S.P.I.N. Stop Propeller Injuries Now Propeller Injury Information
S top Propeller Strikes
P rovide Support to Survivors
I nform and Educate Public Policy Legislators and Regulatory Agencies
N etwork with Victims and Their Families to Enhance Boating Safety
Stop Propeller Injuries Now Stop Propeller Injuries Now


to review boating regulations and safe boating procedures
to discuss your accident
to get references for advocate and safe boating groups
to get information on equipment and recalls
to learn about the work of NBSAC - email jhoedt@comdt.uscg.mil


to get information on your state boating law administrator
and state jurisdiction
to get a copy of your boating accident report
to learn about state safe boating activities and laws



the above websites present safety products reviewed, tested and passed by the Marine Technology Study USCG grant and compliant to industry ABYC standards


this is a great webiste for blog, background, resources, legal and legislative information, technologies and some candidly fresh and refreshing comments on the state of the regulatory process.

S.P.I.N. Stop Propeller Injuries Now S.P.I.N. - Stop Propeller Injuries Now
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