2005 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2005 recreational boat propeller accidents.

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  • 28 Dec 2005 “Benefit to Aid La Crosse Teen Injured in Boating Accident” Lacross Tribune reports a fund raiser was recently held for D. Gamroth, a teenage girl injured in a 13 August propeller accident in Florida (covered here earlier). The girl had been sitting outside the guard rail on the front of a rented pontoon boat dangling her feet in Lake Beresford. The boat, driven by her father, slowed and she fell in. The prop cut her “right leg from her thigh to the bottom of her foot, and broke the bone in three parts of her lower leg.” The accident required 8 hours of surgery and over 130 stitches plus many staples. She also received metal plates in her leg and an ankle screw. She was able to walk without crutches for Christmas. The benefit was held to assist with medical costs and other expenses.
  • 27 Dec 2005 “Epworth Man Injured in Boat Accident” Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa) reports L.M. Hoerner of Epworth IA was hurt while trying to rescue another passenger of an airboat after it rolled on the ice on the Mississippi River near Guttenberg. One passenger was pinned beneath the boat and Mr. Hoerner’s shoulder came into contact with the propeller while trying to roll the boat off of them. He was taken to Guttenberg Municipal Hospital and then to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City. His injuries were reported not to be serious.
  • 22 Dec 2005 “A Hero’s Story” of Virginia reports on a 17 Aug 2003 accident in the Potomac River in Stafford County VA. Two members of a party celebrating the birthday of two family members were drifting in the river wearing life vests while others water skied. Distracted by the falling of a young skier, the boat driver ran over the two drifting in the water (an aunt and her 11 year old niece) with the 18 foot boat. When they saw they were going to be hit, the aunt, R. Boggs, jumped on the niece to drive her under the water hoping the boat would pass over them, but their life jackets pulled her up into the propeller. “Her left arm was cut deeply in two places. Her left leg around her kneecap was ravaged. Her face was cut, permanently damaging her vision. Several ribs were fractured, puncturing a lung, doctors would later discover. The boat’s propeller also sliced through one of her breasts. At the time, she even thought her back was broken.” Her husband jumped in to help her and tried to keep her son away at her request (she did not want him to see her in this condition). She was airlifted to Inova Fairfax Hospital, lost as arm and one kidney due to the accident and spent months in therapy learning to walk with her disabled leg. R. Boggs received the Carnegie Medal of heroism Thursday for her efforts to safe her niece. Her family relationships have been torn apart as a result of the accident. The story also includes a response from Marion Irving deCruz of SPIN.
  • 22 Dec 2005 “The Year That Was in Bahrain – Retrospective” Gulf Daily News: the Voice of Bahrain. “MARCH: Indian fisherman Valappil Najeer had to have one leg amputated and undergo extensive surgery on the other when his legs were caught in a fishing boat’s propeller. He had been sitting with his legs dangling off the back of the boat as it left Sitra Fishing Port.”
  • 12 Dec 2005 South Wales Echo (Cardiff Wales) “Diver is Injured in Bay” reports a member of the Cardiff Diving Club was Diving in Harbor Three of Cardiff Marina just after noon yesterday (11 December). He fell overboard and caught his feet in the boat’s propeller. A CoastGuard spokesman said they called paramedics because his injuries were so serious. He was taken to a hospital in Cardiff.
    A later report from BSAC Diving for Divers reported his accident #06/032 in which a RHIB being used in a boat handling course during man overboard drills. The boat turned sharply in rough water and ejected a passenger (a trainee) who was then suffered deep propeller cuts in his left foot and up to his knee, and broken bones in his right foot. His neoprene drysuit seemingly reduced his injuries.
  • 24 Nov “November 24th Down Through the Years” cricinfo reports Fred Titmus, a great English cricket player, born on this date in 1932, once lost four toes when his foot was caught in the propeller of a motor boat.
  • D 2001 19 Nov 2005 “Convict Will Return to Prison” Gazette (Janesville WI) reports a T. Paladino was struck by a boat driven by a friend at Lake Geneva on 16 July 2001. The victim died from propeller injuries. An earlier appeal had freed the driver, but now the original sentence has been reinstated by a Wisconsin judge following a decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The issues surrounding the case include the jury being told of the use of alcohol.
  • D 17 Nov 2005 “Wife of Man Killed in Okoboji Boat Accident Sues Driver, Owner” Sioux City Journal (IA) reports a man (M. Brosnahan, 51) killed 12 Aug 2005 when a boat ran over the boat he was riding in and he was struck “by the part of the boat that contains the gears and propeller” on West Lake Okoboji. His wife was also injured in the accident. A trial is to begin Feb 7, 2006 in U.S. District Court in Sioux City against two men in the other boat.
  • D 17 Nov 2005 Accident Date- 28 Apr 2009 Tampa Bay Online “Trial Opens in Johnboat Accidenton Anclote River” reports on an ongoing trial of Matthew Aime, said by some to be the operator of a 14 foot johnboat on 17 November 2005 on the Anclote River. The boat struck a dock, Robin Raihan age 50 was tossed overboard along with another passenger. “His clothing got caught in the propeller and he drowned.” Another open propeller entrapment accident.
  • 10 Nov 2005 “BSO Identify 2 of 3 Dead Women Who Washed Ashore in Pompano Beach” (AP) Sun Sentinel (FL) reports three dead women washed ashore early Saturday. Police suspect they attempted to illegally imigrate to the U.S. with several others. About 5:50 am Saturday Nov. 5th a BSO deputy spotted 10 to 12 people coming ashore. “One of the males was transported to Broward General Medical Center where he was treated and released for injuries possibly caused by a boat’s propeller.” Police suspect a connection between the incidents.
  • D 8 Nov 2005 “Investigation Launched into Pearling Boat Death” ABC NewsOnline (Australia) reports a male 44 year old resident of Broome was injured by the propeller of his pearl boat on Roebuck Bay about 2pm AWST Nov 7th. He was taken to a hospital where an hour long effort failed to revive him. Preliminary reports are he went into the water to dislodge a rope caught in the propeller, and was struck by the propeller “causing fatal injuries”.
  • D 2 Nov 2005 “Man Died in Boating Accident” Solomon Star (Solomon Islands) reports four men were trying to land their boat through a reef passagee at Baolo Village on the West Coast of Isabel Friday 25 Oct. Preliminary reports indicate a wave capsized the boat and one of the men “suffered severe head injuries after being hit by the propeller. The man, who has not been named, died instantly.” It was thought he was riding in the bow as a lookout.
  • 1 Nov 2005 “Fishing Trip Ends in Coma” Canterbury Bankstown Express (Australia). On 22 March 2005, Mr. Hatzioannou, age 32 of Padstow, and his wife were boating in Botany Bay. About 4pm a rouge wave tossed him from the boat, it began circling and he was struck by the propeller. He surfaced 20 meters away with 3 prop cuts on the top of his skull. Mr. Hatzioannou was rushed to St. George Hospital, and then to Liverpool Hospital where he spent two weeks in a medically induced coma, and underwent two brain operations. Now he can walk, has limited use of his right arm and it has effected his speech. He hopes to make a near full recovery in another 18 months.
  • 29 Oct 2005 – Our coverage of new reports on propeller accidents was previously included in the Propeller Guard / Propeller Injury Protection Blog on the main page of our Propeller Guard Information Center, however the accident coverage has grew so long, we had to move it to this separate page today.
  • 19 Oct 2005 “Her Pain Can’t Stop Faith” South Bend Tribune 19 Oct 2005 reports C. Matthew, of South Bend IN, lost her right arm to a boat propeller on St. Joseph River during the Venetian Festival being held at St. Joseph during the summer of 1997. She was 42 then, and was riding on the jet ski of an acquaintance. A near collision with a boat threw her in the water. She threw up her arm to protect her head from the propeller. “… doctors couldn’t save her arm. The propeller had turned it into spaghetti.”
  • 19 Oct 2005 “Family Still Fighting for Justice” News Shopper (U.K.) reports another update on the family of P. Gallagher, a two year old boy killed by a prop strike in the Bahamas while sleeping on the beach in a deck chair in August 2002.
  • D 18 Oct 2005 “Man Charged Over Propeller Accident” The Australian reports a 22 year old British woman was “fatally struck on the head by a boat propeller” near Magnetic Island, a north Queensland Island, off Townsville. The incident occurred Sunday night 16 October. She was holidaying with a male companion heading to shore in a “rubber dinghy” from a motor yacht moored in Horseshoe Bay. Both occupants fell overboard. Police said “it it appeared the dinghy’s propeller had struck the woman on the head, killing her instantly.” The dinghy driver was charged with “drunk driving on a vessel”.
  • 11 Oct 2005 The Telegraph (U.K.) “Yard Reopens Bahamas Boat Death Inquiry” reports Scotland Yard detectives are going to the Bahamas to reopen the investigation of a two year old boy on a crowded beach when a boat ran aground and struck him with the propeller in August 2002. The boy died 5 days after the accident. His parents have encouraged officials to reopen the case. The boy’s 8 year old sister suffered nightmares after the accident. A previous inquest returned an open verdict amid accusations the boat was being recklessly operated and four lifeguards failed to alert those on the beach the 200 horsepower boat was out of control.
  • D 2000 8 Oct 2005 The Independent (U.K -accident was in Mexico) ” MacColl’s Family Win First Battle in Quest for Justice” reports Jean MacColl, age 41, and a British songwriter, was killed in a propeller accident off the island of Cozumel Mexico in December 2000. Her mother, 82, lives near London. The family is currently celebrating a breakthrough in their campaign to bring to justice those they believe caused her death. Ms. MacColl was struck by a boat while diving with her 13 and 15 year old sons. Current actions could “lead to the prosecution for perjury of a leading Mexican supermarket magnate”, owner of the speedboat that struck her. Kirsty had just surfaced after a dive and pushed her 15 year old son to safety before she was struck by the propeller of a boat named, “Percalito” and died instantly. The current investigation involves just exactly who was behind the wheel, how fast were they going, and were their other witnesses reluctant to testify against an important family. The family’s campaign for justice has a website,, to our knowledge the first one ever for promoting re-opening a propeller injury investigation.
  • D 5 Oct 2005 KUTV (Channel 2, Salt Lake City) “Montana Woman Dies In Accident At Lake Powell” reports Sylvia Rozon, a 60 year old lady from Manhattan, Montana, fell from the rear of a houseboat onto the propeller at Lake Powell Monday 3 Oct. and died later after being airlifted to a hospital in Grand Junction Colorado. She slipped while helping anchor the houseboat as she moved from a small boat behind the houseboat in strong winds.
    Later details and a legal case in Utah District Court point out her husband, Richard, with her on the houseboat they rented was a seasonal Aramark employee.
  • D 2002 27 Sept 2005 The Bahama Journal “Documentary Highlights Hellish Bahamas Vacation” reports on a August 2002 propeller injury of a young boy (2 year old) asleep in his pushchair on the beach at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. A boat pulling a banana boat lost control and ran upon the beach striking the young boy with its propeller. He died 5 days later.
  • D 24 Sep 2005 (Brunei) “Tragic End to Fishing Trip” reports Mr. Isa, age 48, was fishing in Brunei waters near Muara and was hit in the head and leg by the boat propeller and drowned. The accident occurred about midnight Friday 23 Sept. This report is courtesy of the Borneo Bulletin.
  • 18 Sep 2005 Austin American-Statesman (TX) “Saving Jacob” written by Mary Ann Roser is a wonderful report on the struggle to save a young man (J. Brochtrup) from a terrible propeller injury at Lake Austin back on July 1st. A very experienced trauma surgeon met the helicopter carrying a clinically dead teenager. They were ready to pronounce him dead, checked him for a pulse the last time and found a faint one. The lengthy article details the accident, his injuries, the actions of the first responders on the scene, the flight crew, and those at the hospital to a degree rarely seen in the press. All the stops were out in an attempt to save his life including amputating his leg at the hip and the use of hypothermia therapy in an attempt to preserve his brain function. A month after the accident a reunion of his life-savers and doctors surprised him with a visit. Now he continues his road to recovery called a miracle by his doctor. The article also includes a nice video of many of those involved and messages to him from his friends.
  • 17 Sep 2005 Grand Rapids Press “Man Hurt in Boat Accident” reports J. Swendrowski, 26 of Rockford, was riding in a boat (14 foot Sea-Wolf inflatable) on the Grand River about 5:45 pm Thursday 15 Sept. when the driver hit a submerged object tossing Swendrowski over the bow to be ran over and struck by the propeller. The driver pulled him out and took him to Grand Isle Marina for help. He was later moved to North Ottawa Community Hospital.
  • 15 Sep 2005 Northwest Herald (IL) “Woman Injured When Inner Tube is Pulled Under Turning Propeller” reports from Fox Lake, M. Randall, 45 of Spring Grove, was riding an inner tube with an 11 year old girl at Mineola Bay when their rope was caught in the prop of a 25 foot Four Winns boat (possibly not their tow boat?). The operator was pulling someone on a tube, thought the boat was in neutral, but it was in drive. She was transported to Northern Illinois Medical Center in McHenry with numerous cuts on her legs and feet. The 11 year old was not injured.
  • D? 9 Sep 2005 Newsquest Media Group Newspapers (U.K.) “Family Fight Over Son’s Diving Death” reports a 31 year old male commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico named J. Chapman, died 30 July when his “air cable” was caught in a boat’s spinning propeller which then entangled him with the propeller. When Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans (where the diver’s employers were located), the relevant documents were saved, but legal proceedings were delayed for months. Mr. Chapman was formerly from the U.K. and his ashes will be returned there. “The grieving family now plan to launch a campaign to protect divers from similar accidents. The family intend to produce a documentary describing the risks of commercial diving. Mr Chapman-Fortune then aims to distribute the film to diving schools and companies to prevent further tragedy.” The father of the deceased believe his death could have been prevented, because propellers should not be turning when someone is in the water.
  • 8 Sep 2005 (VA) “Horrible Accident Hasn’t Slowed Cuff” reports E. Cuff was tubing, fell and stuck by the boat when it swung around to pick her up on July 2nd near Wallop’s Island (VA). Earlier this summer and a high school senior, she and her boyfriend took a life saving course. His skills were helpful in her surviving the 1.5 hours needed to get to shore and to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. After countless stitches, she was left with a large scar and a fluid sack on her thigh. Her youthful determination and desire to return to playing soccer have speeded her recovery.
  • 1 Sep 2005 Times Online (Great Britian) “Saved by a Computer Life Guard” reports on a surveillance system from Poseidon (a French company) using a series underwater surveillance cameras and a computer to identify specific swimmers that might be drowning in a public pool and alerting life guards when they need to be rescued. The system recently saved a young girl. It is being used by 120 swimming pools worldwide. Similar technologies might be used to spot people near a propeller?
  • 29 Aug 05 Foster’s Online (Dover NH) “Man Hurt by Boat Propeller in Milton; 19 Stitches Required” reports A. Veronelli, age 36, of Wakefield Massachusetts was tubing Saturday Aug 27 about 1:30 pm on Milton Three Ponds. The boat was in neutral while he was climbing back in from tubing, his body “swayed” to the right and his leg caught the propeller. “He attributed the accident to being tired from tubing.” His leg required 19 stitches at Frisbie Memorial Hospital. The boat involved was a 1990 Sunbird.
  • D 2002 28 Aug 2005 Cape Cod Times (MA) “Fatalities Spur New Boating Bill” reports on a 4 July 2002 prop fatality involving a 47 foot Cigarette, “Thunder Enlightening”. The boat owner was dropping off some passengers, a friend (W. Sanderson) jumped into the water to get out and help set the anchor, Mr. O’Connell was dropping off some passengers. Mr. Sanderson moved to the reboard the boat from the swim platform at the rear. Some accounts report he fell, others that the boat backed over him, whatever happened he was “gashed by the propeller blades and died that afternoon”. The boat owner/operator had many years of experience, but had never taken a boating safety course. Now, “a bill sponsored by state Rep. Shirley Gomes, R-Harwich, would gradually mandate boating safety training for all state motor boaters.”
  • D 25 Aug 2005 KGW Northwest News Channel (WA) “Man Killed in Jet Boating Accident in Columbia River” reports per an Associated Press report, An apple grower died when he was hit by the propeller of a boat that had been towing him on an inner tube in the Columbia River at the site Monday evening 22 August. The 35 year old gentleman from East Wenatchee, named M.T. Luna was riding the tube behind a 16 foot boat piloted by his brother-in-law. He was thrown from the tube near the bridge that carries US Highways 2 and 97 over the river. While his brother-in-law was trying to pull him in, “Torres was sucked below the surface and struck by the propeller. Torres’s wife and four-year-old daughter were also in the boat at the time of the accident.” Part of this report comes from AP postings on
  • D 22 Aug 2005 The Mirror (UK – accident was in Ireland) “Man Killed in Boat Fall” reports B. Bannister, 40 of the Castelreagh area of Belfast Ireland, was boating with three friends and fell from the motorcruiser and was struck by the propeller about 2:15 pm (probably on Saturday 20 August). He fell in at Upper Lough Erne, near Carrybridge, Co Fermanagh, incurred series injuries to his head and body and died in the hospital on Saturday.
  • 22 Aug 2005 Bahama Journal (Bahamas) reports police are investigating a Friday Aug 19th morning accident in which a 36 year old lady from Washington DC was hit by a propeller while in the stern area of a private boat docked at Rose Island. She is in serious condition.
  • 21 August 2005 Accident Date – Westlaw case report or Nevada accident – Marta A. Herrera was on a kayaking trip with her boyfriend near Laughlin Nevada. Going down the river they passed very close to a 40 foot pontoon tour boat that was moored. Someone on the boat reached out and pushed them, the kayak overturned, she was ejected, passed between the pontoons and was struck by the right side propeller. We briefly cover the resulting case on our legal cases page.
  • 20 Aug 2005 Houston Chronicle Soap Scope reports propellers accidents worked their way into soap operas today. On Guiding Light “Jonathan shoved Nate in the lake. Josh and Frank arrived and Josh threw Nate, who had Reva by the throat, into the lake again, and into a boat propeller, which killed Nate.” Not good press for the boating industry.
  • 19 Aug 2005 The Barre Montpelier Times Argus (Vermont) “Several Hospitalized in Weekend Boat Mishaps on Lake Bomoseen” reports late Saturday night August 13th, two boats crashed on Lake Bomoseen near the middle of the lake. M. Bethel, age 18 of Fair Haven, and three of his friends were asked by another man if they wished to go for a boat ride. They were reportedly going 20 to 30 miles per hour when they collided with another boat going similar speeds. Several people were ejected. He grabbed one of his friends that went over the front of the boat. “I guess at that time he saw the propeller coming for him and I guess I grabbed him out of the way and we swam up together,” Bethel said. Bethel was cut by the propeller and required 15 stitches on his neck. He and his three friends were taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center and later released.
  • 18 Aug 2005 Capital News 9 (Albany NY) “11-Year Old Injured in Boating Accident” reports an 11 year Massachusetts boy was cut on the leg by a propeller while climbing back into the boat after tubing. The operator thought the boat was in neutral, but it was not. He was rushed to Glens Falls Hospital.
  • 16 August 2005 Accident Date – 31 May 2009 Times Free Press “Double Amputee Thomas has 73 in Red Bull” reports Jordan Thomas shot a 73 in the Red Bull Invitational Golf Tourney in Valleybrook Tennessee on Saturday 30 May 2009. He lost both his legs at mid calf in 2005 “after he was struck by a propeller while scuba diving in Florida”.
    Another 10 July 2009 Times Free Press article, “Accident Victim Fights for Insurance Parity” reports the efforts of Jordan Thomas to improve insurance coverage of prosthetics (The Prosthetic and Custom Orthodics Parity Act of 2009). He recently received the “Courage Award” from a rehab resource center in Minneapolis, and will soon be featured in a CNN Newsroom profile.
    His accident is further detailed at the Jordan Thomas Foundation site.
  • 16 Aug 2005 Baxter Bulletin Online (AR) “Boating Mishap Injures One” reports M. Henriques, age 20 of Chicago, was in a propeller accident Monday 15 August. He fell from the front of a pontoon boat on Norfolk Lake and was struck by the propeller, suffering lacerations on his legs and arm. Friends took him to Baxter Medical Center. the article includes a photo of him after the accident.
  • 15 Aug 2005 The Canadian Press “Girl Critically Injured by Boat’s Propeller in Cape Breton River” reports from Sydney Nova Scotia that a father and two children (one belived to be his) were swimming Sunday 14 August on Cape Breton’s Mira River when one the children, a 16 year old girl was caught in a boats propeller and “critically injured” sustaining leg and abdominal injuries. The other two swimmers sustained minor injuries.
  • 15 Aug 2005 The Journal (U.K.) “Dive Boat Tragedy” reports a 40 year old male diver lost one leg and “suffered horrific injuries to the other” when hit by the propeller of the boat he was diving from about 11 am Saturday morning 13 August. The accident occured off the Northumberland coast near the Farne Islands off Seahouses. He was with a group of divers from Leicestershire. The gentleman injured was climbing onto the boat after a dive, the boat appeared to move backwards, threw him from the steps and into the path of the propeller. He was picked up by another diving boat, taken to Seahouses Harbour, given oxygen, pain killing gas and first aid. An off duty trauma doctor who was also diving in the area assisted til he was airlifted to Newcastle General Hospital and we will be carrying out a full investigation.” A lifeboat crewmember said, “The injuries this man had suffered were truly horrendous and everyone here is in a state of shock.”
  • 15 Aug 2005 Daytona Beach News-Journal West Volusia (FL) “Teen Remains Hospitalized After Boating Accident” reports D. Gamroth, a 13 year old girl from Deltona, is in critical to stable condition at Halifax Medical Center. She was injured on Saturday 13 August when she fell over the side of a pontoon boat piloted by her father at Lake Beresford in West Volusia and was struck by the propeller. An August 14th report from the same paper indicates she fell out when the boat accelerated and one report said, “She’s lacerated all the way from the bottom of the foot. It totally blew out the knee”.
  • 14 Aug 2005 CDNN (Cyber Diver Scuba Diving News Network) “Dive Boat Propeller Cuts Off Scuba Diver’s Leg” reports a 29 year old male scuba diver from Loughborough had his left leg cut off by a dive boat propeller and his right leg severely injured. He was scuba diving near the Farne Islands off north Northumberland UK. He was rescued by other divers and rushed to shore at Seahouses with a high speed inflatable boat. A doctor and two physicians “on holiday” treated his wounds there till he was air lifted to Newcastle General Hospital. A coastguard spokesman said the diver “…suffered horrific injuries to both legs.”
  • 14 Aug 2005 Peoria Journal Star “The Book on Illini Coach Zook” reports some historical background on Coach Ray Zook, about to begin his first season as head football coach at the Univ of Illinois, including a water ski accident on 2 May 2003 when his left foot was “mangled by the boat propeller. The blade just missed the main artery that pumps blood to the foot, broke four bones and damaged ligaments. He lost a large amount of blood.” The injury required over 100 stitches.
  • 13 Aug 2005 Tyler Morning Telegraph (TX) “Officials Say String of Cedar Creek Drownings Common” reports on several boating accidents over the summer, including this incident at Cedar Creek Lake, “One man, who fell out of his boat, was forced to have his foot amputated after the propeller mauled his leg.”
  • 12 Aug 2005 WSLS Channel 10 (Roanoak VA) “Smith Mountain Lake Accident” reports a 17 year old girl driving a rented boat pulling her brother and boyfriend on a tube hit a wave ejecting her and her father from the boat near Bridgewater Plaza at Smith Mountain Lake. She became tangled in the tow rope and was pulled into the boat’s propeller. She was taken to Roanoak Memorial Hospital.
  • D 12 Aug 2005 New York Daily News “Boat Propeller Accident Ends in Fire Island Death” reports D. Conway, a 70 year old grandfather from Copiague, “slipped off” his daughter’s boat while he was backing it into a Atlatique Marina slip on Fire Island 11 August. He was struck by the propeller of the 26 foot boat called, “Citi Slicker”. His injuries included a “broken right leg and lacerations to his right legs and arms”. He was air lifted to Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip and died at 10:30 am.
  • D 12 Aug 2005 Bloomberg “U.K. Fund Manager Killed by Boat Propeller Telegraph Says” reports A. Ciardi, a fund manager at London-based GLG Partners LP was swimming in Italy on Wednesday August 10th, struck by a speedboat propeller and died of fatal head injuries. She was swimming from the family’s yacht to join her husband on a boat in Sardinia.
    Same day reports from the Guardian indicate she was 48, the accident occurred Calle de Volpe, near to the “millionaires’ playground” of Porto Cervo near lunchtime. Two men are under investigation.
    The Telegraph report of the same date indicates three of her children were on the boat she was swimming from, some of her friends took her to shore in an “emergency boat”, doctors tended to her on shore, but “she was declared dead before a helicopter could arrive”.
  • D 5 Aug 2005 Palm Beach Post “Report Mentions Horseplay In Fatal Water Crash” reports Martin County Fire Battalion Chief, C. O’Hara, 37, died in an offduty boating accident on the Intercoastal Waterway on July 31st. His PWC collided with a ski boat piloted by another fire fighter, his friend. Preliminary reports indicated horseplay may have been involved. This report and others from the same source say Chief O’Hara cut in front of the ski boat (a 21 foot Checkmate), collided with the boat and the boat’s propeller “cut his left leg severely”. He died at Martin Memorial Hospital South after the 6:40 p.m. crash. The accident occurred about 6:15 pm near the Rocky Point community. Two of the three fire medics in the boat had minor injuries. Chief O’Hara left behind a widow and two small children. A later report on his funeral reported, “A three-mile-long caravan of mourners escorted the flag-draped coffin to the grave site”.
  • 9 Aug 2005 icNorthWales “Boy Hurt in Boat Accident” reports a 16 year old boy and two companions fell from a boat on Sunday 7 August when the center console detached. He was hit in the chest by the propeller A 16-year-old boy was recovering in hospital last night after being hit in the chest by a speedboat’s propeller and “had quite deep cuts but they are not thought to be life-threatening.” The boy was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. They were boating near Abersoch, Ll£n.
  • 9 Aug 2005 Gulf Daily News (the Voice of Bahrain) “Aid for Worker in Boat Horror” reports an Indian man, Mr. V. Najeer, age 25, was fishing near Sitra Fishing Harbour when both his legs were caught in the boat’s propeller on February 27th. He was “taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) Accident and Emergency ward following the accident, with his left leg almost severed. He also suffered multiple fractures to his right leg. Mr Najeer’s left leg was amputated from the knee the same night.” He spent 5 months in the hospital and undergoing a series of skin graft surgeries. A collection has been taken up to help him start a small business in Quilandy, Kerala.
  • 8 Aug 2005 The Western Mail and Echo Ltd (U.K.) “Boy Injured by Boat Propeller” reports three passengers fell from a boat near Abersoch, on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. One of them, a 16 year old boy, was struck by the propeller and suffered “severe wounds to his chest and side.” The call came to the Coast Guard about 11:15 am August 7th. He was taken to Bangor Hospital.
  • 7 Aug 2005 The Index Journal “Lake Greenwood “Heroes” Pull Man From Water” reports an unidentified man was ejected from a boat in choppy waves on Saturday 6 August on Lake Greenwood about 200 yards from Dock C, near the bridge at the Greenwood and Laurens county line.The boat began to spin and he was seriously injured by the propeller. Several “weekend boaters” dove into the “wind whipped Lake Greenwood” and helped pull him to shore. He was airlifted at about 6:30 pm to Greenville Memorial Hospital. One boater used his boat to block the unmanned boat from doing more damage to the man, while his son jumped into the boat and put it into neutral. Ropes, life jacket and buoys were used during the difficult rescue. The injured man was said to have been cut near his stomach.
  • 2 Aug 2005 CDNN (Cyber Diver Scuba Diving News Network) “Scuba Diver Injured by Boat Propeller” reports an unidentified diver (possibly from Yarmouth MA) was struck by a propeller as he climbed onto the deck of boat about noon August 1st in Massachusetts, off the southern tip of Monomoy Island (near Chatham MA). He was seriously injured, rushed to Chatham Municipal Airport, life flighted to Boston Medical Center and treated for leg injuries. The boat was a 32 foot Blackfin sportfishing boat named the “Last Straw”. The initial mayday call said the diver was near Pollock Rip. One of the five people riding on the “Last Straw” was a paramedic and administered to the man.
  • 2 Aug 2005 CBS2 Chicago “Woman Almost Ran Over by Power Boat in Lake” reports a 43 year old woman swimming near an anchored boat with her family in Pistakee Lake near Johnsburg dove underwater to avoid an oncoming boat, but was hit by the propeller which was hit by a propeller which “sliced her leg from her knee to ankle”. Assisting in the rescue was the driver of the boat that injured her.
  • 29 Jul 2005 St. Peterburg Times “Police Think Drunken Boater Ran Over Friend” reports initial reports indicated C. Miles and J. Dreby Jr. were thrown from a boat (Yamaha Proline) when it struck an object in the water about midnight Thursday (28 July) on the Hillsborough River, near the Hillsborough Avenue bridge. Miles was caught in the propeller “which sliced into his arm and left side”. Later, police began to think Miles (age 31) fell from the boat and while trying to pick him up, his friend (Dreby age 30) ran over him. Miles was in critical condition late Thursday at St. Joseph’s Hospital.
  • 28 Jul 2005 The Morning News (Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville AR) “Third Party Seeks Dismissal From Boat Suit” reports A Springdale many wants to be dismissed from a suit surrounding the injury of a Texas man on August 2, 2001 near the 412 Bridge on Beaver Lake. Mr. A. Holleb, of Texas, suffered “severe injuries when he was struck by the boat’s propeller. His left arm was nearly severed and he had extensive lacerations and injuries to his back, buttocks and other areas of his body and suffered a collapsed lung, according to his suit in Washington County Circuit court.”
  • 27 Jul 2005 Edmonton Sun (Canada) “Prop Snags Boy’s Leg” reports an 11 year old British Columbian boy fell from a boat on Monday (25 July) about 7:30 pm when the craft “was somehow pushed into gear” on Gull Lake, about 139 km south of Edmonton. His left leg was caught by the propeller. An ambulance rushed him to a local hospital where he was life flighted to an Edmonton hospital.
    A 27 July article in the Canadian Press reported the accident above occured about 5:30 pm. One of the children accidentally “banged the throttle” just as the boy stepped into the boat, the boat jerked forward, he fell out the back and became entangled with the prop. He suffered a broken femur and cuts to his legs. The boy was airlifted to Stollery Children’s hospital.
  • D 27 July 2005 The Oregonian (Portland Oregon) “Brewer Recasts Ad After Boater Dies” reports Bud Light will be replacing billboards featuring a PWC rider with one promoting responsible drinking after a deadly weekend accident on the Columbia River on Sunday July 24th. 24 year old J. Arndt was flung from a boat in a sharp turn, hit the propeller and died. Beer cans were found in the boat and at their earlier beach site. Divers found his body in ten feet of water in teh channel between Government and McGuire Islands, just east of the Interstate 205 bridge. Mr. Arndt “died of multiple prop chop wounds” per a Multinomah County Medical Examiner.
  • 26 Jul 2005 Fox 21 Carolina (WHNS TV station) “High School Soccer Player Looses Leg in Accident” reports Miss K. Casebere, a passionate soccer player, played 3 years at J.L. Mann High School. On Sunday (July 24) a boat backed over her while she was swimming and “tore off part of her leg”. She was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital.
    Other reports indicate it was a 22 foot boat and her leg was later amputated above the knee.
  • D? 25 Jul 2005 KOIN News 6 (Oregon) “Alcohol May Be to Blame in Deadly Boating Accident” reports Mr. J. Arndt, age 24, was struck between Government Island and Mc Guire Island on Sunday (July 24) by a boat driven by a friend. He was riding in the boat, “fell over and went underneath it and the engine’s propeller” when the boat was turning. Propeller strike was NOT specifically mentioned as cause of death.
  • 25 Jul 2005 The Citizen (Laconia NH) “Mason Man Drawn into Boat’s Propeller” reports a Mr. C. Moser, age 50 of Mason NH, was thrown from a small boat (12 foot open style with 15 hp outboard) about 1:45 pm Sunday 24 July as the boat made a sharp turn and hit a wave. A passenger brought the boat around to pickup Mr. Moser, but “as Moser returned to the boat, he came into contact with the motor’s spinning propeller.” Two passengers assisted, took him to a local residence and he was transported by ambulance to Lakes Region General Hospital.
  • D 24 July update to 23 July story WKMG TV6 (FL) “Man Run Over By Own Boat On Lake Toho” reports a Mr. B. Diehl, age 42, fell from his boat on Lake Toho, near the Bella Lago subdivision in Osceola County FL, was run over by the boat and later died. “Diehl was run over and sucked into a propeller, Local 6 News reported.” He incurred severe cuts to his arms and legs, was unconscious when transported to a hospital and later died at Osceola Regional Medical Center.
  • D 2001 21 Jul 2005 Knoxville News Sentinel (TN) “Boating Death Called Road Rage on Water” (an AP news item) reports on trial preparations for a 15 Dec 2001 accident at a fishing tournament on Chickamauga Lake that killed a Mr. M. Goins. Mr. Goin’s father has paid for a consultant to develop an animation of the crash. Two duck hunters that witnessed the crash report Mr. Goins stopped his boat, another boat slowed, turned sharply toward Goins’ boat, and went over it. Mr. Goins was cut by the boat propeller.
  • D 20 Jul 2005 (CA) “Man Dies From Boating Injuries Near Lime Saddle” reports 21 year old Mr. Lederer of Chico sustained critical injuries from a houseboat propeller on Lake Oroville on Sunday 17 July. Mr. Lederer and some friends had rented the houseboat and were headed back to Lime Saddle Marina from Dark Canyon. They were frequently stopping the boat and diving into the lake. Shortly before 5:30 pm, Mr Lederer dove over the bow and was struck by the propeller while the boat was going full speed. He was taken to a marina, tended to by an off duty nurse, CPR was administered and he was airlifted to the hospital with injuries including “a right leg nearly severed below the knee.” He required 60 pints of blood before doctors amputated his right leg Monday. He died Tuesday at the Enloe Medical Center.
  • 19 Jul 2005 Tahoe Daily Tribune (NV) “Man’s Legs Mangled in Boating Mishap” reports Mr. Stir, 30, of Sacramento was injured while boating with some friends about 7:30pm Saturday 16 July. They were drifting in a 20 foot Cobalt about 2.5 miles offshore, near the Hyatt Pier. He fell from the back of the boat and received deep cuts on both legs. When pulled from the water bone was exposed. His friends applied tourniquets and called 911. On Saturday, he was in critical condition at the Washoe Medical Center in Reno. The news report was filed from Incline Village.
  • 18 Jul 2005 Reno Gazette (NV) “Boy’s Body Discovered in Reservoir” reports on several recent local water accidents. The body of a 17-year-old boy missing since June 26 was found Boca Reservoir on Monday. Earlier reports indicated he might have possibly been injured by the propeller. It now appears he suffered blunt trauma, possibly from being hit by the boat.At Donner Lake, a search is being conducted for a 15-year-old Sacramento boy who jumped in from a rented pontoon boat on Saturday (July 16th) to retrieve his hat which had blown off. His family threw a rope to him, but it became entangled in the prop, disabled the boat, and the boat drifted away in the afternoon winds while the boy struggled. A cousin jumped in and attempted to rescue him, but had to be rescued himself by a passing boater. Water depths of 180 feet deep making a search very difficult. Officials reports bodies may never surface from that area. Comment- a propeller appears to have been a major contributor to the accident without actually striking the victim.
  • D 18 Jul 2005 Kathimirini (Turkey) “Windsurfer Death” reports a 50 year old male windsurfer, Mr. Sotiriou, died Saturday off the coast of Sounion. The surfer called for help in high winds and was being rescued by a friend with the engine off in his boat, but the engine “inexplicably switched on” and the windsurfer was struck by the boat’s propeller.
  • D 17 July 2005 DesMoines Register (IA) “Boater Falls Onto Moving Propeller, Dies” reports Mr. Head, a 22 year old Dow City man, was standing in the back of a boat at the dock as passengers were entering and existing a boat. The boat was put into gear (accidentally or to back out), he fell in and sliced his leg on the propeller while the motor was still raised from the water. He lost a lot of blood, became unconscious, was given CPR, taken to Loring Hospital in Sac City, then airlifted to Sioux City Hospital and died.
  • 17 July 2005 Palm Beach (FL) “Boat’s Propeller Hits Diver’s Oxygen Tank” reports Mr. Murphy, a 35 year old from Houston, was hit by “Makin’ Time”, a 32 foot SeaVee on Saturday July 16th. He remembers ducking and the prop hitting his oxygen tank which exploded. He was airlifted to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Mr. Murphy was diving in 7 foot deep waters about 100 to 150 feet offshore of “The Breakers” resort in Palm Beach. He has bruises and back pain.
  • 16 July 2005 Reno Gazette-Journal (Nevada) “Main News” reports an unnamed Sacramento man about 30 years old is hospitalized in serious condition after an accident at about 7:45 pm Thursday July 14th at Incline Beach near Incline Village. He was one of several people on a 21 foot pleasure boat when he fell in and “suffered injuries from the vessel’s propeller.”
  • 11 July 2005 IC Cheshire Online (UK) “Woman Cut by Boat’s Propeller” reports a 62 year old Cheshire woman was swimming back to the boat yesterday (Sunday July 10th) off the beach at Abersoch, Llyn and cut
    her legs on a “speedboat propeller”. She was rescued by a lifeboat, given first aid and flown to an area hospital by helicopter. Last night she was being treated at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.
  • 7 July 2005 Gainesville Sun (FL) “Teen Hurt in Area Holiday Boat Accident” reports primarily on an airboat accident, but also mentions a 7 year old girl was thrown from a boat on Orange Lake in Alachua County and hit its propeller on Monday July 4th. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The boat operator was charged with careless operation.
  • 7 July 2005 Reno Gazette “Family Keeps Vigil During Search for Missing Teen” reports J. Garrick, a 17 year old boy fell overboard on 26 June at Bocoa Reservoir. It is unknown if he was hit by the boat or prop, but he has not surfaced since and the family is frustrated. Coverage includes 10 photos showing the difficulties surrounding an experience like this that no family wants to endure. Note – this may NOT be a prop injury.
  • 7 July 2005 The Morning News (Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville AR) reports boatbuilder Seaark Marine, formerly Monark, has sued “relatives and friends of a man injured in an accident on Beaver Lake, claiming their actions were negligent and they should be held responsible for their share of the damages.” A Mr. Holleb of Texas claims he was thrown from a boat when it struck an obstruction near the U.S. 412 bridge on 2 August 2001 and struck by the propeller. His left arm was almost severed and he had other extensive injuries. A federal version of the lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers was settled out of court. The current suit claims the boat was being operated at excessive speeds in an area they was unfamiliar with and the operator failed to shut the boat down in a timely manner when Mr. Holleb was ejected. They also claim the operator allowed Mr. Holleb to occupy an area of the boat that was unsafe, and that the operator could not see hazards in the water in front of the boat from where he was operating the craft. The boat owner is claimed to be negligent in relinquishing full possession and control of the boat to people with insufficient experience and without first appraising them of how the boat should be operated. Basically, Seaark wants them (owner and operator) to share the liability from the accident.
  • 7 July 2005 Medfield Press (MA) “77-Year-Old Woman Loses Arm in Boating Accident” reports an elderly Marshfield woman (last name O’Neill) had her left arm severed in a boating accident on Wednesday June 30. She and family members were in her 18 foot open cockpit powerboat near Taylor Marine in Green Harbor. The boat apparently “bucked” and hit a nearby docked vessel, and ejected the woman. She was hit by her own boat’s propeller. She was alert and responsive after the incident, asking some men “if they could please find my arm, there are some rings on that hand Iíd like to have.” Her arm was later recovered, but suffered to much damage to be reattached. She was taken to Marshfield Airport and airlifted to Brigham and Womenís Hospital in Boston.
  • 7 July 2005 Pittsburgh Tribune Review (PA) “New Boaters on Course” reports a Mr. Kelly, age 22, of Baden PA fell off a boat on the Allegheny River June 26. He was hit by the boat and then the propeller, causing a serious leg injury.
  • 6 July 2005 Omaha World-Herald “Nebraska Girl Hurt on Iowa Lake” reports B. Kennon, a 9 year old girl from Bellevue NE became caught in a propeller when climbing back into the boat after tubing Saturday afternoon 2 July on Lake Icaria in Adams County. Both her legs were injured, she was taken to Mercy Hospital in Corning, then airlifted to Creighton.
  • D 6 July Times-Picayune (LA) “Woman on Watercraft Dies in Bayou Bonfouca: Man Seriously Hurt in Crash With Boat” reports L. Bergeron, a 25 year old woman from Marreo, suffered “massive injuries and was killed instantly” when struck by the propeller of a boat while she and a companion were riding a personal watercraft about 1 mile southwest of Bayou Liberty Road on Monday 5 July. The boat was full of their friends. Her companion, T. Vanness Jr., a 27 year old man from Marreo, driving the PWC was also injured, receiving “severe leg and facial lacerations”. Investigators believe he was hit by both the boat and the propeller. Mr. Vanness was treated at Slidell Memorial Hospital and transferred to Charity Hospital for leg surgery. Both craft started out together Monday morning toward Lake Ponchartrain. The PWC cruised beside the boat, pulled away and made a slight turn placing it directly in the path of the boat.
  • 5 July 2005 Star-Gazette (serving Twin Tiers of NY-PA) “Personal Watercraft Rider Collides With Boat” reports Mr. DeLary, a 22 year old Horseheads man, was riding a 1993 Yamaha PWC in tight circles shortly before 5:30 pm Sunday (July 3) near Willow Point Road in the town or Hector. He collided with a 1972, 18 foot Sea Ray boat traveling north, was knocked into the water, and run over by the boat. Mr. DeLary was rescued by a passenger in the boat (passenger was a experienced lifeguard), then flown to Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira NY and treated for possible fractures to both wrists, a concussion, and a severe cut to his right leg caused by the propeller.
  • 5 July 2005 Record Searchlight (Redding CA) reports a 16 year old boy from Willits was struck by the propeller of patio boat about noon Sunday (July 3) on Lake Shasta on the Sacramento Arm near Double Barrel Gulch. He was swimming between the pontoons and the boat was started. The teen was seriously injured, flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding and treated for deep cuts to his left upper arm and torso.
  • 5 July 2005 Boston Globe “Cost of Prosthetics Stirs Debate” reports the cost of maintaining prosthetics is very expensive and not covered by some insurance policies. The story follows a Mr. McGrath hit by a propeller off Martha’s Vineyard 1 Aug 1987. The 17 foot Boston Whaler he and others were fishing in, went out of control and ejected three men and the captain. Mr. McGrath was thrown under the boat and the “propeller severed his left leg at the knee and his right one at the thigh.”
  • 4 July 2005 WSOCTV (Charlotte NC TV) “Man in Serious Condition After Boating Accident” reports on Saturday afternoon June 30th, a man fell from the rear of a slow moving pontoon boat near the Holiday Marina on Lake Norman and got “caught” by the propeller. He is in serious condition at Carolinas Medical Center.
  • 4 July 2005 The Morning News (Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville AR) “Sheriff’s Office, Game and Fish Commission Protect Lake Waters” reports four boating accidents in the area since Memorial Day, the worst occurring over Memorial Day weekend when a “child was caught beneath a boat’s propeller, cutting his back and legs several times.”
  • 1 July 2005 KXAN-TV 36 (Austin TX) “Teen Severely Injured in Boating Accident” reports an 18 year old boy (later identified as Jacob Brochtrup) lost his leg today on Lake Austin. He jumped into the water to retrieve a ski rope while the driver put the boat in reverse. He was right in front of the lower unit, his leg was nearly severed, the water was turning blood red, and he was in critical condition when STARFlight arrived. This accident later resulted in multiple court trials we covered at Brochtrup v. Sea Ray & Mercury Marine.
  • July 2005 Accident – 25 Apr 2007 The Journal (Newcastle England) “Court Hears Drama As Vessle Drifted Toward Rocks” reports a diving vessel, Sovereign II, was drifting ontothe rocks off Blue Caps Reef. Nine divers were in the water. The skipper,alleged to lack qualifications, turned the engines on to move the boat. Mr. Ward ended up under the vessel with “his legs caught in the propeller.” The judge fined the firm, ordered it to pay some prosecution and defence costs. The skipper was also ordered to pay some prosecution costs.
  • 30 Jun 2005 WYFF channel 4 – The “Boater Injured on Lake Jocassee” reports a Mr Harris fell from a 16 foot bass boat on Lake Jocassee about a mile north of the Devil’s Fork State Park boat landing just before noon today. He was struck on the arm and leg the outboard motor propeller. Mr. Harris was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where he is listed in good condition. The news report includes a photo. Additional coverage was in 30 Jun 2005 Anderson Independent Mail (South Carolina) “Lake Jocassee Boater Struck by Propeller” and a July 1 AIM article titled, “Maimed NC Man Recovering From Boat Accident” reported he was struck in the left arm and the lower left leg by a 150-horsepower boat motor propeller.
  • 29 Jun 2005 Clarion Ledger “Teenager Recovering After Boating Accident” reports on the progress of teenage girl who lost part of her right leg in a prop accident May 22nd and includes a photo of her in rehab (see 26 May entry below for more information).
  • 28 Jun 2005 “John ’00 Flemming Severely Injured in Boating Accident” reports the famous DJ was struck by a boat prop near Brighton in the UK over the weekend. He was tubing, fell, and was later hit by the towboat resulting in a collapsed lung, four broken ribs and a deep gash to his arm. His life jacket “took the brunt of the propeller. Without it the blades would have sliced through his chest.”
  • 24 June 2005 Lone Star Outdoor News (Texas) “Swimmer Injured by Boat Prop” Page 18 reports a game warden and captain responded to a rescue call in Devils Cove on Lake Travis where a 20 year old man had been cut by a propeller when the boat backed up on him. His leg “had been cut to the bone down from the knee to the ankle”. Wardens took him to emergency medical services.
  • D 2001 22 Jun 2005 CDNN Syndicated News 4 Year Old Malaysian Prop Strike Death Ruled Unlawful. Four years ago, a Derbyshire UK lady named Jennings scuba diving on vacation in Malaysia was struck and killed by the propeller of a passenger ferry while it was racing another boat. A UK coroner ruled the death unlawful yesterday.
  • 21 Jun 2005 Online Evening Times “Scot Dies in Propeller Horror” article reports an Inverness Scotland yachtsmaster was killed trying to free a 32 foot yacht, the “Siesta”, that had run aground. The gentleman was delivering the yacht from Spain to Ipswitch and the accident occurred in the North Sea near his final destination. He was rescued by helicopter, but died at the hospital. Another report of this accident attributes his death to being crushed by the yacht, other reports mention trying to free a rope around the propeller and the boat only being a 28 footer.
  • 18 Jun 2005 NY1 News “Body Found Near Cape May Identified as Missing Staten Island Boy” reports DNA tests have verified a body recently found was that of a young boy out with his scout troupe, who fell from a whale watching boat and was struck by the propeller. The posting includes a brief video of this newscast report with some “on water” shots. See 6 May entry below for more information.
  • 17 Jun 2005 The Telegraph (U.K.) “I’ve Been There. I Know What it’s Like” reports on a July 2003 accident in the Spain off Majorca to a British surgeon, Andrew Lyons, and his recovery.
  • 16 June 2005 The West Briton (U.K.) “Man Injured by Propeller” reports R. Fergus, owner of the Three Mackerel Restaurant, was riding a inflatable tube behind a 32 foot boat, fell from the tube and was struck by the boat’s propeller. The Coast Guard called for the Falmouth inshore life boat, then decided to winch him up into an airflight helicopter due to the severity of his injuries. He was flown to Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske.
  • D 199310 Jun 2005 CanWest Interactive (Canada) “Shuswap Lake Survivor Says Houseboat Accident Changed His Life” reports the story of a 33 year old man that was in a houseboat accident when he was only 15 on Sept. 15, 1987. The houseboat had broken loose in a storm and overturned. The article goes on to briefly list several other houseboat accidents at Shuwsap including a July 1993 accident that claimed the life of Christine Hingley, age 27 and mother of two. A houseboat backed over her while she was trying to board a PWC and she was “caught in its propeller blades”.
  • 8 Jun 2005 Modesto Bee (Calif.) reports R. Diaz, a 23 year old man, riding a PWC on Woodward Reservoir near Tilles Point was struck by a boat Sunday evening 5 June 2005 about 6:30 pm. He was knocked unconscious and had a severely damaged left leg. The boat sped off leaving him bleeding in the water. Investigators believe he was hit by a propeller driven boat. His injuries MAY be the result of a propeller strike.
  • D? 7 June 2005 “L.o.d.d.” (Line of Duty Death) Forums reports James Ratcliff, age 22 (other reports place his age at 20 or 21), of the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department just northwest of Montreal was killed in a training accident at Lake of the Two Mountains June 6th when he fell from the fire department’s motor boat and struck his head “which may have struck the boat’s propeller”.
  • 5 June 2005 Accident Date (Alabama Accident) – 15 February 2012 Wisconsin Rapids Tribune “Player Inspires Girls Basketball Team, Others” reports Aaron Johnson, a senior on West Morgan High School Girls Basketball Team, was in a propeller accident back on 5 June 2005. She was on a summer camp before she started sixth grade. Riding a towed tube, another boat ran over her, its propeller “cut into her right foot and lower leg.” Her recovery required several surgeries and she lost her lower right leg about 6 inches above her ankle. She plays basketball with a prosthetic, gets into games occasionally, is a member of the honor society, and an inspiration to her teammates.
  • 2 Jun 2005 News & Star (U.K.) “Probe Into Boating Crash” article reports a boat crash in Wes Cumbria (U.K.) about 6:45 pm Tuesday May 31, 2005 of a small speedboat hitting a fishing boat (the “Sea View”) flipping it into the air left a man from Flimby on the fishing boat with lacerations on his back from a propeller strike. The speedboat sank.
  • 2 Jun 2005 (to be published on that date) Atlanta Journal Constitution reports “Alltoona Gets Warning Flags at Accident Sites”. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is putting black flags on buoys on lakes and rivers they manage to mark where people have been killed. A ranger reports a Cherokee County high school student suffered a severed arm in April when struck by a propeller on Lake Alltoona.
  • 1 Jun 2005 Skagit Valley Herald “Jury: Boat Motor Firm Not at Fault” by Marta Murvosh reported on Tuesday 31 May 2005, the jury in the Ah Fook v. OMC trial found the loss of Mr. Fook’s right leg in 1999 on a 1983 boat, ending his U.S. Navy career and ruining his chance of being a Navy seal was not due to OMC’s reasonably safe motor. (See 11 May 2005 entry below for additional information).
  • 30 May 2005 NW Arkansas, The Benton County Daily Record reported a Saturday 28 May 2005 accident at Hickory Creek. A teenage boy was ran over by a boat while being pulled on a tube behind another boat. The towboat stalled and a pontoon boat following them was unable to stop. The boy tried to push himself underwater to avoid contact, but was stuck in the back by the propeller.
  • 26 May 2005 – Clarion Ledger (Mississippi) article reported a Sunday 22 May accident on Lake Caroline, a 835 acre private lake. About 4 pm, a 16 year old girl (L. Kealhofer) and a 17 year old girl (R. Blackledge) fell from a ski boat when it hit rough water. The 17 year old girls right leg was severed at the knee by the propeller. The body of the 16 year old was found three days later.
  • 24 May 2005 Pittsburgh PA reports “Local Man Loses Arm Vacationing in Cayman Islands”. P. Haberlen and his fiance were snorkeling at the Coral Sands on Saturday 21 May 2005. A speedboat passed overhead, mangling his left arm. Doctors were unable to save it. Some of the couple’s family and friends witnessed the accident. The report includes a video interview.
  • D 21 May 2005 Accident Date – 26 December 2012 Tampa Bay Times “Families Dismayed That Arrest Not Made in Boating Crash That Killed Two” reports on a 2005 accident from Treasure Island Florida. On 21 May 2005, a boater collided with a Personal Watercraft (PWC) near John’s Pass. The two men on the PWC were killed. They were Corey Vincent, female age 19, and Joe Battista, male age 23. A nearby boater chased down the boat as it left the scene. Police arrived, found beer bottles in the vessel and other evidence of alcohol being involved in the crash, but let the boater return to his home. A later investigation charged the boater with manslaughter and leaving the scene, but he had since left the United States and was no longer available to be tried. An eye witness says the boat just rode over the PWC like a ski jump. The impact of the crash with the 29 foot catamaran killed Vincent instantly. Battista was struck by the propeller and died later in a hospital. Airborne propeller strikes are often not recorded as propeller strikes in BARD which requires the victims to be in the water to be counted as a prop strike.
  • 20 May 2005 Popular Bluff Daily American Republic (Missouri) “Clearwater Lake: Man Cut by Prop after Being Thrown from Boat” reports a Piedmont man was injured Wednesday night (18 May). A 31 year old lady was operating a 13 foot bass boat with her 4 year old daughter and a 26 year old man as passengers. When they got going, she let go of the “tiller handle”, it caused the motor to kick to one side, the boat to circle and eject the adults and partially eject the young girl. The man kept trying to swim to the boat and was stuck by the prop on his left hand and right foot.
  • D 17 May 2005 “River Searchers Find Body of Missing South Georgia Man” Columbus Georgia Ledger-Enquirer reports a 20 year old man was found after 4 days of searching. He jumped or fell from the front of a pontoon boat as the driver began to move forward on Saturday evening 14 May. He had a head injury and investigators believe the propeller hit him. The Macon Telegraph further reported on this accident on 18 May with an article titled, “Searchers Pull Man’s Body From River”.
  • 15 May 2005 “2 Thrown from Boat; Woman Seriously Injured” News Journal Online West Volusia (Datona Beach FL) reports S.L. Chase, a Port St. John woman (age 30) and the man driving the boat were ejected when their boat hit the wake of a passing boat on the St. Johns River just north of the State Road 40 bridge in Astor. The empty boat circled, and S.L. Chase was injured by the propeller.
  • 11 May 2005 Skagit Valley Herald (state of Washington) “Lawsuit Opens in Boating Accident” reports a 1999 propeller injury accident involving Gerardus Ah Fook is coming to trial in Skagit County Superior Court.
  • D 7 May 2005 Accident Date – Derek Hebert, age 20, was on Prien Lake near Lake Charles Louisiana. Two boats collided and he was struck by a boat and by the motor/propeller and killed. The U.S. Coast Guard lists the first cause as machinery failure. This accident was pointed out to us by a family member. We also found a nice memorial web site for this young man.
  • D? 6 May 2005 – Boy Who Fell Off Whale-Watching Boat Probably Killed By Propeller. WNBC, NY – May 6, 2005 CAPE MAY POINT, NJ — State police said a T-shirt recovered from the propeller of a whale watching boat was the same one worn by a 14 year old Staten Island Boy Scout named N. Johs. He fell off the bow of the tour boat Saturday afternoon near Cape May.
  • D?3 May 2005 “Woman Dies After Two Boats Collide in Cow Bayou”. KBTV4 of Beaumont Texas reports a collison of two boats on the afternoon of Monday May 2nd at Cow Bayou. Orange County authorities found a woman, J.B. Farley, dead in a pool of blood in one of the boats. An autopsy has been ordered to determine if the injury she received was from being run over by the boat’s propeller or by some other means.
  • 4 Apr 2005 The Tampa Tribune (FL) article titled “2 Injured When Hit by Out of Control Spinning Boat” reports a boat near Sunshine Skyway injured two men on Sunday 3 April, 2005. The 17 foot Aqua Sport’s steering malfunctioned, flinging two men from the boat. M. Conrad was struck in the head by the boat, L. Smith was rescued, and a rescuer from the Eckerd College search and rescue team, S. Hagler, 20 tried to jump into the boat, was tossed into the water and his leg was struck by the propeller.
  • April 2005 Cypress Accident Update – 22 May 2008 The Star (South Yorkshire UK) “Dad Died in Speedboat Tragedy” reports Karl Wood of South Yorkshire was snorkeling in Cypress near a tourist pleasure boat in April 2005 off the coast of Ladies Mile Beach. An Army patrol boat swerved to miss him, but his leg was caught in its propeller. In the confusion, a non emergency call for help was made, he was pulled aboard the military boat, his injuries were found to be severe, and they headed toward shore. A Mayday was issued and they did not recognize it was answered to where they had been, they saw a flare from their original location and returned. Once again they returned to harbor and Mr. Wood was pronounced dead from “multiple fractures to his right leg, and severe damage to the vessels behind his knee.” An inquest just found his injuries were so severe a more rapid response may not have saved him.
  • D 27 March 2005 Accident Date – two teenage girls (Samantha Archer and Jaysell Perez) borrowed a PWC, and went out on the intracoastal waterway in Florida. Archer backed off the throttle in preparation to steer away from a boat, the Yamaha WaveRunner lost steering in the off throttle condition, and hit the boat. Both girls were struck by the propellers. Perez died and Archer was severely injured. The accident resulted in the legal case, Perez vs. Yamaha.
  • March 2005 BSAC Diving for Divers in the UK NDC Diving Incidents Report 2005 reports a March 2005 accident #05/106 in which two divers surfaced and signalled for their boat. Another dive boat came by to pick them up thinking they were their divers. When they found they were mistaken, they put the boat in neutral and it drifted between the divers. The divers regrouped, then the boat started. One held onto the boat, but the other was struck in the legs by the prop. They were transferred to their proper boat and he was taken to the hospital.
  • 8 Feb 2005 Daily Mail (U.K.). My Bloody Nightmare. Daily Mail reports A. Lyons, a 47 year old surgeon, had his arm almost severed in a water skiing accident in the Mediterranean. “A flap of muscle hung from his leg, and his chest was badly lacerated.” He said “The sea around me had turned dark red with my blood, and I was sure I’d never make it out of the water.” It occurred in July 2003 when his wife, son and daughter were holidaying at Port d’Andratx in Majorca. He jumped in the water behind his 15 foot boat with his wife preparing to drive. She slipped, fell, hit her head and “was too dazed to realize that the boat had spun out of control and was heading for her husband.” He ducked, but was still hit. When she gathered herself, she called to him she would come and pick him up. He said, “Don’t bother. I’m bleeding to death. Leave me alone.” His son dove to help him. A passing dinghy with some Spanish marine biologist spotted them, hauled them onboard, wrapped his arm and leg with T-shirts to slow the blood flow, and used a mobile phone to call for help. He was taken to Son Dureta Hospital in the island’s capital Palma, 20 miles away. “He had three compound fractures on his arm, and one of the eight deep lacerations on his leg went right through to the knee joint. During a seven-hour operation, his arm was put in plaster and more than 200 stitches used to repair his torn muscles and lacerations.” Dr. Andrew is now back at work as a surgeon.
  • 26 Jan 2005 Central Coast Express Advocate South (Australia) “Woman Hurt by Boat Propeller” reports L. Mitchell, a 51 year old woman from Terrigal, suffered a “fractured skull and chest injuries” when she fell from a speedboat and was struck by its propeller on Saturday 22 January. The boat was towing another person on a tube, when the boat turned, she fell from the boat on Chain Valley Bay. The accident occured between 1 and 2 pm. She was knocked unconscious, cut by the propellers, pulled from the water by the boat’s driver, and airlifted to John Hunter Hospital.