A college student in Sweden, Fredrik Helgesson, designed a test stand to log strike test outboard motors (outboard motors impact floating logs).

The report is titled, Konstruktion av “log strike”-testrigg for utomboardsmotorer.

Back in early 2016 Mr. Helgesson, a mechanical engineering student at Halmstad University in Sweden, contacted us a few times for technical specifications on how the industry tests log strike systems. He said he was working on a thesis focused on that topic. We supplied him several publicly available materials, some thoughts on the topic, and told him that if he was not teamed with one of the major outboard manufacturers he would likely not have access to the exact specifications manufacturers use for log strike testing.

A couple months ago we noticed his paper had been published by Halmstad University.

We then learned his project was more of a design project teamed with a manufacturer of diesel outboards, Cimco Marine AB.

Cimco Marine OXE diesel outboard

Cimco Marine OXE diesel outboard

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