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Denique Peace, 16, struck by propeller December 2014: a followup

Denique Peace, now 16, was struck by a boat propeller while wake boarding back on 12 December 2014 on the Murray River in Australia. The young girl aspiring to be a dancer lost her left leg just below the hip. 19 January 2016, about a year after the accident,Daily Mail, a well known U.K. media […]

New South Wales (NSW) proposes mandatory wearing of kill switch lanyards

New South Wales (NSW), an Australian state that includes Sydney, recently proposed an update to their Marine Safety Regulations. The update addresses many issues, including mandatory wear of kill switch lanyards on vessels of less than 4.8 meters (about 15.75 feet) equipped with a kill switch. The new proposed safety regulations are introduced by their […]

Yachting Australia Issues Safety Notice Calling for Propeller Guards

Yachting Australia, a national sports organization for Sailing, issued a Safety Information Notice on the Risk of Propeller Strikes 26 August 2013. Yachting Australia is a federation of 8 state and territory yachting associations that represent a total of nearly 400 affiliated sailing clubs and about 60,000 members. and Australian Sailing are also under […]

Exposed Propellers Are a Financial Hazard per Afloat Editorial

The June 2013 editorial in Afloat, an Australian boating and sail boating magazine, is titled “Exposed Propellers Are Now Both a Safety…. And Financial Hazard!“. The editorial by Robin Copeland strongly makes the point that Australian regulators and New Zealand Courts are charging and pursuing organizations that fail to provide safeguards for their employees and […]

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia Fined in Boat Accident

On 31 July 2009, UNSW (Australia) School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences was conducting a field trip in Darling Harbor. Students were to visit sites within the harbour using an outboard powered RIB and move on to other nearby destinations. The boat operator (a University research assistant with a boat operator license) was turning […]

Australian Military Fined for Not Using Propeller Guards

Back in February 2010, Oliver Minchin, a 19 year old military cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy was participating with other cadets in fast water insertion training (jumping in while underway at speed) from a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) on Lake Burrinjuck. Minchin was severely struck by the propeller. His father, a well known […]

Adrian Todd v. Marine Power International Pty Ltd T/as Mercury Marine Australia Propeller Case Settled

Adrian Todd was 14 years old when he was struck in the face by a boat propeller on April 21, 2008 at Refuge Bay in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. His cheekbone was crushed, his left eye socket was damaged, his left cheek was severely lacerated, his nose and upper lip were cut in half, […]

NSW Australia Investigation Finds Military RIB Needed a Propeller Guard

An NSW Transport Roads and Maritime accident investigation report dated February 2, 2012, “Report of a Special Purpose Investigation: Into a Propeller Strike Injury Involving an Australian Defence Force Academy Vessel on Lake Burrinjuck NSW on 14 February 2010”, found a group of Cadets and Midshipmen were undertaking training for water insertions (leave the RIB […]

Propeller Guard CFD: Oliver Lee Thesis

Propeller Guard Design: An Investigation Using CFD. Oliver Lee. University of Sydney (Australia). November 2011. We are thrilled to welcome this Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of propeller guards into the library of academic research studies on propeller guards by college students around the world. We also proud to have been a small part of […]