Propeller Guards

Propeller Guard Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Other Propeller Injury Avoidance Devices.

Propeller Guard Manufacturers / Prop Guard Manufacturers

  • Adventure Marine cage & duct type propeller guards
  • Aquair UW prop guard for submersible generator (see Specs page)

  • Holton Marine Ltd (New Zealand) ring guard with holes in the side of the ring, and bars to the rear of the ring.
  • Hydro-Shield a hydrofoil type propeller guard mounted below the prop from Hydro-Shield of Edgewater FL – great new website!
  • Mac’s Troll Prop Saver – stainless steel ring propeller guard for smaller outboard motors, also sells a deflector
  • Mac’s River Runner – stainless steel deflector designed to protect the propeller from striking bottom.
  • Midcoast Marine Inflatables stainless steel guards from Australia
  • OceanVier several styles of prop guards available from Malaysia.
  • Outboard Propeller Guard ring from Bite-Me-Too Enterprises of Victoria, BC, Canada
  • PESA Propeller Safety Guard high tech looking cage propeller guards and rings by Programmed Engineering Services Australia (PESA)
  • Pooderbuilt Prop Guard ring guard for outboards
  • Prop Deflector from Propeller Solutions in the UK
  • Pro-Pell / Propell Propeller Guards manufactured by Stainless Design in New Zealand
  • Propeller Solutions Prop Deflector (UK) stainless steel vane type propeller guard available with colorful nylon coating.
  • Propellor Guard fits three sizes span 9 to 55 HP outboards available from SeaSafe Systems in the U.K. Designed for commercial use.
  • Prop Guard two joined polypropylene rings (duct type guard) from Prop Guard Marine, plus another URL
  • Prop-Guard propeller guard for outboards from ClackaCraft. It slides over the cavitation plates and bolts around the motor with a tailpiece resulting in a ring around the prop plus a foil over the top of the prop. It is under their “online shopping” tab.
  • PropGuard octagonal ring, previously 3PO / Navigator guards under GuyTaylor, – new ownership, great new website!
  • PropGuard ring propeller guard with two vertical bars up the back from Safe Marine Ltd of New Zealand.
  • Prop Guard Technologies previously called MariTech – Keith Jackson’s cage type guards – great new website!
  • Rock Hopper Motor Guard propeller guard for small motors, deflector type from Rock Hopper Motor Guard of Lakeville, MN
  • SwimGuard cage type propeller guard from MariTech, formerly PropGuard, Inc. They also make a SwimGuard Pro for improved vessel performance.
  • Thrustor – tandem propeller nozzle for outboards and stern drives from Marine Propulsion Technologies
  • ZapCat Racing Propeller Guards for ZapCats (small inflatable surf rescue boats used in the UK and Europe) -unable to find web site in March 2015
  • The USCG Posted a list of propeller safety devices several years ago titled, Listing of Current Intervention Devices in a document dated 21 May 2006.


Photographs of Other Propeller Guards / Prop Guards

Other Propeller Injury Avoidance Devices on the Market


  • ACT Pump Jet Applied Combustion Tech Marine Propulsion Division Pump Jet of Orlando FL
  • Alert2 man overboard alarm from Emerald Marine Products primarily for commercial marine use
  • Autotether wireless lanyard
  • CAST Wireless Lanyard now also called TetherBuddy from MariTech. The TetherBuddy version meets ABYC A-33
  • CoastKey wireless lanyard from Norway with some extra features
  • HotFoot throttle – for bass boat applications
  • Lanyard Kill Switches – Boat U.S. review of four of them.
  • LifeTag wireless Man Overboard System from Raymarine targeting commercial vessels
  • MOBI-lert crew monitoring system including a transmitter worn by everyone on board. An alarm is sounded and the vessels position is logged if someone goes overboard.

  • NorCross Marine Products Skier Alert SP – when skier or tuber falls, a PFD wearable pendant signals the base station on the boat to sound an alarm to minimize time at risk in the water.
  • Premier Marine Durajet outboard pump jets
  • Wavefinder autonomous man overboard beacon from Wavemind SA of Switzerland. All Wavefinder assets and rights were purchased by Kannad (a French beacon manufacturer) in late Feb. 2008.
  • PropStopper Swim ladder and Swim Gate switch from MariTech
  • QuickProtector hard case protector for drives from Germany
  • Small Pump Jet for outboards from AFA Marine
  • Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard from MariTech
  • Several companies, such as Raymarine produce video cameras for remotely monitoring /viewing the swim deck area and swimming areas behind larger vessels from the operator’s station.

Propeller Covers & Carriers

  • Cayote
    • Cayote Prop Cover – cordura drawstring cover – appears to no longer be available
    • Cayote Prop Bag – carrier – appears to no longer be available
  • Cover Right Propeller Bags UK
  • Force 4 Propeller Bag, an orange drawstring bag for transit / trailering sold in the UK – was at
  • Honda Marine in Croatia propeller covers and propeller carriers – were on pg 80 of their catalog
  • LVP, Solas, and Hardline Racing Propeller Covers
  • MotorGuide neoprene propeller cover to protect boat covers from being cut by high performance propellers. Available from Mercury Marine and several retailers.
  • PropGuardian ballistic nylon cover.
  • PropMate propeller safety cover when boat is out of the water. Also has a handle for acting as a propeller case for carrying one.
  • PropSkin zippable neoprene cover for props on motors when trailered, parked, or at at boat shows from Omni Ventures. Was at
  • Prop Sox – high visibility slippers to cover propeller blades when boat is trailered to protect blades from road “kickback” during trailering and to protect bystanders and those walking by the rear of the trailer from propeller cuts. Available from
  • Sea Swan fluorescent orange polyester cover with optional triangle warning emblem
  • Solas Propeller Cover & Carrier
  • Tough Duck full covers for outboards not in use

Propeller Guards / Prop Guards That Appear to No Longer Be on the Market

  • Barro Boote Germany – German manufacturer was at lost November 2021
  • Enviroprop – was at
  • Trolling Motor Guard With Impeller thrust increasing duct
  • Supro Guard with CO Disperser a propeller guard ring plus carbon monoxide disperser
  • Handler – Kort nozzle propeller – was at by Port Kent Marine, Inc. An in depth report on the Handler is in USCG Docket 10299.
  • Hallett Racing Propeller Guard – Australia for Thundercat – lost November 2021
  • Hydro-Foil Propeller Guard from Cal-Neva Marine was at lost May 2006
  • LyfGard Propeller Deflector a deflector propeller guard was at lost November 2021
  • Manatee Protector Device – a transom mounted skeg and prop bar-cage
  • Propeller Guard built by International Marine for 5HP outboards on West Wight Potter Sailboats
  • Prop Buddy propeller guard was at noticed URL gone 23 May 2007. Robert (Bob) Hooper the inventor has since passed away.
  • Prop-Mate – polypropylene plastic ring with skeg guard by Prop-Mate, Inc. of Blue Jay California. Was marketed primarily to improve boat handling, not as a propeller guard safety device. The unit is describe in USCG Docket 10299 comment #629
  • Propeller Safety Shroud from CJD, Inc. is described in USCG Docket 10299 comment #2024 (PDF pages 24-32).
  • Prop-Pal – steel cage by J&W Marine Products this propeller guard appears to no longer be on the market May 2006.
  • Prop-Skeg Cage/Sled by GMG Of Naples, Inc.
  • RingProp ring propeller sold as a Propeller Guard
  • Rock ‘N’ Reef Boat Motor Guard was at lost May 2006 this propeller guard was distributed by Snow Creek Manufacturing of Black River Falls WI
  • Safe-Guard – cage type by Propeller-Safe-Guard, Inc.
  • Sea Speed Propeller Guard from Israel, web site was in Hebrew
  • SCOPE Engineering (Surface and Sub-sea Solutions) of Australia used to shows two custom built guards as examples of their work as projects #22 and #23
  • Tanner Manufacturing used to build a ring type guard
  • Thrust Enhancer – propeller guard similar to Prop-Buddy, but with a center wheel of hydrofoils on a smaller ring
  • Unified Marine – propeller guard possibly from
  • Universal Guard with Bumperguard thrust improvement duct guard from Enviroprop
  • Valley Machine And Design – Turbo Prop Guard – ring guard type propeller guard
  • Whale Protection Device built by Pacific Whale Foundation was once at

How to Sort Through All the Existing Propeller Safety Device Possibilities:

In the past several approaches have been evaluated by the U.S. Coast Guard or independent groups. Typically they select an approach and several of the objections listed above (mostly performance, handling, efficiency variables) and rate several drive types or boats on those characteristics and produce a table similar to the Comparison Table recently produced by IntelliJet Marine, Inc (formerly Marine Jet Technology Corp.).

The Coast Guard tends to pick a few sizes and horsepower ranges of boats and test them for variables like top speed, fuel efficiencies, handling, then rate each combination with various protection measures installed.

The rating system can be improved by weighting the individual variables, but it becomes pretty subjective if you begin to consider broader applications.

In 2013 the Coast Guard released its Propeller Guard Test Protocol, however the procedure is so complex it has not been adopted for normal use.

We continue to encourage development of tools to help individual boaters sort through the various propeller injury protection devices to find the best approach for their situation, plus make them aware of other things they can do to reduce their risk of being involved in a propeller accidents. You can see the status of our efforts at Developing a Consumer Guide for the Selection of Propeller Guards and Other Propeller Safety Devices.