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Charlie Hutton & Kali Gorzell : it’s been 3 years

Its now been three years since the tragic propeller fatalities of Charlie Hutton near the Isle of Wight in the U.K., and Kali Gorzell in Texas on Friday July 20, 2012. Both youth showed incredible promise, and both lives were snuffed out at a young age. Charlie, the promising field hockey player was taken at […]

Milligan UK boating accident inquest

An inquest into the deaths of Nicholas “Niko” Milligan and his daughter Emily in a May 2013 boating accident at Padstow Harbor in the UK was held November 10-11 2014 in Truro. The incident was deemed to be an accident. We covered the accident earlier at Nicholas Milligan accident and the subsequent MAIB report. The […]

Gruesome Propeller Murder of Rico Dardis now in UK Court

Earlier, we covered the 27 May 2013 Christchurch boat propeller death of Rico Dardis, a 30 year old UK rapper and father, in some of our efforts to record the history of boat propeller safety events in the UK. Since then, his death has often been in the news as authorities have been investigating the […]

Milligan Charitable Bike Ride Raising Funds for RNLI

In May 2013, Nicholas Milligan’s family was in an horrific boat accident at Padstow Harbor in the UK. His family of 6 were all ejected from a RIB, the unmanned RIB began to circle, he and his daughter Emily were killed, his wife Victoria lost a leg, his son Kit suffered terrible injuries to his […]

The Truth About Kill Cords: Motor Boat & Yachting article

Motor Boat & Yachting (MBY)published a great investigative article on boat kill switches in the wake of the Milligan family accident in the UK. The article was published in their September 2013 issue, and supported with numerous online materials. The article titled, The Truth About Kill Cords is accompanied by results of a several question […]

Review of MAIB report on Milligan family propeller accident in UK

United Kingdom (UK) Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) released their report on the Milligan accident on 30 January 2014. Nicholas Milligan’s family’s May 5, 2013 accident captivated the UK. An affluent family out for a day on the Camel Estuary at Padstow Harbor in their RIB ended in tragedy with the death of the father […]

MAIB report released on Milligan accident in the UK

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) in the UK issued their investigative report on the May 5, 2013 Nicholas Milligan family boat propeller accident at Padstow Harbor today (30 January 2014). We previously covered the accident at: Nicholas Milligan Boat Propeller Accident at Padstow UK. His family was out for day of fun on the RIB. […]

UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) backs off prop guard statement

Cian Williams, then 13, was struck by a boat propeller in August 2012 in Wales. Since the strike, Cian and his mother have been among the leading propeller safety advocates in the UK. Cian has been gathering names on a petition to change Welsh law to require propeller guards on boat propellers. In the wake […]

UK Princes Club Water Sports Park fined in death of Mari-Simon Cronje

Mari-Simon Cronje, then 11, was attending a birthday party at a water sports club in the UK on September 11, 2010. Princes Club Water Sports Park, Bedfont, Middlesex, UK was a well known water park near London’s Heathrow Airport. She fell from a large towed inflatable banana, was ran over by the towboat, and killed […]

BBC Boat Kill Cord Investigative Report

“Inside Out South West” on BBC aired about a ten minute investigative report on boat kill cord safety in the UK on Monday evening September 30, 2013. If you have not yet seen the video, details for viewing it through approximately Monday October 6th are on our announcement of the broadcast. If you are still […]