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DJ Laz Will Not be Criminally Charged

Back in May 2014, DJ Laz, a popular South Florida DJ, was on the water in a 42 foot boat promoting Voli Vodka. The boat became high centered off Nixon Beach on Mashta Flats when the tide went out. Bystanders tried to push the large boat off the sandbar. One of them, Ernesto Herndandez, 23, […]

Valdez v. DJ Laz / Lazero Mendez, et. al.

Ernesto Hernandez was killed by a boat propeller on Sunday 4 May 2014 near Key Biscayne Florida. The large boat involved was operated by a well known radio personality, DJ Laz (his real name is Lazero Mendez). We previously covered the accident in depth at DJ Laz Boat Propeller Kills Ernesto Hernandez. Ernesto’s mother (Maricel […]