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Perpetual Boat Propeller Safety Hazards & How to Mitigate Them

The boating industry has been plagued with certain boat propeller safety hazards / issues for decades, some for over a century. While progress have been made on many fronts, some problems remain perpetual / eternal. Some solutions that have been applied have failed, others have wilted on the shelves for a variety of reasons. Some […]

Yamaha Removed All References to its New Propeller Guard From its Website

Yamaha erased everything ever written about their Yamaha UK Pro Flood Rescue Outboard stainless steel propeller guards from their website. We first noticed it was all gone on November 8, 2012. Last month (October 2012) we wrote three stories on Yamaha’s new stainless steel propeller guard for their rescue outboards: Yamaha Offers Propeller Guards on […]

Are Propeller Guard Technologies Being Suppressed by the Boating Industry, Along With Other Propeller Safety Devices?

Many have accused the boating industry of suppressing the development and deployment of propeller guards and other propeller safety devices. A list of ways in which the boating industry has been accused of suppressing propeller guard inventions, technologies and other propeller safety technologies is provided below. They are grouped by events or topics and partially […]