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S top Propeller Strikes.
P rovide Support to Survivors.


nform and Educate Public Policy Legislators and Regulatory Agencies.
N etwork with Victims and Their Families to Enhance Boating Safety.
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SPIN actively promotes boating safety issues, specifically the need to protect the public from accidents and fatalities from the exposed propeller.
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Stop Propeller Injuries Now   Stop Propeller Injuries Now


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  Our work to date has included:
  1. The development of operator/occupant guidelines to prevent propeller strikes. These include existing technologies as well as human factors.
  2. Persistent efforts to focus the U.S. Coast Guard, as the federal regulatory agency for recreational boats and equipment, to create standards and regulations to prevent propeller accidents and deaths.
  3. Membership and attendance at significant advisory groups, include the National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC) and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).
  4. Monitor the collection of statistics on accidents and fatalities and to encourage wider collections methods. Highlight the disproportionately high risk to our children, as substantiated by the statistics.
  5. Public speaking venues for boating safety issues.
  6. Contributions to legal and legislative efforts to redefine federal pre-emption so that victims and their families can fine recourse and compensation under state law.
  7. Participation in Federal comment periods, open public meeting forums and boating safety campaigns and venues in order to urge, seek, promote federal regulation to protect the public safety.
  8. Provide support to victims and their families, empowering them with tools to memorialize their loved ones through involvement in the SPIN MISSION.
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