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The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators : 


      This organization represents the safety and enforcement officers from each state. They meet regionally and nationally, and designate to their sub-committees the problems and concerns relative to boating safety. You can imagine the important work they do to build consensus and model programs amid the multiple state jurisdictions. If you are from Arizona and trailer your boat to California waters, you are responsible to know the rules that apply in both your home state and the state you visit. Within the state of Nevada, there are three jurisdictions: Indian reservation lakes, such as Pyramid; and state and federal waterways. These exclusive, but often overlapping jurisdictions, confuse the picture for boaters. This is one of the many reasons NASBLA is so critical to achieving consensus and conformity.

      The other area, which particularly concerns SPIN, is that of education.  NASBLA has developed education standards for instruction and provides this format as a model to all states considering mandatory instruction requirements for boaters. Phyllis Kopytko of SPIN sits on the education committee of NASBLA as an associate member, representing the Greater Coalition: SPIN, Aaron Foundation, and The Friends and Families for Personal Watercraft Safety. It is our objective to get a separate section within the NASBLA education standards devoted to Propeller Accident Prevention, equal to that of the two sections on PWC Safety and CO Poisoning. The importance of this education was recommended in a resolution by NBSAC (National Boating Safety Advisory Council) in 2002 and again at the meeting in November 2005. NBSAC advises and recommends. Their recommendation is before NASBLA.  NBSAC has no authority to compel. You need to exercise your power and privilege as a citizen of your state to encourage education that also includes specific guidelines on how to prevent propeller injuries and fatalities.

 On the web site, there is a list and contact information for the BLA in your state.

 If you want a copy of your accident report, contact your BLA (Boating Law Administrator)

 If you want a status on mandatory education, rules and regulations, waterway guidelines, contact your BLA.

 If you want to support current state efforts before the legislature, contact your BLA.

 If you want to find a speaking venue to promote propeller awareness and injury prevention, contact your BLA.

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