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Denique Peace, 16, struck by propeller December 2014: a followup

Denique Peace, now 16, was struck by a boat propeller while wake boarding back on 12 December 2014 on the Murray River in Australia. The young girl aspiring to be a dancer lost her left leg just below the hip. 19 January 2016, about a year after the accident,Daily Mail, a well known U.K. media […]

Improve Visibility of Water Skiers, Wake Boarders, & Tubes: Senior Design Project

Increasing the daytime visibility of water skiers, tubers, banana boat riders, wake boarders wakeboarders, kneeboarders, donuts, tubes, and inflatable tow toy riders being towed by a boat or Personal Watercraft (PWC), especially after they fall can help prevent them from being struck by a boat or boat propeller. These riders and their implements need to […]