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DJ Laz pleads No Contest

DJ Laz, South Florida radio personality, was operating the 42 foot boat involved in the fatal propeller strike of Ernesto Hernandez in May 2014. Ernesto and others nearby came to help push the large boat off a Nixon Beach sandbar near Key Biscayne during a Voli Vodka promotional event. On Wednesday November 4, 2015, DJ […]

DJ Laz Will Not be Criminally Charged

Back in May 2014, DJ Laz, a popular South Florida DJ, was on the water in a 42 foot boat promoting Voli Vodka. The boat became high centered off Nixon Beach on Mashta Flats when the tide went out. Bystanders tried to push the large boat off the sandbar. One of them, Ernesto Herndandez, 23, […]

DJ Laz is Back!

DJ Laz, well known South Florida DJ, and the boat operator during a fatal boating accident in early May 2014, dropped out of public view following the accident. Previously, we covered DJ Laz pulling the plug on his huge online social media presence during our discussion of Legal Aspects of Social Media & Boat Propeller […]

South Florida boat party scene & safety: Miami New Times

Trevor Bach of the Miami New Times (a paper in Miami FL) authored a major investigative story on the South Florida boat party scene getting out of hand and resulting in several high profile accidents. The last of which, was the quadruple fatality the evening of July 4th off Dinner Key. A 32 foot power […]

Legal Aspects of Social Media & Boat Propeller Accidents: DJ Laz example

Social Media posts, photographs, and videos from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, and others are becoming increasingly important in accident cases (auto accidents, workplace accidents, etc.). This post will focus more specifically on the legal aspects of sharing and social network Social Media with respect to boat propeller accidents, and […]

DJ Laz’s Facebook & Twitter accounts have been deleted / closed down

DJ Laz, a well known Miami, Florida area radio personality was operating a boat promoting Voli Spirits when it was involved in a fatal boat propeller accident on Sunday 4 May 2014. The next day, Monday 5 May he posted a message on Facebook and Tweeted condolences to the deceased man’s family and said he […]

Valdez v. DJ Laz / Lazero Mendez, et. al.

Ernesto Hernandez was killed by a boat propeller on Sunday 4 May 2014 near Key Biscayne Florida. The large boat involved was operated by a well known radio personality, DJ Laz (his real name is Lazero Mendez). We previously covered the accident in depth at DJ Laz Boat Propeller Kills Ernesto Hernandez. Ernesto’s mother (Maricel […]

DJ Laz Boat Propeller Kills Ernesto Hernandez

Ernesto Hernandez Struck by Boat Propeller Ernesto Hernandez, 23 of Hialeah, was among several who came to help push a large boat off a sandbar near Key Biscayne Florida on Sunday afternoon 4 May 2014. During the process, somehow he ended up behind the stern of the boat powered by four 350 horsepower Yamaha outboard […]