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3PO Navigator Propeller Guard Invented by Guy Taylor Receives U.S. Patent

Guy Taylor received U.S. Patent 8,257,121 for a “Boat Propeller Shield” on September 4, 2012. His 3PO Propeller Shield automatically swings up from his hexagonal shaped Navigator guard when underway to reduce drag. The shield automatically falls down to protect people behind the boat when the boat is at rest or backing up.

Boeing Patents System for Reducing Viscous Drag

U.S. Patent 8,240,609 “System and Method for Reducing Viscous Force Between a Fluid and a Surface” invented by Parazzoli, Tanielian, and Greegor (three Boeing researchers), was issued on August 14, 2012. Boeing’s drag reduction patent may hold promise for reducing the drag of conventional cage type or ring type propeller guards. Viscous drag (the fluid […]