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Kickup bracket with jack plate patent application

David Vance Jr. filed a patent application for a jack plate integrated with a kickup bracket. The kickup portion of the assembly is chained to prevent over rotation of the outboard when a submerged object is struck. The patent application was published 22 November 2018. Mr. Vance, the inventor, says this design is for faster […]

Bob’s Machine Shop / RSM International out of Barhanovich case

Mark Barhanovich’s boat allegedly struck a dredge pipe off Deer Island Mississippi in September 2012. The outboard motor broke off, entered the boat, and killed Mr. Barhanovich. The accident spawned two legal cases, (1) C. F. Bean (dredging) petitioning the court for Jones Act limitation from liability in the accident, and (2) Mr. Barhanovich’s widow […]