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Bean partially wins appeal in Barhanovich case in U.S Court of Appeals

Back in 2012 Mark Barhanovich of Biloxi, Mississippi was going out fishing in his boat with a friend just off Biloxi. The Suzuki outboard motor struck a dredge pipe, broke off, flipped into the boat, and killed Mr. Barhanovich, at least partially with the propeller. Bean, the dredging firm, previously settled with the Barhanovich family. […]

Barhanovich case: Suzuki released, Bean appeals

The fatal propeller accident in which Mark Barhanovich’s boat allegedly struck a dredge pipe and the Suzuki outboard motor broke off, flipped into the boat and struck him with the propeller has resulted in perhaps the most complicated propeller accident case ever with no end in sight. Mr. Barhanovich was a cherished, well known citizen […]

Bean & Archer respond to Barhanovich objection to Suzuki

Mark Barhanovich was boating past Deer Island Mississippi in September 2012. His outboard motor stuck something (allegedly a dredge pipe), flipped up into the boat, struck and killed him. In February 2014, Bean and Archer (dredging contractors) responsible for the dredge pipe allegedly struck by Mark Barhanovich proposed bringing Suzuki (maker of the outboard) and […]

Mrs. Barhanovich says No to Bean & Archer plan to blame Suzuki

On 3 February 2014, C.F. Bean, Bean Meridian, and Archer Western Contractors filed a Third Party Complaint in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, Southern Division. The complain called for adding Suzuki (USA), Suzuki (Japan), and Bob’s Machine Shop (jack plate manufacturer) as defendants in the case regarding the death of Mark Barhanovich. Mr. […]

Barhanovich case: Archer & Bean blame Suzuki & Bob’s Machine Shop

C.F. Bean Limitation of Liability Case has taken a twist. The case originated with C.F. Bean and Bean Meridian filing a Jones Act suit in Mississippi Southern District Court. Bean was attempting to limit any potential liability in the death of Mark Barhanovich to the value of their barge and its contents. Mr. Barhanovich of […]

Mark Barhanovich: C.F. Bean Limitation of Liability Case Update 9 May 2013

C.F. Bean, operator of the dredging operation allegedly struck by Mark Barhnovich’s boat in his December 2012 fatality near Deer Island, Mississippi previously filed a Praying for Exoneration From or Limitation of Liability case in this matter. We covered Bean’s filing at Jones Act Suit by C.F. Bean. We also covered the filing by Mark […]

Barhanovich vs. C.F. Bean & Archer Western Contractors

Jerrie Barhanovich, widow of Mark Barhanovich filed suit against C.F. Bean and Archer Western Contractors in the death of her husband resulting from a boating accident in which his boat allegedly struck a dredge pipe. We previously covered the accident in Mark Barhanovich Boat Propeller Accident at Deer Island Near Biloxi, MS: Dredge Pipe Strike?. […]

Mark Barhanovich – Jones Act suit by C.F. Bean & Bean Meridian

Mark Barhanovich (deceased)is the defendant in a Jones Act suit by C.F. Bean regarding the September 16, 2012 boating accident in which Mr. Barhanovich is alleged to have struck a dredge pipe near Deer Island, Mississippi. We previously covered the accident in detail at Mark Barhanovich Boat Propeller Accident at Deer Island Near Biloxi, MS: […]