near Key Biscayne during a Voli Vodka promotional event.

On Wednesday November 4, 2015, DJ Laz, real name Lazero Mendez, pled “no contest” through his attorney to careless driving resulting in a death of Ernesto Hernandez.

DJ Laz did not appear in court Wednesday. As per the plea agreement, he will pay $500 as a civil penalty, donate $1,000 to a Mashta Flats beach restoration fund (the area the accident occurred), provide 120 hours of community service, and take a boating safety course.

The judge noted, “There was no navigational rule that was violated.” Read More→

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