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Boating Industry Needs Legal Defense Against Emerging Propeller Safety Devices / Technologies

The boating industry has been pretty successful in defending propeller injury cases when the plaintiff presents a traditional propeller guard (ring or cage type guard) as the exemplar, example of how the defendant could have prevented the accident. This post reviews those defenses, reviews how some modern day products are challenging those defenses, and how […]

Charlie Hutton, Boy Killed by Boat Propeller Near Isle of Wight Needles

Charlie Hutton, age 14 of Croydon in Surrey, was boating with Simon Hutton (his father) and two of his teenage friends on Friday July 20, 2012. Their inflatable boat was between Mudeford in Dorset and the Needles off the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom (UK). Simon Hutton was operating the boat when his […]

Boating Industry Continues to Claim Propeller Guards Were Never Offered by Boat Builders: We Show Otherwise

A common defense used by the boating industry in propeller injury cases and in propeller guard discussions is their claim that no boat builder ever sold boats with guards on them, offered propeller guards as an option, or sold propeller guards OR at least not guards that were intended to protect people. We just encountered […]

Michael Hinton v. Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) propeller accident trial

Michael Hinton was trying to retrieve his son’s hat which had blown into the water on September 10, 2000. He was on the swim deck, crouched, hanging onto the swim ladder and getting ready to reach for the hat. The swim ladder was anchored to the transom by a nylon strap through a grommet. The […]

McGarrigle v. Mercury Marine propeller case / lanyard kill switch case

John McGarrigle and Barbara McGarrigle v. Mercury Marine. Civil Action No. 09-4625. United States District Court, D. New Jersey. The case was settled August 28, 2012. The Propeller Accident Saturday, July 21, 2007, 37 year old John McGarrigle, of Pennsylvania, was operating a 12 foot aluminum fishing boat on Delaware Bay near Seabreeze, New Jersey […]

Listman vs OMC trial 1 November Session 1A – Plaintiff Opening Statements

This post is part of our coverage of the Listman v. OMC propeller injury trial Robin Listman vs. Outboard Marine Corporation Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, County of Washoe 1 November 2011 Session One – pm (Note there was no morning session, this was an afternoon session per CVN)

Entrapped by a Boat Propeller

The boating industry has long objected to propeller guards. One of their frequent objections is the possibility that someone might become entrapped in the propeller guard (physically caught on the prop guard). We find their objection interesting considering we frequently encounter reports of boat propeller accidents in which people were entrapped in open propellers. Swimmers […]

Shock Mounted, Forward Facing, Catchers Mask Propeller Guard Invention

Our Shock Mounted, Forward Facing, Catchers Mask Propeller Guard invention disclosure below was posted on 15 August 2011. We will make no changes to the text below line following this paragraph except to correct misspellings, punctuation, and to update html/computer codes and links. Any updates to the invention will be posted below the invention disclosure. […]

Boat and Propeller Strike Tests Model Turtles But Not People

Earlier we pointed out the fallacies of CED’s propeller guard testing at SUNY’s circular tank not using a boat AND using chimes to represent people in The Emperor Has No Boat. We came across an interesting article this weekend describing a joint Georgia Tech / Georgia Department of Natural Resouces (DNR) project using a boat […]

Our Earlier Propeller Safety Inventions

We created this Propeller Safety Inventions category in August 2011. I am listing some of our earlier inventions and linking to them here. We will be posting our future inventions in this category. If PGT<2011 is beside the invention, more can be read about it on our Pre 2011 Propeller Guard Technologies page at the […]