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BARD Training Materials: an Index

A number of materials have been created as part of a package to assist boat builders in using the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) to Post Sale (after sale) monitor their boats for being involved in accidents. The hope is that boat builders will use that information to improve the safety of […]

BARD Training Videos for boat builders & others

Training videos / Tutorials on how to use the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) produced by Gary Polson of / Polson Enterprises. We hope these videos encourage boating safety professionals and those developing boating safety related products to use the BARD database to better understand boating accidents and to optimize their […]

BARD Training Support Materials

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) training support materials provided by These materials will help you get the most out of our BARD training videos. Disclaimer This is not professional advice. All materials provided here are for educational purposes. BARD Worksheets Two items that can specifically assist boat builders in applying our […]

BARD database search strategies for boat builders paper

U.S. Coast Guard Boat Accident Report Database (BARD) search strategies and methods for boat builders are presented in a paper by Gary Polson of / Polson Enterprises. We produced a series of videos in an attempt to expose members of the boating industry to the BARD database. We particularly encourage boat builders to use […]

BARD: Boat Manufacturer Post Sale Safety Monitoring chart

The U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) should be a central component of boat builder / boat manufacturer efforts to monitor the safety of their boats post sale (after sale / in use by customers). Similarly, marine drive manufacturers can monitor BARD for potential safety issues involving marine drives. Post Sale Monitoring is […]

Rental Boat Safety Instructional Materials

Many rental boat propeller accidents, especially houseboat, deck boat, and pontoon boat propeller accidents have raised the issue of the quality of the instruction provided to those who would eventually end up operating the boat. Rental boat instruction on houseboats in particular often focuses on how to operate the boat and its many accessories, how […]