2013 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2013 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2013 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • 22 December 2013 IOL News (South Africa) “Woman Injured in St Francis Boat Crash” reports from Johannesburg that a 25 year old woman on the Krom River was struck by a boat propeller earlier today. Details are still sketchy, but it appears like 3 people were on a ski boat that collided with another boat that had 5 people on board. The woman was ejected and a propeller severed an artery in her leg. She was quickly tended to by a doctor, nurse, and a veterinarian that all happened to be in the area, then taken to an ambulance by a river cruise boat. Several others in the accident are also receiving treatment for their injuries.
    CBC News Canada:Manitoba later identified the injured woman as Emelia Grobler of Headingley, Manitoba. She is in intensive care in Port Elizabeth on the southeast coast of South Africa, and may still lose part of her leg.
  • 21 December 2013 Accident Date – 19 May 2016 Kansas City Star “Barstow Junior Jeff Hollis Eyes High Jump State Title in Honor of Late Father” reports A high school high jumper in Missouri will be jumping in the stat track meet soon. His father, Lee Hollis age 54 at time of accident, was killed in a 21 December 2013 boating accident while they were vacationing in Florida. The boy and his father were on separate rented PWCs near Englewood Florida. His father’s PWC collided with a boat. The boat’s propeller severed his leg above the knee. Doctors said he suffered a heart attack, however cause of death on his death certificate “was listed as blunt force trauma from the initial collision.” The boat operator has been charged with operating under the influence and violation of navigation rules resulting in vessel homicide.
  • D 13 December 2013 Accident Date – Australia – The Age: Victoria (Australia) “Man Dies After Being Hit by Boat Near Sorento” reports a 60 year old man from Altona Meadows fell from a chartered vessel at Chinanmen’s Hat, close to Sorento, about 10am Friday December 13th. He was taken to Sorento Pier and died shortly later. A spokesperson for Ambulance Victoria said, “the man may have come into contact with the propeller.” The individual was later identified as Paul McVeigh. The excursion was operated by Moonraker Dolphin Swims. A legal case against the boat operator was working its way through Melbourne Magistrates Court in very late March 2015. Mr. McVeigh is said to have jumped in or fallen in just as or slightly before the boat was reversed. He had posed for a photo just moments before his death.
  • D 11 November 2013 GoldCoast (Australia) “Jet Ski Skylarking Ends in Tragedy” reports Troy Scott, 22 year old welding apprentice, was riding his newly purchased Jet Ski / PWC near the mouth of the Coomera River on Saturday afternoon November 9th. About 5:45pm he turned the jet ski sharply to spray water at his friends in a nearby Bayliner boat. He was knocked off by a wave, went under the boat, and was struck by the propeller. His friends retrieved him from the water, took him to Paradise Point. Emergency crews took him to Gold Coast University Hospital where he died from his injuries. Troy’s family is trying to find funds to fly his bother in from Canada for the funeral.
  • 9 November 2013 Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia) “Man Cut Up by Propeller After Being Run Over by Own Tinnie” reports a 40 year old man from Maryborough and his boat mates were running crab pots at Swan Creek, Poona in a small aluminum boat today, November 9th. The boat flipped, ran over him, and he was struck on the head and arms by the propeller. The man was life flighted to Royal Brisbane Hospital.
  • 30 October 2013 Selma Times Journal (Alabama) “One Hurt in Boating Accident” reports a possibly juvenile male boater fell from a boat on the Alabama River between Six Mile Creek and the Selma marina. He was seriously struck in the left arm and leg by the boat’s propeller. The injured man was taken to Selma marina, then life flighted to Montgomery.
  • D 14 October 2013 InCyprus (Cyprus) “Sea Horror” reports a 35 year old Russian tourist was swimming off the coast of Cyprus with his father on October 13. He was struck by the propeller of a speedboat pulling an inflatable boat. The boat operator heard a thump and a man screaming shortly later, he went back and helped them to shore. The injured tourist was taken to Paphos General Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. A Cyprus-Mail report says the accident was off CoralBay in Pyia (a popular tourist area). Local officials say it is the first accident in the area in the past 30 years. The deceased man was later identified as Konstantin Maltsev. The accident happened about 12:30pm Sunday. The boat operator had recently been honored for saving several swimmers in open water.
  • 5 October 2013 WPTV (West Palm Beach Florida) “Teen Injured in Boating Accident off the St. Lucie Inlet” reports from Stuart, Florida that a 17 year old girl was on a charter sport fishing boat near St. Lucie Inlet about 1:30pm Saturday afternoon October 5. Details are sketchy, but somehow she ended up in the water, was drawn toward the boat, and struck by the propeller. The teenage girl suffered a deep cut to her upper right calf. She was life flighted from Sandsprit Park to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce.
    PGIC comments – we note strong similarities in this accident and that of a 9 March 2013 propeller accident at St Lucie Inlet in which a 17 year old boy fell from a small boat, was critically injured when struck on the arm by the propeller, was taken to the same park, and was life flighted to the same hospital. That accident was covered by the same TV station. We also note charter boat propeller accidents (such as the current accident) are sometimes considered commercial vessels and not listed in the U.S. Coast Guard BARD accident database.
  • D 3 October 2013 India TV (Accident in Thailand) “Indian Woman Cut Into Pieces by Parasailing Boat Propeller in Thailand” reports Shilipi Agarwal, 36 year old female from India, and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary in Pattaya, Thailand. They hired a parasailing boat yesterday October 2nd. Shilipi was being towed by the boat just prior to being launched into the air, she fell, the boat operator backed the boat up to retrieve her, she was struck and killed by the boat’s propeller. The article note’s the boat’s insurance company will pay the woman’s family about $6,383 US. Police plan to charge the boat operator with careless action that caused her death. The maximum fine is 10 years in jail or $638 US.
  • D 26 September 2013 Guyana Chronicle Online (Guyana) “Body of Doctor Love Recovered After Falling Overboard in Kuribrong River” reports Adrian Glasgow, 24, also known as “Doctor Love” and “Son, Son” was on a boat at a mining camp on the Kuribrong River on Tuesday afternoon September 24. His body was found nearby about 4 am Wednesday morning September 25. The mining company says he was using the boat without permission, but will pay for his funeral and give his wages to his parents (more than $100,000 GYD or about $500 US). Blood was oozing from his face suggesting he was struck by the propeller.
  • D 21 September 2013 The Standard (Hong Kong) “Top Doctor Dies in Yacht Horror” reports Wayne James Hu Hsing-cheng, 51 year old well known physician specializing in diseases, was returning to Aberdeen Yacht Club with some family and friends about 11:20 pm Saturday night September 21. He tried to push away another boat, lost his balance, and fell overboard. The yacht was still moving forward as Hu was being brought back onboard. The yacht operator heard shouting, reversed the boat, Hu was thought to have been struck by the propeller, and was no longer visible. Hu was found about an hour later. He was unconscious with a 15 centimeter gash on his chest, cuts to his left thigh, and cuts to his right leg. A doctor friend onboard tried to resuscitate Hu, but he was declared dead at the scene.
  • 17 September 2013 The Dispatch (North Carolina) “Woman Recovering After Boating Accident” reports Mary Gallaher, 48 of Lexington, was on High Rock Lake Friday evening September 13. Her and her boyfriend were getting ready to leave the lake about 9:30pm when she went to retrieve a bowline, and fell overboard. Her boyfriend reversed the boat when he realized she had fallen overboard, then shifted to neutral and killed the engine when he realized reversing the boat might not be a good idea. He dove in, got her to the boat, then took her to Tamarac Marina where she was life flighted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC). She suffered serious lacerations to her upper and lower right leg. Doctors biggest concern now is infection.
  • 14 September 2013 Accident Date – 29 October 2013 Miami Herald (Florida) “Woman in Boating Accident Gets First-Ever Treatment to Rebuild Torn Nerve” reports Danielle Press, 26, jumped from the back of a boat off Key Biscayne on 14 September 2013. The propeller cut her left leg, including the sciatic nerve. She was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Two weeks ago University of Miami and Jackson Memorial doctors performed the first ever nerve graft using her own nerves and cells to repair an almost 3 inch long tear in her sciatic nerve. Some of the details just provided come from a CBS Miami report of the same date.
  • 6 September 2013 Laconia Daily Sun (Laconia, New Hampshire) “Boy Mauled by Propeller in Paugus Bay Boating Accident” reports a 10 year-old boy from North Andover Massachusetts was wakeboarding with his father and younger brother at Paugus Bay (in New Hampshire) on Thursday afternoon September 5th. The 10 year-old boy’s father accidentally backed the boat over him, striking him with the propeller in a Paugus Bay boating accident. The boy suffered “major trauma from his waist to his toes” per the local Fire Chief. The boy’s and younger brother were able to get him back into the boat and to South Down Shores Marina Dock. Local rescue workers treated him, and minutes later a life flight DHART helicopter arrived. He was flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The Fire Chief praised his Deputy Chief and fire fighter paramedics who tended to the boy before he was transported. A marina dock hand was also praised for bringing urgently needed medical equipment and supplies while police cleared a place for the helicopter to land. Later reports say the boat was stopped, the boy jumped in to retrieve his t-shirt which had blown into the water, and his father reversed the boat not knowing his son was in the water. PGIC comment – We have been working on a “tribute” post to the “life savers” around the world that spring into action to help those injured by boat propeller accidents. This sounds like a great example of them all working together.
  • 5 September 2013 Accident Date – 3 November 2014 Eagle Tribune (Massachusetts) “North Andover Boy Finds Inspiration from Boston Bombing Victims, Others After Losing Leg” reports Tommy Cox was with his family on Lake Winnipesaukee on September 5, 2013. He jumped in and the boat operator accidentally backed over him. Tommy was life flighted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and his leg was later removed after several surgical attempts to save it.
  • Labor Day Weekend Ended Monday 2 September 2013 *******************************

  • Possible Propeller Accident – 1 September 2013 (Spokane Washington) “One Person Hurt in Boating Accident on Loon Lake” reports a man was sitting on the front of a boat on the north shore area of Loon Lake on Sunday September 1. He started to stand, fell overboard, and was “clipped by the boat.” The man received multiple lacerations to his leg and a broken femur. A life flight helicopter was launched to the scene. While we see no mention of the word “propeller” this reads like it could be a propeller accident.
  • 1 September 2013 Press of Atlantic City (New Jersey) reports a man swam to the back of a boat off the inlet beach Sunday afternoon September 1st about 2:30pm. The boat’s propeller was not running at the time, but the man still received a 5 inch gash in his leg. The man was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City.
  • 31 August 2013 Standard Examiner (Utah) “Boat Prop Accident Injures Man at Bear Lake” reports a thirty year old man from Idaho Falls Idaho was boating on Bear Lake (a Utah State Park) on Friday afternoon August 30. About 3:15pm, his leg was struck by the boat propeller when the boat operator thought the boat was in neutral. He was taken by ambulance to Logan Regional Medical Center. Bear Lake is known for its “aqua-blue” color resulting from minerals suspended in the water.
  • 30 August 2013 Malta Today (Malta) “Diver in Critical Condition After Being Hit by Propeller” reports a 45 year old man from Finland was in the water with 5 other Finish divers at Il-Ponta-tal-Irqiqua, Comino today (August 31). About 12:10 pm strong currents pushed him toward the dive boat, and he was struck by the propeller. One of the divers was a doctor. They managed to get him on board, he was taken to Paradise Bay Cirkewwa, and was met by an ambulance. They took him to a hospital in critical condition due to injuries to his upper body.
  • Labor Day Weekend Starts – Friday August 30, 2013 *****************************

  • August 2013 Accident Date (exact day not certain) Canada – 19 October 2013 Brandon Sun (Manitoba Canada) “Boater Cheats Death After Engine Tears Through Arm” reports Brent Waddell was operating his 16 foot boat powered by an 80 HP Mercury Marine outboard on Sandy Lake in August 2013. He was headed to a weekend campsite when his hand bounced off the steering wheel, the vessel swerved, he was ejected, and the boat went into the Circle of Death at about 15 miles per hour. Brent was able to push the hull away from him the first time it came around, but the second pass went right over him. The propeller nearly severed his left arm. He tried to swim away with one arm, thinking he would drown just as a Sea-Doo rescued him. The water was red with blood as a pontoon boat joined the Sea-Doo. He was eventually taken to the Health Science Center in Winnipeg where his arm was reattached during a 5 hour surgery. During that surgery, Brent Waddell lost use of his other arm due to nerve damage from laying on his side during the surgery. Several more surgeries are anticipated.
  • August 2013 Accident Date (exact day not certain) UK – 3 February 2014 Guardian “RNLI Makes Seven Vital Rescues from Teddington Base” reports seven rescues were made by the RNLI crew at Teddington in 2013. Among them was an August 2013 rescue on the Thames River in which they pulled two men from the River after their boat had capsized. “One of the men’s shirts got wrapped around the boat’s propeller.”
  • DD 28 August 2013 The Republic (reporting an accident in Thailand) “2 Chinese Tourists Killed in Speedboat Accident in Thailand’s Popular Seaside Town of Pattaya” reports a speedboat carrying 20 Chinese tourists crashed into a glass bottomed boat at anchor near a Pattaya pier. Two Chinese tourists were ejected, and fatally struck by the boat’s propellers. Two other Chinese tourists were injured, plus the Thai boat operator and another Thai were also injured. A Police Colonel said the speedboat was caught in the glass bottom boat’s anchor rope before it crashed. Authorities are investigating if the speedboat was going to fast, and if the glass bottom boat was obstructing vessels headed to shore. Note – tensions are already pretty high with China concerning boating safety in Thailand. Many Chinese tourists have been injured in boat, diving, and snorkeling accidents in Thailand, and China has been complaining.
  • 28 August 2013 Cyrus Mail (Cyprus) “Diver Critical After Propeller Accident” reports a 60 year old man from Chloraka, Paphos was spearfishing about 30 meters outside the swimming area at the Anassa Hotel Tuesday evening August 27 with no buoy to mark his diving location. About 6:30pm a rental boat operated by a British tourist struck him with its propeller at cruising speed. The Paphos man suffered “deep gashes to his chest and his leg” from the boat’s propeller. He was taken to Latchi harbor, then by ambulance to medical care.
  • 26 August 2013 Taunton Gazette (Massachusetts) “Lakeville Man Seriously Injured When Run Over by Boat” reports from Lakeville that a man in his late teens or early twenties was wakeboarding with friends on Long Pond on Monday afternoon August 26. About 2:15pm they were in the area near Nelson Shore Road when he was ran over by the boat. The young man suffered “substantial injuries” likely from the propeller, and was life flighted to Rhode Island Hospital.
  • 23 August 2013 CBS New York “Boy, 10, In Serious Condition After Getting Leg Caught in Boat Propeller” reports a 10 year old boy from Long Island was swimming at Atlantic Beach off Cedarhurst Yacht Club. His leg / thigh was struck by a boat propeller. The boy was unconscious when he was pulled from the water. He was life flighted to St. John’s Hospital in critical condition. Other reports say the accident happened about 2:23 pm Friday 23 August, just west of the Atlantic Beach bridge. Later reports say his leg was entrapped in the propeller. Some rescuers held his head above water while others tried to free his leg. The young boy was later identified at Aaron Tepfer of Cedarhurst. Aaron died from his injuries Saturday morning, August 24. We cover the Aaron Tepfer accident in depth on an accident page.
  • 22 August 2013 Tampa Tribune (Florida) “Weeki Wachee Mermaid Injured by Boat Propeller” reports along with the Tampa Bay Times that Three mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs were at Hernando Beach on Thursday August 22nd. They were all involved in an accident on the Gulf of Mexico. Samantha Maywell (Mermaid Samantha), 24 of Brooksville Florida, was struck on the leg by a boat propeller about 4:30pm. The other two mermaids were onboard, but not injured. Samantha’s leg was nearly severed. She was taken to shore, then to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson. We cover this accident in depth at Mermaid Samantha Struck by Boat Propeller.
  • D 20 August 2013 KPHO CBS5AZ (Arizona) “Man Killed After Falling Off Boat at Roosevelt Lake” reports a man fell from a boat on Roosevelt Lake on Saturday 17 August. He was struck and killed by the boat’s propeller. A later report attributed this accident to bow riding and confirms it to be a propeller accident. Nobody says it was a pontoon boat, but we wonder if it was. There are two media streams covering what looks like this accident. One includes a Arizona Fish & Game Department press release saying it looks like a propeller accident, the other stream identifies 26 year old Wyatt Althoff, professional rodeo cowboy, as falling from a boat on Roosevelt Lake and his body being found a day later. We have not yet been able to confirm both streams are talking about the same person. If anybody out there is sure the Wyatt Althoff accident was thought to be a propeller accident, please drop us a note using the “Contact Us” tab in the menu at the top of this page.
  • 19 August 2013 Lake County News (California) “Man Injured in Saturday Boating Accident” reports a man was in his boat on Clear Lake on Saturday 17 August about 1:45pm. He fell off the back of the stern and his back was struck by the boat’s propeller. Sheriff’s patrol took him to Braito’s Marina where they were met by emergency personnel and taken to a makeshift helicopter landing zone at Kelseyville High School. The man was then life flighted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.
  • 16 August 2013 Malta Today (Malta) “Swimmer Suffers Lacerations to Feet Caused by Boat Propeller” reports from the Caribbean island of Malta. A 24 year old local woman was swimming about 2pm today (August 16) in the Blue Lagoon. Her feet were struck by a boat propeller. The woman was taken to Mgarr Harbour by a hydro ambulance, then by ambulance to Gozo General Hospital. Later reports say she fell overboard before she was struck and identify the area more specifically as being in Sta Marija Bay in Comino.
  • 14 August 2013 Orange County Register (California) “H.B. Teen Suffers Head Injury From Boat Propeller” reports Zak Grove, 13 of Huntington Beach, was on a small boat on a fishing trip near Catalina Island when he was struck by the boat propeller. He was rescued by his friends who are trained junior lifeguards (perhaps by the same program as Allysa Squirrel who died in a 2009 accident). Zak suffered a fractured skull and was life flighted to a hospital. The report does not list the date of Zak Grove’s recent accident in the portion we can see.
  • 13 August 2013 KeysNews (Florida) “Adrift Divers Rescued” reported a woman was lobstering off Plantation Key about 1:30pm Saturday August 10th. As she was climbing back into a boat that was still in gear, she was struck by the propeller. The woman was taken to Mariner’s Hospital where she received “a bunch of stitches” to a large cut in her thigh. The same article also reported six divers had drifted away from their dive boats in four separate incidents and needed rescuing this past week (lost in the water exposing them to being struck by a boat and/or drowning).
  • 10 August 2013 CBS Pittsburg (Pennsylvania) “Boy Reportedly Injured by Boat Propeller in Sharpsburg” reports a boy was struck by a boat propeller near the Sharpsburg Island Marina about 1:30 pm today, August 10. He was taken to the marina, then to Children’s Hospital.
  • 8 August 2013 Benton Courier (Arkansas) “Local Woman Recovering After Bad Boating Accident” reports April Wheeler, 27 of Bryant Arkansas, was on Lake Hamilton with her boyfriend and some friends late Saturday afternoon August 3rd. She was sitting at the front of the boat, the boat hit a wake, she flipped over the bow, the boat ran over her, and she was struck by the propeller. Her boy friend plus two people from a nearby party barge jumped in to help her and get her back into the boat. A nurse practitioner on the party barge immediately started slowing the blood loss by packing her with ice and towels. Paramedics quickly arrived and she was taken to St. Jospeh’s Mercy Health Center in Hot Springs, then moved about 1 am the next morning to University of Arkansas for Medical Services (UAMS). April Wheeler has since had her spleen removed, a plate and pin in her broken pelvis, and screws in her shoulder. She broke her femur, cracked or broke her left scapula, has 12 broken ribs, numerous large wounds to her left side, and her lungs had to be inflated with a chest tube. She has already undergone three surgeries and received a lot of blood. Friends and family are already planning several fundraisers in her behalf.
  • 8 August 2013 Accident Date – 19 September 2013 Moultrie Observer (California) “Murphy Vows to Play Again After Accident” reports Tyler Murphy was on Tulloch Lake (near his parents home in Turlock California) with some friends. His right leg and hand were struck by a boat propeller. He was life flighted to a hospital where he spent 18 days, and has since undergone six surgeries and may be facing more. Tyler Murphy was a baseball pitcher for Turlock High and was in process of heading to St. Mary’s College where he had signed to play baseball. His family is praying for his recovery and hoping that he will one day be able to return to his dream of playing baseball. Other news reports say the accident took place on August 8th, and he was life flighted to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto.
  • D COMMERCIAL VESSEL – 1 August 2013 Inquirer News (Philippines) “Boy Dies in Boat Accident” reports Nelson Laucheuibre, 16 year old boat crew member from barangay Caw-oy on Olango Island, was working on the M/V Cherry 88. The boat was preparing to dock in barangay Punta Engano, Lapu-Lapu City (on an island off Cebu City) about 7am July 31. Nelson threw the anchor overboard, but his leg was caught in the rope, he fell in, his body was caught in the propeller, and he suffered wounds all over his body. Nelson was dead by the time they got his body back on board. The boat owner agreed to pay for his burial expenses and to pay some financial assistance to his family.
  • 28 July 2013 CBS Los Angeles (reporting a Nevada Accident) “NoHo Man, 28, Suffers Severe Injuries From His Boat’s Propeller” reports from Castaic Nevada that a man from North Hollywood, California was in his boat with four friends on Pyramid Lake in Nevada on Sunday morning July 28th. The boat’s propeller began to have problems, the owner jumped into the water to see what the problem was, found a fishing line was wrapped up in the propeller, and two others on board jumped in to help clear the propeller. While the prop was being cleared, the two men remaining on board noticed the boat was drifting toward some rocks that could damage it, someone started the boat and put it in reverse. The owner was struck by the propeller and life flighted to a local hospital. Other reports say the accident happened near Chumash Island, the man was severely cut in the arm and eviscerated (cut in the abdomen severe enough for some of his insides to be on the outside), and flown to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.
  • D 28 July 2013 KTLO (Mountain Home, Arkansas) “Fatal Accident on Bull Shoals Lake” reports an 11 year old boy ( later identified as William Freehan /Feehan of Millington, Tennessee ) was tubing on Bull Shoals Lake on Saturday afternoon July 27th. His father (Matthew Freehan /Feehan ) was operating the boat. The boy fell from the tube, his father circled back to him, and accidentally struck the boy. Two other boys were on the tube at the time. The boat was a 1994 Swift pontoon boat and the propeller accident was near Ozark Isle about 12:15 pm. William was taken by another boat to Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock and pronounced dead at the scene by the county coroner. Officials say there do not appear to have been any violations at the time of the accident and alcohol was not a factor. Later reports indicate the steering system may have malfunctioned. We provide more in-depth coverage of this accident at William Feehan killed by boat propeller.
  • 25 July 2013 Accident Date – 2 August 2013 Destin Log (Florida) “Police Blotter” reports a 52 year old woman from Louisiana was on a boat near Crab Island about 6pm July 25th. She fell from the boat, was struck by the propeller, and “suffered a severely cut abdomen.” She was life flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.
  • 22 July 2013 Lake Lanier (Georgia) “Boat Propeller Injures Girl on Lake Lanier” reports a 16 year old girl was on Lake Lanier about 4pm Sunday July 21. When she was climbing back into a boat, the engine was running but thought to be in neutral, she was struck by the propeller. Georgia DNR spokesperson said she suffered a “laceration 16 inches long on her right thigh.” She was taken from East Bank Park to Gwinnett Medical Center
  • 16 July 2013 Bemidji Pioneer (Minnesota) “Woman Injured in Apparent Boating Accident” reports a woman on Movil Lake was injured by a boat propeller near the 12000 block of Arcadia Court Northeast in Bemidji Minnesota Tuesday afternoon July 16. She was injured in the left arm and leg, then treated by paramedics.
  • 16 July 2013 KTRE (East Texas) “Sheriff Releases Details on Boating Accident at Lake Sam Rayburn” reports Daniel White, 56 of Liberty Texas, was reaching over the side of a boat on Lake Sam Rayburn on Monday afternoon July 15 near San Augustine Park. The boat was struck by a wave, he fell overboard, and was struck on the arm by the propeller. White was life flighted to a Longview Hospital with “severe lacerations on his arm and bruised ribs.”
  • 15 Jul 2013 KGW (Portland Oregon) “Ore. Teen Hit by Propeller in Boating Accident” reports Brandon Jones, a 14 year old boy, was riding a towed tube on Foster Lake / Foster Reservoir, near Sweet Home in Linn County on Sunday afternoon July 14th. The boat operator, a family member, came back around to pick him up after he fell from the tube, the propeller struck him in the back, and he was life flighted to Oregon Health & Science University. The boat was later identified as 1988 Renell.
  • 15 July 2013 KTTS (Springfield Missouri) “Don’t Dance With a Boat Prop” Summer Stevens Blog reports Summer Stevens’ family was boating on Bull Shoals Lake on Saturday 13 July. She was trying to teach her son’s girlfriend how to water ski. Summer jumped in, hit the propeller with her foot, abd was slices between every toe except her little toe. She says there was blood everywhere and she also has a big bruise. The article includes a photo of her injuries.
  • DD? 14 July 2013 CBS Detroit (Michigan) “Boating Accident on Sylvan Lake Kills 1, Injures 2 Other Siblings” reports from Keego Harbor three children were on a towed tube in Sylvan Lake on Sunday July 14th. The tube was being towed by a wave runner (PWC). A MasterCraft ski boat (NOTE- later photos show it to be a Malibu) ran over the tube or ran over the rope and pulled the tube into them. An eyewitness moments to moments before and after the crash said she heard screaming, and the three children, all wearing life jackets, were floating motionless in the water. Nearby boaters quickly came to their rescue. One child was given CPR, all three were taken to a hospital in Pontiac, two were life flighted on to a University of Michigan Hospital. An eleven year boy, later identified as Alex Mansour, died. Later reports say the two other children (girls), Gabriel Mansour, 6, Adriana Mansour, 10, are in critical condition at Royal Beaumont Hospital after earlier being taken to McLaren Hospital in Pontiac. Gabriel Mansour, the six year old girl, reportedly died Monday July 15th from her injuries. Early reports have not yet mentioned propeller injuries in this accident, we went ahead and temporarily listed this accident because it sounds like the propeller may have been involved.
  • 13 July 2013 KOBI5 (Oregon) “Woman Hospitalized After Boating Accident” reports a family was in a rental boat on Lost Creek Lake about 4pm Saturday July 13th pulling a pull toy. The tow rope became entangled in a buoy line, a lady jumped out of the boat to untangle the line, when she was done, her husband backed the boat up to retrieve her, and she was struck by the propeller in the leg.
  • 12 July 2013 KMBC (Kansas City, Missouri) “2 Hit by Boat Propeller in Waterskiing Accident” reports a 12 year old girl from St. Joseph, Missouri was trying to get back into a boat after water skiing on Lake of the Ozarks about 5pm Thursday July 11th. A 44 year old man jumped in to help her. The boat / propeller was in gear and both of them were struck by the propeller. St. Joe Channel later identified the girl as Lilly / Lily Trammel and the man as David Trammel. Both were taken to Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach Missouri. Deidre Trammel is listed as the boat operator. Missouri Water Patrol incident report 130433082 says the vessel was a rental, a 1994 Four Winds Runabout. The girl’s injuries are listed as moderate, and the man’s injuries are listed as serious. They were transported by ambulance.
  • 9 July 2013 KOMC (Branson Missouri) “Colorado Woman Hurt on Table Rock Lake” reports Rachel Hayes, 45 from Strawsberg Colorado, was water skiing on Table Rock Lake near the Missouri-Arkansas state line Monday morning July 8. About 11:15 am, the boat operator turned the boat, and she came in contact with the propeller. Rachel Hayes was taken to Mercy Hospital in Springfield Missouri.
  • 8 July 2013 – Sunday 8 July, end of July 4th Holiday weekend *************************

  • D 8 July 2013 Arkansas Matters “Woman Dies After Boating Accident in Greers Ferry” reports a 28 year old woman was on a pontoon boat near the Cherokee Park area of Greers Ferry Lake on (Sunday July 7? or Monday July 8?). She jumped from the pontoon boat, which then passed over her. The Daily Journal later confirmed she was struck by the propeller. They say she entered the water without the knowledge of the boat operator.
  • 8 July 2013 Miller Place – Rocky Point Patch (New York) “Teen Boater Injured by Boat’s Propeller in Mount Sinai” reports an 18 year old male was operating a 17 foot Grady White in Long Island Sound near Mount Sinai on Sunday 7 July. About 6:15pm a large wave caused the young man to lose his grip on the steering wheel, washed him overboard, and into the propeller. Another teenager pulled him back on board and got the boat back to Sinai Harbor. The injured teenager was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital.
  • D 7 July 2013 WSBTV (Atlanta Georgia) “Man Run Over by Boat on Allatoona Dies” reports Robert Lewis, 52 of Dallas Georgia, was on Allatoona Lake on Sunday July 7th. He was by himself on a ProCraft bass boat powered by a 150 horsepower Mercury outboard about 10:30am. One eyewitness said Lewis fell from the boat, tried to swim back to the boat, it was going in circles (in the Circle of Death), and ran over him. By the time those nearby were able to rescue him, it was too late. Officials let the boat circle at til it ran out of gas about 40 minutes later (one report says the boat circled at full throttle and ran out of gas only 15 minutes later). DNR examined the boat propeller when it ran out of gas. They are still trying to determine how he fell out and cause of death. A witness told WGCL-TV the victim “had some bad lacerations where it looked like he had been hit by the propeller of the boat he was in.” He was unconscious when pulled from the water and died later.
  • 6 July 2013 CP24 (Toronto Canada) “Child Airlifted After Being Struck by Boat Propeller” reports a child under 10 years old was life flighted from Parry Sound to Sick Kids Hospital after being struck in the chest by a propeller about 4:45 pm Saturday July 6th. Other reports say it was a 6 year old boy in Georgian Bay
  • DDD 6 July 2013 New Straits Times (Malaysia) “3 Die After Heads Sliced Off” reports two men and a woman, thought to be Indonesians, were walking in waist deep water several meters offshor in the dark about 12:30 am Friday July 5th. There were at Pantai Ladang Rusa, Batu Layar near Sungai Rengit. It is not yet known if they were trying to sneak into Malaysia or on their way back to Malaysia. Several immigrants were going from the boat to shore, and others were going from shore to the boat. The tekong (boat operator) noticed law enforcement officials approaching with torches, started the boat’s three 200 horsepower outboard engines, and the propellers sliced off the three victim’s heads. The propellers jammed on their heads, the boat stopped, and the tekong jumped into the ocean. 45 immigrants in total were rounded up by officials. The victim’s bodies were sent to Kota Tinggi Hospital. Investigators are trying to determine if the boat operator is among the immigrants they captured.
  • 5 July 2013 Statesman (Austin Texas) “Man Charged in Lake Travis Boat Accident” reports a 20 year old woman was swimming near Starnes Island in Lake Travis about 4:30 pm today July 5th. A ski boat ran over her, she was struck by the propeller, and life flighted to University Medical Center in Brackenridge. The man operating the ski boat, and the woman are both visiting Austin from Canada. Late Friday, the boat operator was charged with intoxication assault.
  • 5 July 2013 KUTV (Utah) “Boy Injured by Propeller in Boating Accident on Utah Lake” reports an 11 year old boy was on Utah Lake near American Fork Boat Harbor today July 5th. Those on board did not see the boy get in the water, the boat was started, and he was struck by the propeller. Deseret News reported the boy was from American Fork, the accident happened shortly before 3pm, he received significant cuts to his upper legs, a life flight service was called, but he was transported by ambulance. Other reports say he was taken to American Fork Hospital.
  • D 4 July 2013 MetroWest Daily News (Massachusetts) “Man Injured by Propeller in Natick, Taken to Boston Hospital” reports a 20 year old male was at Lake Cochituate about 3:30pm Thursday July 4. He was “struck in the head by a boat propeller” and taken by ambulance to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston because life flight service from Boston would have taken longer. Later reports from Framingham Patch say he was struck in the head by the propeller, and that he died later that night. 9 July MWDN reports the deceased man’s name is Jefferson Nunes, 23 of Framingham. An individual being questioned in the investigation had previously been identified as the deceased.
  • 4 July 2013 – Thursday 4th of July Weekend Begins ********************

  • 4 July 2013 CDAPress (Coeur d’Alene Idaho) “Girl Injured by Ski Boat Propeller” reports a 14 year old Las Vegas girl was in a rubber raft on Lake Coeur d’Alene Wednesday July 3. A ski boat ran over her and the propeller struck her. The call for emergency assistance came in about 4:25pm. The girl was taken to Kootenai Medical Center.
  • 1 July 2013 WKRG (Mobile Alabama) “Boating Accident on Eastern Shore” reports from Fairhope Alabama that three youth were pulling a tuber near the Fairhope Yacht Club on Monday July 1st. The boy being towed became entrapped in the propeller. Several at the club were watching events unfold as a SkiDoo rider took an officer out to the boat, gave him his life jacket for use with the boy as the officer cut him from the propeller. Per, his legs were mostly compressed between the propeller. A local officer tread water for 15 minutes while trying to cut him free. The propeller cut his leg, but the cuts were not very severe. Originally a life flight service was called, but they were called off, and he was transported to Thomas Hospital.
  • D 1 July 2013 International Business Times (Utah accident) “Lake Powell Boating Accident: 5-Year-Old Boy Killed Instantly After Struck by Boat Propeller” reports a five year old boy was riding in the bow of a boat on Lake Powell in Utah on Friday 28 June. The boat hit a wave, the young boy was ejected, “hit his head on the boat’s propeller and was killed instantly.” Everybody was wearing a life vest and alcohol does not appear to have been involved. The accident was up the lake from Bullfrog Marina near the Tapestry Wall area. That part of the Lake, as is most of Lake Powell, is in the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. KUTV reported the young boy was from American Fork Utah. We cover this accident in-depth at Keaton Howard, Young Boy Killed by Boat Propeller
  • 1 July 2013 WGMD (Delmarva Maryland) “Man Injured in Tubing Accident in OC (Ocean City); Driver of Boat Arrested for Boating While Intoxicated” reports a man was riding a towed tube in Assawoman Bay near 94th Street “when he cut his leg on the propeller.” The Dispatch later reported the man had fallen from the tube, the boat circled back, and he was trying to get back into the boat when he was struck on Saturday June 30. He was then life flighted to Peninsula Region Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury with severe wounds to both legs.
  • 30 June 2013 9News (Denver Colorado) “Man Critically Injured in Alcohol-Related Boating Accident at Horsetooth Reservoir” reports a 22 year old male was on a boat with 8 other people on it on Horsetooth Reservoir on Sunday 30 June. He fell overboard and was struck by the propeller, receiving “serious lacerations to his right side from the boat’s propeller.” The injured man was taken to Medical Center of the Rockies.
  • 30 June 2013 Statesman (Austin Texas) “Man Hit by Boat Propeller in Hospital With Major Injuries” reports a 28 year old male was in a boat with four other people on the Pedernales River near its intersection with Lake Travis this afternoon, June 30th. About 4:30pm the boat struck a submerged object, the man was ejected, the boat passed over him, and he was struck by its propeller. He was life flighted to University Medical Center Brackenridge with serious injuries. KeyeTV referred to the injured man as a wakeboarder, hinting it was an inboard tow boat.
  • 30 June 2013 Statesman (Austin Texas) “Man Hit by Boat Propeller in Hospital With Major Injuries” reports the accident covered above, then a Pedernales Fire Department spokesman mentions, “it was the second propeller-related injury in two days in the Lake Travis area.” A woman was seriously injured by a propeller on Saturday 29 June.
  • 30 June 2013 The Record (Stockton California) “Man Falls Off Boat, Struck by Propeller” reports a man in his twenties was on a boat in the Stockton Deepwater Channel on Saturday afternoon June 29th. He fell from the bow, “was sucked under the boat and struck by the propeller”, and taken to a hospital. The man had propeller cuts to his left hand and left foot.
  • D 29 June 2013 News Channel 5 (Chattanooga Tennessee) “One Person Killed, Another Injured in Boating Accident” reports Stephanie Burns (21 of Clarksville per other reports) was tubing in the Cumberland River in Montgomery County on Saturday 29 June. She somehow became caught in the propeller, and was dead when first responders arrived. A 20 year old man was also injured in the same accident and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The Leaf Chronicle says both injured parties were 21 years old, The young man suffered prop injuries to his head and hand and was at Gateway Medical Center. The call for help went out about 5:23 pm. A few days later the boat operator was charged with vehicular homicide.
  • 29 June 2013 Norwich Bulletin (Connecticut) “North Stonington Girl Ran Over by Boat Propeller” reports a 13 year old girl was in Wyassup Lake at North Stonington on Saturday 28 June. She was ran over by a boat operated by a family member, struck by the propeller, and hospitalized. Ctpost reports she was taken to Backus Hospital, then life flighted to Hartford Children’s Hospital. The boat is described as a 17 foot runabout skiboat. Ctpost and some other reports say the girl was 11 years old, not 13.
  • D 27 June 2013 KSTP (Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota) “Mpls. Man Hospitalized With Severely Cut Arm After Pontoon Accident” reports David Cass, 30 of Minneapolis, was operating a pontoon boat with two passengers on board in Lake Bell Taine, near Nevis. He moved to the front while the boat was still underway, fell overboard, and was struck by the propeller about 1:44 pm Wednesday 26 June. David Cass was unconscious when authorities arrived and suffered a “severely lacerated arm.” Later reports indicate David Cass died Saturday 29 June from his injuries, his parents are in Rochester MN, a visitation and a time of reflection will be held Tuesday July 2nd at Macken Funeral Home in Rochester.
  • 24 June 2013 WWAY (Southeastern North Carolina) “2 Injured in Boat Accident on NE Cape Fear River” reports a couple was in a boat on the Northeast Cape Fear River yesterday 24 June. While headed back to the boating access area at Castle Hayne, running about 35 mph, they hit a log. The drive flipped into the boat and struck the man. The woman suffered minor injuries, but the man suffered severe lacerations to his arm. The accompanying video showed a Johnson outboard laying in their boat. The article does not specifically state the man was struck by the propeller.
  • D 24 June 2013 Guardian Media (Trinidad Tobago) “Teen Killed in Boating Accident” reports Lilly Adiel Blaides, 14 was bathing not far from shore at Las Cuevas beach about 6:15pm Saturday June 23rd. A pirogue (small flat bottomed boat) plowed into her, the teenage fisherman operating the boat jumped into the shallow water ran ashore, and ran into the bushes. Lifeguards pulled her from the water with massive propeller injuries to her head and other injuries. She was taken to Port-of-Spain General Hospital by ambulance and died about an hour later. Authorities captured the boat operator early Sunday morning. Her mother is calling for changes to prevent this from happening again. The article cites the similar Raquel & Page Welch accident in August 2009 and the Quesnel & Barry-Laso accident in June 2007.
  • D 23 June 2013 Minivan News (The Maldives) “Female Resort Worker Dies After Being Hit by Dive Boat Propeller” reports Aishath Safa, a phone operator for Four Seasons Kudu Huraa resort was on a diving excursion on Saturday June 22nd. Diving near the island of Hinmafushi, the boat pulled over to pickup another person in the water and she was struck by the propeller. The article notes this is the fourth serious propeller incident so far this year in the Maldives and the second fatality.
  • 23 June 2013 Michigan Live “Teenager Taken to Hospital After Injuring Leg on Boat Propeller at Berrien County’s Bethany Beach” reports a 17 year old boy was climbing back into a boat at Bethany Beach about 4:45 Saturday afternoon June 22nd. He injured his lower left leg on the boat propeller and was taken to Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph.
  • 22 June 2013 Southern Utah New (reporting an Arizona accident) “Tuscon Child Seriously Injured in Boating Accident on Lake Powell” reports a 14 year old boy was on Lake Powell in Navajo Canyon about 9:30am on Monday 18 June. As he was re-entering a boat after wake boarding, his shorts became entrapped in the moving propeller causing cuts to his upper right leg and side. He was tended to by a doctor that was nearby, then life flighted to Page Hospital.
  • D 23 June 2013 The Erringer Report (Accident in France) “Muhlberger Killed in Boating Accident” reports Andre Muhlberger, the previous head of Monaco’s police force, was struck and killed by a boat propeller about 6pm June 22 in the port of Cap d’Ali in southern France. Friends pulled him onto a yacht, and medical workers were dropped in by helicopter, but they were unable to save him. He retired in October 2012 after compromising photos of him and a married woman surfaced. Numerous sources followed and continue to follow this accident. Initially there was talk of another boat fleeing the scene, that was later dismissed, foul play has been suggested but not confirmed. Later reports say he was swimming about 300 meters back out to the yacht (Joyka) with a female friend after a late lunch with friends on shore, then sustained fatal injuries to his head and legs from the propeller.
  • D 19 June 2013 Phuket Wan Tourism News (Thailand) “Phuket Tourist Killed by Boat Propeller near Phi Phi: Second Chinese Death in Two Days” reports Chen Peng, a Chinese tourist, was on a snorkeling day trip from Phuket to Phi Phi today. He was struck by a boat propeller in Pileh Bay near Phi Phi’s main harbor. His wounds were “too serious to treat at the ill-equipped Phi Phi Hospital” and he was taken on to the Phuket Provincial Administration Hospital in Phuket City, where he died. The boat owner said 6 of the 11 tourists were in the water when the captain moved the boat to avoid striking rocks or other boats during a rare sequence of large waves. Chen was struck at that time. Tensions are high with China as many Chinese tourists have been killed in Thailand snorkeling accidents in the last few years. A June 20 Phuket News report said the prop cut the main arteries in both thighs, the boat was the Jandara 1, and he died from blood loss at Phuket OrBorJor Hospital. A June 20 Phuket Gazette report with some photos says he was struck in the stomach.
  • 17 June 2013 KSTP (Minnesota) “Boating Accident Leaves Maple Grove Man With Serious Injuries” reports Mark Daniel Mann, 26 of Maple Grove, was jet skiing on East Balsam Lake on Sunday 16 June shortly after noon. He came off the jet ski (PWC) in front of a 20 foot MasterCraft wake boat that was at rest. The wake boat operator hit the throttle to pull up a wake boarder, the operator felt the boat his something he thought was a wave, then others on board yelled for him to stop. The boat had struck Mann. He was taken to Regions Hospital in St Paul with serious injuries to both of this legs. Mann’s father owned both the PWC and the wake boat which was being driven by a friend. Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the accident. The accompanying video says the accident is among the worst they have seen and Mann may loose both legs. Other reports indicate he was life flighted to the hospital. Later news reports attribute his injuries (both legs amputated below the knee) to the propeller.
  • 15 June 2013 WCCO (Minnesota) “New Prague Man Injured by Boat Propeller” reports a 26 year old male from New Prague was riding a tube being towed by a 17 foot Larson on Cedar Lake early Friday evening June 14th. His leg was struck by the propeller and he was life flighted to North Memorial Medical Center.
  • 8 June 2013 Accident Date – 14 June 2013 MyFoxDFW (Texas) “Long Road to Recovery for Young Boating Accident Victim” reports Chase Edwards, age 12, was on Joe Pool Lake with him mother the night on June 8th. The boat he was in was struck by two other boats, Chase was ejected and struck by a boat propeller. He “suffered broken bones in his pelvis, ankle, and thigh.” Cuts in his legs have been infected by lake water. Doctors say the severity of his injuries will keep him at Children’s Medical Center for at least six months. Other reports indicate he was in a boat tied to another boat when his boat was struck by a third boat. Chase was life flighted to Children’s Medical Center.
  • 8 June 2013 WECT (from Whiteville, North Carolina) “Man’s Arm Almost Cut Off While Attempting to Board Boat” reports Brent Pait, 40, was boarding a boat about 4pm Saturday afternoon 8 June on Lake Waccamaw. The boat operator was unaware Pait was at the stern and started the engine. Pait was severely wounded in the leg and twice on his arm. The article does not mention the word “propeller” but does say he was cut by the motor.
  • 6 June 2013 RTV6 (Indianapolis Indiana) “Man’s Legs Seriously Injured by Propeller After Falling Out of Boat on Lake Monroe” reports a 68 year old male was in a boat with his 44 year old son on Lake Monroe on Wednesday June 5th. The boat turned sharply, he was ejected, and the boat propeller struck his legs. The man was taken to a hospital in Bloomington with extreme injuries to his legs, then life flighted to an Indianapolis hospital. Per WBIW, the man was first taken to IU Health Hospital, and then on to Methodist Hospital. WBIW suggests the man was the boat operator and the accident would have been preventable if the kill cord / kill switch had been used.
  • 5 June 2013 NWF Daily News (NW Florida) “Woman Injures Foot, Arm on Boat Propeller” reports from Okaloosa Island that a woman out boating was struck by a boat propeller on Wednesday evening June 5. The propeller cut her right foot and left arm. She was taken to Adventure Marina, then to Pensacola’s Sacred Heart Hospital.
  • 3 June 2013 Minivan News (Maldives) “Honeymooning Tourist Suffers Extensive Leg Injuries From Boat Propeller” A lady honeymooning in the Maldives at Reethi Beach Resort was diving about 11 am Saturday June 1st. She was struck by a boat propeller, suffered serious leg injuries, and was taken to Male for medical attention. 23 June Minvan News said she was a German woman.
    PGIC comment – in May 2013 (last month) the Bank of Maldives (BML) foreclosed a mortgage on the ownership of Reethi Beach Resort (an island). The island (and two more) had belonged to an investment company. BML took ownership of the island through two companies it owns. Authorities said the bank could now operate the properties “and gain a profit.”
  • D Early June Accident Date in Canada – 2 August 2013 Salmon Arm Observer (British Columbia Canada) “Group to Form Following Deaths” tells of four people with medical, search and rescue, and fire fighting skills forming a group to try to improve access to medical care in their remote area of the North Shuswap. Several recent deaths have brought attention to the long times needed to evacuate the injured to major medical sites. Among those deaths was “a young woman died after her femoral artery was sliced by a boat propeller in early June.” We salute their efforts to reduce medical evacuation times and hope to write more about them later. We are seeing some terribly long medical evacuation times in some water destinations in remote parts of the world. Its great to see some people stepping up to the challenge.
  • 30 May 2013 Ozarks First (reporting from Branson Missouri) “Boater Injured After Falling Overboard on Table Rock Lake” reports Clark Krimmer, 19 from Kathleen Georgia, was standing the swim deck of a boat on Table Rock Lake near Moonshine Beach on Wednesday afternoon May 29th. The boat operator shifted the boat into gear, Krimmer fell overboard, and his lower leg was struck by the propeller. Krimmer was taken to a hospital in Branson.

  • Monday 27 May was the end of Memorial Day Weekend

  • D 29 May 2013 BBC (UK) “Rico Dardis Injuries Caused by Propeller” reports his body was found on the beach near gryones at Seaway Avenue, Christchurch on Monday evening 27 May. Police say his injuries appear to be caused by a propeller and are questioning two men.
  • D 27 May 2013 The Star Online (Malaysia) “English Tourist Dies After Being Struck by Boat Propeller in Pulasu Perhentian” reports Madaline Jane, 25 from Hereford England, along with Simon James Rogers, 22 from Australia, and two other friends were diving (snorkeling) outside the safe zone when a boat was bringing in tourists to Pulau Perhentian’s island resort today, 27 May. Madaline Jane was struck by the propeller and “suffered serious injuries on both legs, buttocks and body”. She died while being taken for treatment. Simon James Rogers “was injured in both his legs and stomach.” Rogers was taken to Besut District Hospital, then on to University Sains Malaysia Hospital in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.
  • D 25 May 2013 Pattaya Daily News (Thailand) “Banana Boat Collides With Man at Jomtien Beach Tears His Ear Off and Dies After” reports Phitak Ad-on, 36, was swimming at Jomtien Beach. As a banana boat was coming to shore the operator felt like it had struck something, then saw the victim floating behind him. The boat operator took the victim to shore and called police. Ad-on was taken by ambulance to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital. His left ear was torn and he was bleeding profusely. Doctors tried to pump his heart (CPR?) but he died moments later. Police are not yet certain if Ad-on’s death was caused by the boat collision or if he drowned earlier.
  • Friday May 24, 2013 – Memorial Day Weekend Begins

  • D 23 May 2013 WIFR (Rockford Illinois) “Huntley Man Killed by Boat Propeller on N. Indiana Lake” reports Roger Martin, 61 of Huntley IL was a passenger in a boat pulling tubes on Lake Latonka on Sunday 19 May. He was sitting on the edge of the boat when it turned back to pick up some fallen tubers, fell overboard, was struck by the propeller, and pronounced dead at the scene.
  • 17 May 2013 WMTV (Portland Maine) “Somerset County Boat Crash Injures 1” reports Richard Marcia, age 37 of Athens Maine, was a passenger in a boat on Indian Pond in Indian Stream township today 17 May. The boat struck a wave in a turn with three people on board. Both passengers were ejected, Richard Marcia was struck by the propeller in the leg and shoulder. An ambulance took him to Fairvew Hospital in Skowhegan. The accident was reported at 2:40pm.
  • D 12 May 2013 PGIC “Timothy Clippard of Missouri Killed on Kentucky Lake” reports Timothy Clippard, age 51 of Jackson Missouri, was in a boat going north under the Eggner Ferry Bridge on Kentucky Lake on Thursday 9 May. He and his fishing partner were returning to a bass tournament weigh in. The motor struck a submerged object, broke off, flipped in, and struck his head. He died at the scene. We have not yet confirmed if he was struck by the prop or not.
  • 9 May 2013 Accident Date in Ecuador – 24 May 2013 Kiwitracking (a person blog in the Netherlands) “Going Home After 16 Nights in an Ecuadorian Hospital” reports the personal experiences of Nathalie, a young woman from the Netherlands, of being struck by a propeller in Ecuador while on a diving trip. The top of the blog post is in Dutch, if you scroll it down a ways there is an English translation.
    She begins by encouraging all divers to use a safety marker (dive buoy) every time and in every place. She was diving about 1.5 miles off the Galapagos Islands on May 9, 2013. The tour had four crew members (including two dive guides), and a total of nine divers. Shortly before an hour into the scheduled one hour dive, the dive guide signal for them to begin their ascent, they paused at a depth of about 5 meters for three minutes as a curious fish swam from diver to diver. The divers complete the ascent, just as her head surfaces, she sees a boat is bearing down on her, she turns to try to put her tank between her and the boat, she feels a light suction and her left leg is struck by the propeller. Her dive buddy Eke surfaces unaware of the disaster. The lady lifts her leg from the water but it is gone, she thought her leg has been lopped off but later learned it was still partially attached. She begins to scream. Her dive buddy began to understand what had happened, he blew air into her bcd (buoyancy compensator) and dropped her dive weights. The dive boat quickly brings her on board, her dive buddy and others quickly begin to tend to her injuries, the remaining divers are loaded and the boat begins to race for the main island 1.5 hours away. At shore she was taken to an airplane and life flighted via the back row of seats on a commercial airliner another 1.5 hours to a hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The lady has spent 16 days in the hospital and will be flying home to a hospital in the Netherlands tomorrow May 24th with both her legs. We would especially like to thank this lady for sharing her story with us, and with the world through her blog. We will be adding it, and many other accidents we have recently collected, to our list of snorkeling/diving while out of your country accidents.
  • DD 6 May 2013 “Nicholas Milligan Boat Propeller Accident at Padstow UK: Two Dead 5 May 2013” reports Nicholas Milligan and his family were on holiday near Padstow Harbor in the UK on Sunday 5 May 2013. His RIB appears to have swerved to the right, all six family members were ejected. Nicholas and his daughter Emily were killed. His wife and young son were also struck by the propeller. Two other children had minor injuries. We cover the accident in depth at the link provided.
  • 1 May 2013 SAObserver (British Columbia Canada) “Man Rescued From Lake” reports Bob Wolf fell from a boat while fishing in Eagle Bay on April 26th. His boat was in the Circle of Death and he tried to get away from it, but was struck in the head by the propeller. Some folks driving by stopped, found a aluminum fishing boat at a residence and rowed out to rescue him. A first aid worker showed up with a truck loaded with medical supplies. They stabilized him before the ambulance arrived to take him to Schuswap Lake General Hospital. One of the rescuers stopped the boat by fouling the prop with a rope and organized the towing of his boat back to his house. Wolf’s son says the family is very grateful to all who assisted.
  • 28 April 2012 HavasuNews (Arizona) “SoCal Man Loses Leg in Boating Accident” reports Stuart Boeg, 52 of Placentia California, was a passenger on a 42 foot Fountain on Saturday afternoon April 27 with five other people. The boat was pulling up to dock to allow some passengers off, he walked to the back to get buoy, slipped, fell in, and the prop of one of the twin engines cut his leg off at the shin. He was taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center, then life flighted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Firefighters dove and recovered his leg. This boat propeller accident followed the fatality of an 8 year old girl on Lake Havasu earlier in the week (see accident below).
  • D 25 April 2013 Update WMBF News (South Carolina) “Coroner Identifies Man Missing in Water Near Little River” reports Kurtis Hutchinson of Murrells Inlet was missing since Sunday 21 April off Little River. Five men were on shore when their pontoon boat started to drift away. He jumped in to retrieve the boat but was never seen again. The coroner has confirmed he died of “massive trauma after having been struck by a boat and propellers.” Other reports indicate the accident happened near Bird Island, a popular spot for boats and jetskis to gather. It is beginning to look like Kurtis Hutchinson may have been struck by a fishing boat passing through the area, but the investigation is ongoing.
  • 24 April 2013 WSAZ (Kentucky) “Update: Two Men Injured in Boating Accident on Paintsville Lake” reports two men were in a boat on Paintsville Lake near McKenzie Branch on Monday evening 22 April. About 7 pm police received a call about two men being in the water. Another boat had been able to get close enough to give them some help. Investigators think they may have struck a submerged log. One man was struck in the arm by the propeller, the other man had been struck in the leg by the propeller. Bother were life flighted to Huntington Hospital. The rescue was the first for the county’s new tactical rescue team.
  • 24 April 2013 Minivan News (Sri Lanka) “Teen Seriously Injured in Boat Propeller Accident” reports Nauf Ibrahim, 18 of Meedhoo Island in Dhaalu Atoll, dove in to untangle a fishing line from the propeller of a dhoni (a traditional Maldives fishing boat) on April 23. He was struck in the head by the propeller of the Mashhooru boat, suffered a skull fracture and internal bleeding. Ibrahim was taken to Laamu Atol Regional Hospital, the life flighted to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hosptial in Male. His family says he is not receiving sufficient care there and will be transferred to Sri Lanka today. A later SunOnline report says the boat was put in reverse by someone other than the captain.
  • D 22 April 2013 News-Herald HavasuNews (Lake Havasu City, Arizona) “Girl Dies After Being Struck by Boat Propeller” reports an 8 year old girl (later identified as Sarah Roderick) from Cottonwood was on a pontoon boat family outing with her parents, three siblings, and others on Monday April 22. About 3:30 pm, the they were slowly traveling north in the Salt Basin. The 8 year old girl was riding on the bow, fell overboard, and was struck by the propeller. Emergency responders and a life flight helicopter gathered at Lake Havasu State Park’s north boat ramp to meet the incoming boat, but she was dead on arrival. Alcohol does not appear to have been involved and the young girl was wearing a life jacket. The boat was a 2000 Premier pontoon boat. Other reports indicate the boat was a rented 24 foot 2000 Premier pontoon boat with six family members on board.
  • 21 April 2013 Pattaya People (Thailand) “Speedboat Collision Injures Korean Tourists” reports A large group of Korean tourists were at sea heading from Bali Hai to Koh Lan in a speedboat called the Sea Dream. Their boat collided with another boat and 18 of the Korean tourists were ejected during the collision. One man lost his right leg to the propeller and another man had severe wounds to both of his legs. Both boat operators fled the scene. Thai Visa Forum includes several more news clips and discusses the accident. The other boat was named Khem Thong, the accident happened about 100 meters offshore, one of the boats was moored awaiting fuel during the collision near Ta Won beach, about 20 tourists and a Thai guide were onboard the speedboat.
  • 19 April 2013 The Chattanoogan (Tennessee) “Boater Injured by Propeller After Being Ejected From Boat on South Holston Lake” reports Douglas Vance, from Bluff City TN, was a passenger on an 18 foot bass boat on South Holston Lake on Wednesday evening 17 April. As they approached Laurel Marina, he was ejected, and struck by the propeller. The operator of the boat and another passenger helped get him back in the boat and took him to the marina. Emergency responders transported him to Bristol Regional Medical Center.
  • D 13 April 2013 Accident Date – Reported by family member 21 May 2013 – David Chad Gibbs, 23, was on the Ouachita River near Eldorado Arkansas. His fishing boat struck a log, the outboard motor flipped in, and he was struck and killed by the propeller.
  • D 9 April 2013 Accident Date in Fiji – 18 April 2013 Fiji Times Online “Man Dies in Boating Accident” reports a 32 year old male was diving for fish on April 9th. He was ran over by a 22 foot outboard powered boat, struck by the propeller in his right leg, and died from his wounds several days later (April 17th) in Labasa Hospital.
  • D 7 April 2013 Miami Herald (Florida) “Mishaps on the Ocean off Miami-Dade Leave One Dead, One Missing” reports Ramon Ulloa-Rodriguez, age 48, was captain of a boat off Miami Beach late Saturday night April 6th. His boat capsized in rough water with three of his friends on board. Three of those ejected were able to make it to shore at 63rd & Collins. A search was launched for Ulloa-Rodriguez who was last seen clutching to a ice chest with a severe propeller injury to his left leg and ankle. His body was later found by a USCG helicopter. Officials are still trying to determine the cause of death (drowning or the injury to his leg).
  • 1 April 2013 HawkesBayToday (New Zealand) “Man’s Foot Cut by Boat Propeller” reports a 40 year old man was in a boat at Waimarama Beach early Sunday evening March 31st. He jumped from the stern and “suffered lower leg injuries when he came in contact with the boat propeller.” He was life flighted to Hawkes Bay Regional Hospital in Hastings.
  • D 31 March 2013 The Daily Telegraph (Australia) “Boat Propeller Kills Waterskier on Lake, Near Bodalla” reports a 22 year old male was water skiing near Bodalla on Tuross Lake about 11:30am March 31st, fell, and was was hit by a fiberglass boat going the opposite way. The waterskier was struck by the propeller and “suffered serious head injuries”. He was taken to Moruya Hospital and died shortly later. The boat that struck him was operated by a 15 year old without a license.
  • 31 March 2013 The New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) “Boy Badly Hurt by ‘Full Speed’ Boat Propeller” reports a nine year old boy was in the water at Tinopai in Northland about 4 pm March 31st. He was stuck by the propeller of a boat going full speed. The boy suffered a deep cut to his leg exposing the bone. He was life flighted to Starship Hospital in Auckland.
  • Possible Strike – 29 March 2013 The Australian (Australia) “Man, Baby Rescued in Boat Drama on Gold Coast” reports a wooden speedboat flipped on the Nerang River about 12:15pm March 29 between Surfers Paradise and the Isle of Capri. Five people were ejected into the water. An 18 month old baby girl and a 60 year old male were taken to Gold Coast Hospital. The man had a deep cut to his leg “It might have been a propeller strike, its hard to say …”
  • 28 March 2013 USCG News Release (Miami, Florida) “Coast Guard Rescues Man in the Water Near Key Biscayne” reports Coast Guard Sector Miami responded to an accident about 4 miles southwest of Key Biscayne, Florida on Tuesday March 26th. The incoming call said two people were in a 17 foot Boston Whaler that was disabled, and a person was in the water whose leg had been struck by a propeller and those on board were unable to get them back onto the boat. When onsite, they discovered those onboard did not know how to operate the boat. The Coast Guard took them to Dinner Key Marina and the injured man was met by emergency medical responders that took him to a hospital.
  • Possible Strike – 27 Mar 2013 KTAR (Arizona) “Authorities Recover Man’s Body From Lake Havasu” reports Stefan Fowler, 25 of Campbell California, was with about six people on a pontoon boat on Lake Havasu on Tuesday morning March 26th. They had been taking a photo when Stefan Fowler fell off the bow. “… the group later heard a thump and saw blood in the water.” Fowler was there on spring break. His body was recovered Wednesday morning from Thompson Bay. We found no news reports mentioning the word “propeller” but the report sounds very similar to several pontoon boat propeller accidents.
  • COMMERCIAL VESSEL – 27 Mar 2013 KeysNews “Mate’s Leg Caught in Propeller” reports a shipmate on the Sea Eagle, a Key West area dive boat, was injured Tuesday morning. He was cut by its propeller while the boat was enroute to the Cayma Salvor wreck south of Key West. The injury call came in to USCG at 11:32 am.
    JEMS says the Sea Eagle is a 60 foot, 37 ton charter boat. Larry Edens, divemaster, was the injured party. He slipped off the vessel and suffered propeller cuts to both his legs. Edens was life flighted to Miami. Eight passengers were onboard. They note the Sea Eagle appeared in the Bond film, License to Kill.
  • 23 March 2013 Local10 (Miami Florida) “Miami Beach Watercraft Accident Under Investigation” reports a jet ski (PWC) with two people on board collided with a boat Saturday night March 23rd at Miami Beach near 23rd Street and Ocean Drive. The passenger on the jet ski fell in and “the boat’s propeller severely cut his leg” per FWC officials. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.
  • 22 March 2013 The Daily Commercial (Leesburg Florida) “Boater Survives Being Hit by Propeller” reports from Eustis Florida that Jeremy Michael Tate, age 36 from Summerfield Florida, was on a fishing trip on Apopka Lake on Wednesday March 20th. He was alone, running his bass boat about 60mph when he stuck a 10 inch dredge pipe. The outboard flipped into the boat. Tate received four non life threatening lacerations to his head from the propeller. The steering wheel was also struck by the prop. He was taken to Orlando Regional Hospital. Alcohol did not appear to be a factor and he was wearing a life jacket.
  • 10 March 2013 WPTV (West Palm Beach Florida) “Teen Injured Saturday in Boating Accident at Sandsprit Park” reports a 17 year old boy was in a small boat on St Lucie Inlet Saturday morning March 9th. About 10:30 am he fell from the boat and was critically injured when his arm was struck by the propeller. The teenage male was life flighted to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute in Fort Pierce.
  • 9 March 2013 Accident Date (St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean) Self Reported Accident- On March 11 we received an email report from a man that had taken a friend’s boat out with a passenger off the coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They hit a wave and both of them were ejected. The boat went into the Circle of Death. He and his passenger were now in the middle of the circle. His passenger was deflected by a large wake and able to escape the circle, but within seconds the victim was struck by the rear end of the spinning boat, he pressed against the back end of the boat, then tried to push off from the engine cover. The propeller ran up the inside of his right leg, then sliced the shin of his right leg. He and his passenger were able to swim to a deserted part of the island where a fisherman came to investigate the circling boat and rescued them. The victim says he feels amazingly blessed and unbelievably lucky to have survived, I agree.
  • 8 March 2013 Grenada Star (Mississippi) “Judge Lundy Hurt in Boat Accident” reports Judge Mitchell Lundy Jr. was fishing from a boat on Grenada Lake on Friday afternoon March 8th. He was ejected from his boat, it ran over him, and he “suffered severe trauma to a leg”. Judge Lundy was life flighted to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. A family member said part of one of his feet was amputated. Several other reports indicate the the boat hit an obstruction near Choctaw Landing before he was ejected. The Judge has been going thru multiple surgeries since the accident. When the surgeries are complete, he will be sent to JMS Burn Center in Brandon for a plastic surgeon to operate on a deep cut in his left leg. Judge Lundy is a Chancery Judge for Mississippi District 3 and for Grenada. A March 11 article in the same publication confirmed it to be a propeller accident. We also found this second hand account of those involved in his rescue on a fishing forum,
    “they were fishing the Redgrass area and this man was heading back across the lake to the Choctaw boat ramp when they heard a big boom and saw his boat going in circles. I believe he hit a stump and the force of the impact tossed him from the boat. They went to assist him and another local guy from down there get him out of harms way. They got a tourniquet on the leg with a belt and called 911. The dispatcher told them it would be 45 minutes for an ambulance so they called for a chopper to come and airlift him out.”
  • 4 February 2013 (Australia accident) Sail World “Cottage Point Marine Rescue Volunteers Honoured for Heroism” reports John (no last name provided) and a group of friends hired a houseboat for a weekend guys party on Jerusalem Bay (New South Wales, Australia). On Saturday afternoon February 2nd, the boat operator suddenly reversed to avoid running aground. John and other passengers were swimming near the houseboat. John was hit by the propeller, “suffering deep lacerations to his right ankle and foot”, and was transported by a nearby small boat to NSW Maritime Rescue Cottage Point. He was calmed and treated there as they waited about 30 minutes for the ambulance to make it to their remote location. Then John was transported to Royal North Shore Hospital. A big thanks to two of our Australian contacts for alerting us to this accident.
  • D 1 February 2013 The Voice of Russia “Russian Tourist Killed in Egypt” reports a woman, approximately 32 years old, from Moscow was diving with a group of tourists at Sharm el-Sheikh when she surfaced and was fatally “mangled” by the propeller of a passing boat.
    PGIC has covered several previous Sharm el-Sheikh prop strikes including this one caught on video.
  • D 31 January 2013 Minivan News (The Maldives) “Italian Tourist Dies in Propeller Accident While Snorkeling” reports a woman from Italy was snorkeling about 2:50pm on Thursday January 31 near Elaa Island in Thaa Atoll. She suffered “a major injury to her skull” from a boat propeller, was taken to Veymandoo Regional Hospital and declared dead on arrival. The article goes on to talk about Chinese tourists snorkeling deaths including an October 2012 fatality of a 26 year old Chinese male at the Alif Dhaal Atoll.
  • 28 Jan 2013 WSVN (Miami / Fort Lauderdale Florida) reports a 14 year old girl fell from a tube near the Julie Tuttle Causeway on Biscayne Bay on Sunday 27 January. After she fell, she became entrapped in the propeller of the tow boat. Rescue workers were able to free her from the propeller and she was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital along with a 5 year old boy injured at the same time. The girl “suffered deep cuts to her leg.”
  • D 24 January 2013 South Coast Register (Australia) “Diver Dies at Currarong” reports on a diving propeller accident in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. A male in his twenties was spearfishing at Little Beecroft near Currarong. Early reports indicate he was using a diving flag. The man is thought to have been hit by a boat propeller. A life flight helicopter was dispatched, but the man was declared dead on the scene from extensive injuries. Authorities are questioning others at the scene.
  • COMMERCIAL ACCIDENT Accident Date 21 January 2013 ScubaBoard “Diver Op Owner Critically Injured – Key West” reports a popular diver, Judy Montaque, aka Diver Judy of Judy Under the Sea, was repairing a 72 foot yacht (the Palagon) when she was struck by its propellers. Diver Judy was life flighted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami in critical condition.
  • D 13 January 2013 Bangkok Post (Thailand) “Dutch Man Found Dead Off Phuket” reports the body of Stephan Henricus Maria Buczynski was found off Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa Sunday morning January 13th. He was in a swimsuit with a waterproof bag with personal belongings around his neck. The back of his neck had a wound from a sharp object and he had been struck on the forehead by something hard. His body was sent for further examination, but police assume he was swimming in the early hours (about 4:30am) and was struck by a propeller.
  • D 13 January 2013 Pattaya People (Thailand) “Polish Tourist Killed in Speed Boat Accident” reports Wanda Sikorska, 57 of Poland, was on a cruise from Singapore with her husband. She was swimming Friday morning 11 January when a tour boat operator was loading passengers and preparing to set out for Lan Island. He did not see her in the water and witnesses say she was not in the designated swimming area. When the tour boat revved its engine, she was pulled into the prop, she received head and body injuries, and later died from those injuries.Sawang Boriboon Rescue team responded along with Dongtan police in Jomtien. Pattaya One reports the lady was a renown Professor of Medicine. She was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, but they were unable to save her.
  • Unknown late 2013 Accident Date – Australia – 30 January 2014 Noosa News “Boatie Lucky to be Alive After Terrifying Ordeal” reports Chris Hay, age 24, and a friend were fishing at the mouth of the Banksia Beach Canals in late 2013. His friend slipped, hit the throttle, Chris was ejected, and the boat started the “Circle of Death”. They were in 3.5 meter tinny powered by a 30 horsepower outboard. Chris was hit by the boat on the first circle, he threw his arm up to cover his head on the second circle and the propeller hit hit the bottom of his bicep. The prop hit him in the back on the third circle. His friend was able to stop the boat and eventually help Chris back in. They were met by an ambulance at shore.

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