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Bassmaster recently announced Houston, Texas will be the site for the 2017 Bassmaster Classic.

The event will be held later than normal on March 24-27, 2017 on Lake Conroe.

Weigh-in will be at Minute Maid Park and the 2017 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo will be held in George R. Brown Convention Center.

Minute Maid Park, the baseball park home to the Houston Astros, was previously known as The Ballpark at Union Station, Enron Field, and Astro Field.

George R. Brown Convention Center is a large convention center near Minute Maid Park.

To view a satellite version of the Google map of Houston above, click on the icon near the left of the gray bar above the map, then look down and to the left for an icon to toggle between road and satellite view. When the satellite view comes up, click over on the main body of the map and the left menu bar will disappear. Or, we have a satellite map from another provider below.

A satellite version of the map above by another provider is below. We hope you enjoy our maps of the 2017 Bassmaster Classic to be held in Houston Texas on Lake Conroe.

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U.S. Coast Guard emblemThe U.S. Coast Guard’s National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC) will be meeting April 21-23, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia for its 95th meeting (NBSAC95).

The Coast Guard recently published a request for public comments in the Federal Register to be submitted by April 14th for distribution to NBSAC Council members. We responded today with two public comments.

Public Comment #1 – we resent the same public comment we sent back in October 2014 about the industry ignoring the scenario of large outboard motors striking submerged objects, breaking off boats, and flipping into the boat with the propeller still under power and turning at a very high RPM.

Public Comment #2 – at NBSAC94 a request was put forth to look into the October 2007 dismissal of the proposed Houseboat propeller safety regulation USCG-2001-10163. Advance materials for NBSAC95 include the Federal Register entry for the rejection of 10163. Our 2nd public comment requests NBSAC (1) review three pages of our previous report on errors made in the rejection of 10163, (2) publicly respond to the points made on those three pages based on conditions at that time so the errors of the past will no longer misguide the conversation of potential future actions. Then we suggest some steps for NBSAC and the Coast Guard to consider in any current efforts to address houseboat propeller injuries.

Our second comment included a copy of our 2010 report analyzing USCG-2001-10163 and its rejection. Read More→

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