2021 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2021 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2021 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • 5 December accident – 7 December 2021 News4Jax (Jacksonville, Florida) “Jacksonville father hospitalized after boating accident” reports James Raulerson, of Jacksonville, Florida, has been fishing every weekend for years on Sisters Creek near Jacksonville. He was there Saturday December 5th, when his 16 foot boat struck a wake, then nose plowed under and turned left. He was ejected “and that’s when the propeller chewed my arm up.” James said he was wearing a kill switch “but it did not activate.” James was in the water about 10 minutes while the unmanned boat circled. He was rescued by a man in a Ranger boat and taken to University of Florida Health Jacksonville. Thanks to Jax4 for the great video coverage of this accident.
  • November accident in Australia – 22 November 21 The Advertiser (Australia) reports Shay Like, a South Australian rugby prospect was struck in the backside by a boat propeller on the River Murray.
  • 16 October accident – 17 October 2021 WKRG (Florida) “Coast Guard medevacs injured boater Saturday” reports a man was struck by a boat propeller in Pensacola Bay on Saturday 16 October. The man was medivaced by the Coast Guard.
    25 October Pensacola Journal reports the man’s name as Rob Brown and recounts how he was saved by his wife when his leg was cut off during pushing their boat from the sand.
  • 13 October accident – 14 October 2021 NBC15 (Mississippi) “Lagniappe Weekly” reports Robert Holbert, a Mississippi newspaper publisher of Lagniappe, was one of two onboard a small boat in Biloxi Bay on Wednesday 13 October 2021. The boat operator lost control of the boat and both passengers were ejected. His leg was stuck by the boat propeller. He was taken to University Medical Center in New Orleans.
  • 13 October accident – 13 October 2021 Staten Island Live (New York) “First responders aid man injured near Hoffman Island during fishing trip” reports a man on a fishing trip off Staten Island New York near Hoffman Island, became entangled in a line, fell overboard, and was struck in the leg by the propeller on 13 October. Two fire department rescue vessels and multiple Coast Guard vessels responded to the scene.
  • 24 September accident – 24 September 2021 Northern Beaches Review (New South Wales, Australia) “Narrabeen Lake: Teenager sustains serious head injuries from boat propeller” reports a teenage girl was struck in the head by boat propeller when she fell from a boat in New South Wales, Australia on 24 September 2021. She was life flighted to The Children’s Hospital in Westmed.
  • 11 September accident – 11 September 2021 WLTX (South Carolina) “Two hospitalized after boat involved in accident on Wateree River” reports two people were ejected from a boat on Wateree River on Saturday night 11 September. Both individuals were struck by the boat’s propeller. One of them was life flighted from the scene.
  • 11 September accident – 11 September KymKemp (Humboldt County, California) “24-Year-Old Woman Receives Multiple Lacerations To Her Leg From Boat Propeller at Ruth Lake” reports a 24 year old woman was struck by a boat propeller on Ruth Lake in California. She had lacerations to her lower thigh, mid calf, and ankle. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital.
  • 9 September accident – 13 September FOXX 10 (Baldwin County Alabama) “Two boaters thrown from boat, one of them pulls boat back to dock” reports a boat hit something on the way back to the boat ramp on Lake Forrest near Daphne, Alabama. The motor flipped up hit the guy in the head, he fell out, then hit the other guy and he fell off, the a dog also exited the boat. One man’s shirt was entangled in the propeller. One of the young men re-entered the water and pulled the boat to the dock where the Lake Forrest Yacht Club was having dinner on the back deck. The more seriously injured man was life flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. The other man was taken to Thomas Hospital. A member of the Yacht Club took the dog til he could be reunited with his owner.
  • ***********Labor Day Weekend Ends Monday 6 September ********************

  • 7 September accident – 7 September 2021 NWI (North Western Illinois) “Man airlifted to trauma center after incident at Whihala Beach” reports a man injured his foot on a boat propeller at Whihala Beach about 3:25pm 7 September and was taken to University of Chicago Medicine Trauma Center.
  • D 6 September accident – NewsABC12 (North Carolina) / Associated Press “Woman dies after boat hits hidden sand shoal in Outer Banks” reports Brandi A. Lash, 29, of Round Hill Virginia was ejected from a rented 21 foot Carolina Skiff as it traveled across Hatteras Inlet near Ocracoke ferry terminal on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She was ejected when the boat hit a hidden sandy shoal per North Carolina officials. The boat ran over her and she died from her injuries. A family member confirmed this was a propeller accident.
  • D 5 September accident- 8 September 2021 Acadian’s News Chanel (Louisiana) “Lafayette man dies in Catahoula Parish boating accident” reports Kevin E. Evans of Lafayette Louisiana was skiing behind a boat, he fell, as he attempted to enter the boat his leg was struck by the propeller. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
  • 4 September accident – 4 September KHOU (Houston, Texas) “Woman injured in boating accident on Clear Lake, League City police say” reports a 22 year-old woman fell from a boat on Clear Lake near League City, Texas on Saturday 4 September. Several people were on the boat. She was struck by the boat propeller and taken to a local hospital.
  • 4 September accident – 6 September Fox19 (Cincinnati Ohio – accident in Tennessee) 2 Ohio residents injured in Norris Lake boating accident. Two adults from Ohio were standing on the bow of a boat underway on Norris Lake in Tennessee (William Tyler Sharp and Gabriella Wimmer). The boat hit a wave or wake. They were both fell over the bow and were struck by the propeller. Mr. Sharp was life flighted from the marina to University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville in critical condition on Labor Day 6 September 2021.PropellerSafety comment – no mention is made of this vessel being a pontoon boat, but it sounds like it might be
  • ************Labor Day Weekend Begins Friday 3 September ************

  • August accident – 25 November 2021 NBC15 Madison Wisconsin “Making a Difference: Strangers step up to save Cottage Grove teen’s life” reports a Thanksgiving story, Jonah Heyerholm, 16, was wakeboarding at Rock Lake near Lake Mills back in August 2021. His femoral artery was cut by the boat’s propeller. Those on board plus police were able to get him to shore. Lake Mills EMS crews responded and took him to University of Wisconsin Hospital. He went through 14 surgeries and 38 units of blood. With the help of many first responders, medical personnel, classmates, family, and friends along with blood donors Jonah is now able to learn how to walk again. Thanks to all who assisted this young man, to WMTV channel 15 for covering the story, and to the Red Cross and many blood donors. My wife has assisted the local Red Cross in putting on some blood drives at our church here in Oklahoma this year. Please give blood when you have the opportunity.
  • D 30 August airboat accident – 31 August 2021 Houston Chronicle (Texas) “Houston Mechanic Killed on the Job While Working on Airboat” reports Manuel Castillo was working on an airboat at the Japhet Service Center 30 August. He was struck and killed by the airboat propeller.
  • 29 August accident – 30 August 2021 Daily Voice (New York) “Man Saved After Legs Hit By Boat Propeller On Long Island” reports a man was struck in the legs by a boat propeller in Suffolk County, New York in Noyac Creek on Sunday afternoon August 29th. He was transported to a home, then Bay Constables arrived and placed tourniquets on both his legs. The man was then life flighted to Stoney Brook Hospital.
  • 22 August accident – 22 August 2021 ABC7 (Fort Myers Florida) “Woman severely injured at Fort Myers Beach after being struck by boat propeller” reports a 29 year old woman fell from the bow of a boat near Fort Myers beach on Sunday 22 August. She was struck by the propeller and taken to Lee Memorial hospital. Boat type is not identified, but from the accompanying discussion of bow riding we suspect it may have been a pontoon boat
  • 15 August – 15 August 2021 Fond du Lac Reporter (Wisconsin) “11-year-old boy injured in tubing accident on Lake Winnebago” reports an 11 year old boy fell from a boat on Lake Winnebego in Wisconsin 15 August 2021. He was struck by the propeller and life flighted to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee with serious injuries.
  • 12 August accident – 13 August 2021 Port Huron Times Herald (Port Huron, Michigan) “First responders rescue woman whose arm was stuck in jet boat propeller” reports a woman got her arm caught in a waterjet impeller she was cleaning weeds out of. Rescuers put her on a small air tank til they could free her on Fisher Bay.
  • D 10 August accident – 13 August 2021 Wave3 (Louisville Kentucky) “Longtime friend remembers Louisville-area educator killed in boating accident” reports James Sexton, 78 of Louisville, was on a pontoon boat that struck a dock at Conley Bottom Marina. He fell into the water, and was fatally struck by the propeller.
  • July 2021 accident – 22 March 20 KSLTV (Utah) “Utah man’s life takes unexpected detour after boating accident” reports Braxton Jones, 21, was boating on Deer Creek Reservoir in Utah in July 2021 with friends. A friend was operating the boat, Braxton was in the water. The operator thought the boat was in neutral, but the propeller was still turning. The boat went over him and his foot was cut into four pieces. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he eventually lost his leg. The surgeon was one of very few using “Targeted Muscle Reinnervation” which is supposed to prevent phantom pain.
  • 28 July – 29 July 2021 Fox13 (Tampa Bay, Florida) “1 dead, 1 injured in Florida’s two-day lobster miniseason” reports a man was struck in the leg by a boat propeller on opening day of Florida’s two day lobster season. He was in the lower Florida Keys.
  • 28 July accident in Northern Agean Sea – 28 July 2021 Ekathimerini (Greece) “Woman taken to hospital after being hit by boat propeller” reports a 49 year-old female tourist was struck by a boat propeller in the northern Aegean Sea near the island of Thassos on 28 July. She was with the vessel and swimming nearby.
  • 24 July accident – 24 July News8 ABC Tulsa OK “Boat propeller hits three people on Grand Lake, GRDA investigating accident” reports three people were injured by a boat propeller on Grand Lake in Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon 24 July. At least one life flight helicopter was called. – We, PropellerSafety, heard a rumor the accident may have involved a speedboat going over a pontoon boat, but that has not been confirmed.
  • 17 July accident – 17 July 2021 CBS Baltimore Maryland “Good Samaritan, Coast Guard Rescue Boaters, One Of Whom Was Injured, Near Tolchester Beach” reports an accident about 2 miles from Tolchester Beach. A male fell from the boat, another person jumped in to rescue them, the second person was struck by the boat propeller. A U.S. Coast Guard response boat came along and rescued both of them. USCG took them to Tolchester Marina from which emergency responders took them to a hospital.
  • 16 July accident – 16 July 2021 Cape Cod News (Massachusetts) “Man injured by boat propeller on vessel off Falmouth” reports a man was struck in the leg by a boat propeller off Falmouth Massachusetts 16 July. First responders located the vessel in dense fog. He was taken by ambulance from Fiddler’s Cove.
  • 14 July accident – 14 July 2021 CBS Sacramento (California) “Man Dies, 2 Injured In Separate Boating Incidents Hours Apart On Lake Tahoe” reports a group of people were on a rental boat close to Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon July 14th. A man jumped in without a life jacket and began to struggle. A woman jumped in to help and another person started the boat to move closer to the man in the water. The woman’s foot was struck by the boat propeller. She was taken to Ski Run Marina, then on to the hospital along with the man.
  • Canadian Accident – 10 July accident – 12 July 2021 CTV News (Canada) “A man has died after falling and being trapped under a pontoon boat in Quebec” reports a man fell from a pontoon boat northeast of Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Saturday 10 July. He was struck by the propeller, and declared dead at the hospital. The article seems to indicate he may have been entrapped / entangled on the propeller after the accident.
  • ********** Tuesday 6 July end of July 4th Weekend ****************

  • 5 July accident – 5 July 2021 Ocean County Scanner News (New Jersey) “Toms River: Patient with leg laceration from propeller” reports Toms River EMS in New Jersey was awaiting arrival by boat of a propeller strike victim with lacerations to their leg on 5 July.
  • D 4 July accident – 23 September 2021 Spectrum Local News NYS Hudson Valley “Malta man charged in July 4 death at Saratoga Lake” reports Ian Gerber, 20 of Ballston Spa, NY was on a 240 Bentley pontoon boat in Saratoga Lake on 4 July 2021. He jumped from the pontoon boat and was struck by its propeller which severed his left arm. He was struck again by a cabin cruiser before he could be rescued and died at the scene.
  • 4 July accident – 6 July 2021 GoSanAngelo (Texas) “Odessa man arrested after child struck by boat in Lake Nasworthy on July 4 holiday” reports a nine year old boy fell over the bow of a pontoon boat on Lake Nasworthy (Texas) on July 4th. The boy was taken to Shannon Medical Center. UPDATE – 13 July 2021 Opera News “9-year-old hopeful after losing arm in boating accident” reports Jusiah “Siah” Alvarado of Odessa Texas lost an arm to a boat propeller on July 4th near San Angelo, Texas. He reports falling under a moving boat and being struck by the prop. (Possibly a pontoon boat accident?)
  • THREE ACCIDENTS 4 July weekend – 5 July 2020 KVUE (Austin Texas) “Recovery efforts for missing swimmer continue after reports of multiple boating incidents on holiday weekend” reports on July 4th weekend boating accidents near Austin Texas and on Lake Travis. The article focuses on the ongoing search for a missing swimmer but notes, “Emergency crews also responded to three propeller injuries over the weekend. One woman injured her thighs while the other two people received foot injuries.” One of those injuries would probably be the July 3rd accident from the list below.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2021 (Massachusetts) “Man seriously injured by boat propeller in Dennis” reports a man was struck by a boat propeller at Dennis Beach (Massachusetts) before 6pm Sunday 4 July. He was taken to Cape Cod Hospital, then life flighted to a trauma center.
  • 3 July accident – 4 July 2021 Zach News (California) “Needles, CA: Boating collision along Colorado River near Needles Marina Resort injuries person and another person arrested for boating under the influence resulting in injuries.” reports a boat collision on the Colorado River near Needles California resulted in a man being struck multiple times by a boat propeller on Saturday 3 July 2021 in San Bernadino County.
  • 3 July accident – 3 July 2021 CBS Austin (Texas) “Swimmer struck by boat propeller on Lake Travis airlifted to hospital” reports a swimmer was struck by a boat propeller on Lake Travis (near Austin Texas) the evening on 3 July 2021. They were life flighted to a hospital.
  • *********** Friday 3 July – July 4th weekend begins *************

  • 30 June accident – 30 June 2021 CBS Boston (Massachusetts) “Teenager Injured By Propeller After Falling Off Raft In Ipswich” reports a 17 year old boy fell from a 12 foot rubber boat (RIB?)powered by a 25 horsepower outboard motor at Ipswitch Massachusetts in Plum Island Inlet on 30 June 2021. The boy was struck by the boat propeller on his legs, arms, and back. The boat was being operated by a 16 year old boy. The injured boy was taken to a nearby hospital.
  • 29 June accident – 5 July 2021 KTVN (California) “Man Dead After His Leg Hits Boat Propeller on Lahontan Reservoir” reports
  • 26 June accident – 28 June 2021 SouthTahoeNow (California) “Two die in Lake Tahoe this weekend” reports multiple Lake Tahoe accidents over the weekend including a propeller strike in Emerald Bay near Fannette Island. A boat began to drift into the island, a boater started the engine to move the boat, the boater was not aware a woman was swimming near the boat, she was struck by the propeller. First responders took her to shore, and she was taken to the hospital. Reports are she had moderate propeller injuries to a foot.
  • 21 June accident in Australia – 6 November 2021 ABC Australia “Smile back on face of Redbacks cricketer Tim Oakley who ‘headbutted’ propeller in fishing accident” reports Tim Oakley, Australian professional cricket player, was fishing with a friend when he was ejected from a tinny (small aluminum boat) off Adelaide Australia 21 June 2021. When he surfaced, his head hit the propeller. Tom’s injuries were much more serious than he realized when he surfaced, requiring 55 stitches and he also had some problems with an eye. Thanks to ABC Australia for this great followup story and we wish Tim the best as he pursues his challenging goal of playing cricket at the highest levels again.
  • 20 June accident – 21 June 2021 “16-year-old boy missing in Lake Havasu, 3 adults hurt trying to save him” reports a disaster involving a rented pontoon boat on Lake Havasu (Arizona). The boat was drifting away from a teenage boy in the water. Those onboard began to drive toward the teenager to rescue him. A man fell off the back of the pontoon boat and was struck by the propeller. Those on board got him back onboard. Two people jumped in to try to rescue the teenage and began to struggle in the water. They were rescued. The man injured by the propeller and the two would be rescuers of the teen were taken to a local hospital. A search is still ongoing for the teenager.
  • 19 June accident – 22 June 2021 Brainerd Dispatch (Minnesota) “Teen cuts himself on boat propeller” reports a 15 year old boy was cut by a boat propeller as he was trying to get a boat into Fifty Lakes in Minnesota (sounds like he may have been launching the boat). He was life flighted to North Memorial Health Hospital.
  • 19 June accident in the UK – 20 June 2021 Dorset Echo (UK) “Lifeboat called after person suffers injury caused by boat propeller in Weymouth” reports some was in the water trying to free a line from a boat propeller that had been used to to tow a ringo on Saturday 19 June when they were struck by the propeller. Weymouth RNLI was called and responded.
  • D 19 June accident – 20 June 2021 KRCG (Missouri) “Woman killed after being struck by boat propeller at Noren River Access” reports Tanna Hensen, female age 46, and Scotty Smallwood, 51, were boating upstream on the Missouri River in Missouri at the Noren River Access on Saturday 19 June. The boat struck and unknown object. both of them were ejected. Tanna Hensen was fatally struck by the boat propeller, Scotty Smallwood suffered minor injuries.
  • 16 June accident in Hong Kong – 16 June 2021 South China Morning Post (China covering accident in Hong Kong) “Hong Kong swimmer hit by speedboat propeller suffers injuries to head, limbs” reports a 68 year old male swimmer was struck by a boat propeller off a Hong Kong beach June 16th. He received injuries to his head, arm and legs.
  • mid June accident – 4 July 2021 San Francisco Chronicle “He saved a woman’s life at Lake Berryessa” reports Deputy Walt Mazar or Napa County Sheriff’s Office responded two weeks ago to a call on an overtime shift, rushed into the water, applied pressure to a woman’s boat propeller wounds, and with help of others managed to get her to shore. First responders took over from there.
  • 15 June accident in South Africa – 15 June 2021 The Witness (South Africa) “PICS | KZN man seriously injured after being struck by boat propeller” reports a man was struck in the head by an outboard motor propeller while assisting in launching a ski boat North of Durban South Africa today, 15 June 2021.
  • D 11 June accident – 14 June 2021 KNSI Radio (Minnesota) “Tragic Week on Minnesota Waters reports Nathan Waldo, 34, fell from the front of a pontoon boat on Big Sandy Lake on Friday 11 June. He was ran over and fatally struck by the propeller. This report goes on to list multiple fatal accidents over the weekend.
  • 11 June accident – 11 June 2021 WSVN (Florida) “1 airlifted after boating accident in Biscayne Bay” reports a 34 year old male injured in the foot by a boat propeller in Biscane Bay (Florida) the afternoon of June 11th. The man was life flighted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.
  • D 5 June accident – 7 June 2021 KMBC News (Missouri) “Child killed by propeller at Lake of the Ozarks” reports an 8 year old boy got off a boat and was fatally struck by the boat propeller in the Glaize Arm of Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday 5 June. KOMU reported the boy fell or jumped off the boat. Lake News Online reported the boy exited the rear of the boat.
  • 5 June accident – 21 June 2021 Central Maine “Diver down: How a Smithfield man survived a near-fatal boat crash” reports Roland Constable was scuba diving at his family’s North Pond Camp. His diving vest was tied to the diver down flag about 200 yards from the dock. A boat struck his oxygen tank from behind. His arm was struck by the propeller and he was unable to swim. He was rescued by those on the dive boat.
  • ******** Memorial Day Weekend Ends Monday 31 May 2021 *********

  • Memorial Weekend accident – 1 June 2021 Mohave Daily News (Arizona) “Emergency Crews Endure Busy Weekend” reports from Bullhead City, there were three boat crashes over Memorial Weekend. Someone was struck by a boat propeller in one of them.
  • 30 May accident – 1 June 2021 Star Advertiser (Hawaii) “Coast Guard Rescues Four Who Fell Overboard Off Portlock” reports Sunday afternoon 30 May a 14 foot unmanned boat was observed in the Circle of Death in off Portlock with people in the water. A Coast Guard cutter, the Kimball, rescued those in the water. They had been ejected when the boat hit a wake. One person was minorly injured from being struck by the propeller.
  • 29 May acident – 5 June 2021 ABC10 (California) “California State Parks seeks help identifying hit-and-run suspect at Lake Oroville” reports Randy Mitchell fell from a jetski / PWC he was riding with his daughter on Lake Oroville (California) 29 May 2021. He was struck by a boat propeller, the boat fled the scene, his still in the hospital with severe injuries including an injured spleen and 6 broken ribs.
  • 29 May accident – 31 May 2021 “Man airlifted from Lake Austin after weekend boating accident” reports a man standing at the front of a pontoon boat on Lake Austin (Texas) fell overboard and was struck by the boat propeller 29 May. He was life flighted to Dell Seton Medical Center with “serious, potentially life-threatening injuries.” FOX7 video appears to show the pontoon boat involved as an Avalon powered by what looks like a 150 horsepower Mercury outboard.
  • ******** Memorial Day Weekend Starts Friday 28 May 2021 *********

  • 23 May accident – 5 June 2021 Mirror (UK publication writing about a Las Vegas, NV accident) “Football coach loses leg in boating accident that shattered ribcage and put him in coma” reports David Durant, a soccer coach from Derbyshire UK was boating with friends in Las Vegas Nevada on 23 May. The boat was coming into a harbor, hit a dock, he fell out the back of the boat onto the propeller. Mr. Durant lost a leg to the propeller, his rib cage was severely injured, and he was in a coma.
  • D 20 May accident – 21 May Citizen Tribune (Tennessee) “Morristown man dies after being struck by a boat propeller” reports James McGee, 66, of Morristown fell fell a small aluminum boat on Thursday 20 May. He suffered severe injuries to his arm from the boat propeller, was taken by ambulance to Morristown Hamblen Health Care System, then life flighted to UT Medical Center where he died later.
  • 21 May accident – 24 May 2021 ABC13 (Toledo Ohio) “Man injured by boat propeller after falling into Maumee River” reports a 27 year-old male fell from a boat on Maumee River Friday evening 21 May. He was struck by the propeller. He was taken to an area hospital with severe injuries to his arm.
  • 1 May accident – 3 May 2021 KKYV (Colorado) “Man suffers serious injuries after falling out of boat, hitting propeller at Lake Pueblo” reports a man fell from a boat on Pueblo Lake (Colorado) on Saturday 1 May. He was struck by the propeller and rescued by a Park Ranger.
  • 6 April accident in Australia – 6 April 2021 7 News (Australia) “Boy suffers critical lower body injuries in boat propeller accident off Townsville” reports an eight year old boy was struck by a boat propeller off Magnetic Island and life flighted to Townsville Hospital in Australia with leg and pelvis injuries on 6 April. Other news inlets reported it as a tubing accident
  • 26 March accident – 14 April 2021 St. Louis Post Dispatch “Vacationing STL doctor helps save life in San Diego boating accident” reports Dr. Jeffrey Davis of St. Louis, Missouri and his family were on a whale watching tour in San Diego, California 26 March 2021. A nearby vessel in distress was spotted, a person in the water had a leg nearly amputated at the knee. Dr. Davis jumped aboard, rendered medical care, helped stabilize things for about 5 minutes, then remained on board during the 15 minute trip to shore.
  • D 20 March accident in Trinidad Tabago – 22 March 2021 Newsday (Tabago) “Cedros boy, 14, in boat accident feared dead” reports Matthew Sookoo, 14 year old boy from Cedros fell overboard about 3:45 pm Saturday Match 20th. He went out with some men trying out a new 29 foot boat on Cedros Bay after his father told him not to unless he was with him. “It seemed the engine propeller hit him and threw him overboard”. Two other men were injured when the captain lost control of the vessel. Officials were still searching for the boy’s body on Sunday.
  • 7 March accident in Australia – 7 March (Australia) “Lifejacket saves boy, 5, after boating accident in Sydney’s Northern Beaches” reports a 5 year old boy wearing a life jacket fell into the water on Sydney’s Northern Beaches near Prince Alfred Parade in Newport. He was struck in the head by a boat propeller. First responders said they boy’s wearing of “a lifejacket appears to have made a difference between lacerations and something more serious.”
  • 2 March accident in Mexico – 3 March 2021 Riviera Maya News (Mexico) “Cozumel tourist rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by propeller of passing boat” reports Jorge G.A., age 60 from the State of Mexico, was a tourist, snorkeling Tuesday afternoon 2 March off the southern part of Cozumel. The boat La Jarocha II passed by and its propeller struck him in the face. He was taken to the Harbormaster’s Office, then by ambulance to a hospital.
  • February accident in New Zealand – 14 April 2022 RNZ (New Zealand) “Boaties urged to take care after girl’s leg hit by propeller” reports in February 2021, a man was towing and inflatable on Lake Wakatipu alternating turns with four children. A girls leg became caught in the rope, she fell into the lake, he reversed the boat, her legs were struck by the propeller. The operator was recently sentenced and fined.
  • D 6 February accident – 6 February 2021 Star Advertiser (Hawaii) “Man dies after boat propeller injury at Koko Marina” reports a 56 yer old male died by boat propeller strike the evening of 6 February. The man was treated at Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai but may have been struck somewhere else.
  • 24 January accident in Greece – 25 January 2021 Greek City Times (Greece) “Former Greek socialist minister Sifis Valirakis found dead at sea” reports Sifis Valirakis, 77, was found dead in the water off the coast of Eretria, Euboea (a Greek island) on Sunday 24 January. His small boat was found a mile from his body, with the engine still running. Officials suspect he fell overboard and was struck by the propeller, or his boat was struck by another boat, he fell overboard, and was struck by another boat.
  • D 23 January accident in Mexico – 25 January 2020 Riviera Maya News (Mexico) “Punta Allen tour guide dies in boat accident” reports Wilberto Xec Pantoja, 29 from Punta Allen (south east of Veracruz), was fishing on 23 January, fell from his boat, and was fatally struck by the propeller. He worked as a tour excursion guide in Sian Ka’an Reserve.
  • 13 January accident in South Africa – 14 January Dispatch Live (South Africa) “WATCH | NSRI rescues teens from runaway boat on Nahoon River” reports two teenagers were ejected from a boat on the Nahoon River. The boat went into the Circle of Death. One teen was struck by the circling boat’s propeller.
  • 4 January accident in Australia NOT A Prop Strike – 4 January The West Australian “Teenage girl flung from out of control dinghy at Longreach Bay on Rottnest Island” reports a teenage girl was thrown from a out of control dinghy in the Circle of Death at Rottnest Island the morning of January 4th. The boat was described as an “out of control animal”. The young girl was rescued BEFORE she was struck by the propeller. NSRI (Sea Rescue South Africa) roped the 15 horsepower outboard motor to stop the runaway boat.

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