2024 Boat Propeller Accident Media Reports

Media coverage of 2023 recreational boat propeller accidents.

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Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.


    ************* 4th of July holiday ends Sunday 7 July **********************

  • 5 July accident in Hawaii – 12 July 2024 Atelier Des Vignerons (French media) “Maui boatman Zane Schweitzer seriously injured in boating accident” reports Zane Schweitzer and his family have been well known within the board water sports including Stand Up Paddle Boarding. While training in open water for an upcoming SUP event with his escort boat out in front of him, he noticed a pod of dolphins and stopped to swim with them. His escort boat came back to check on him and ran over him. He was struck by the boat, the marine drive, and the propeller. The propeller struck him in the back and butt. ADV’s coverage includes a great video interview of him in the hospital. Zane has won international events. He and his brother helped organize the recover response after the Maui fires. We wish Zane and his young family the best and quickest recovery possible.
  • D 5 July accident – 5 July 2024 Miami Herald “Boat Strikes and Kills Man Spearfishing Off the Florida Keys, Police Say” reports a man spearfishing of Big Pine Key was struck and killed by a boat about 1:15 pm July 5th. The twin engine 32 foot Contender left the scene but was later identified. NOTE- this accident was not specifically identified a propeller strike in the news coverage but sounds like it may be.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2024 Fox10 Phoenix AZ “Boy’s leg caught in boat propellor in July 4th accident at Lake Pleasant” reports a thirteen year old boy was struck by a boat propeller on Lake Pleasant (Arizona) on July 4th about 11 pm. The boy was taken to a local hospital.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2024 KRGC “Manhattan, KS, man seriously injured by boat propeller at Lake of the Ozarks” reports Patrick Lee, 54 of Manhattan Kansas, was on the Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks on July 4th. He exited a 2015 Regal Boat and was struck by the propeller. Other reports indicate the boat was parked at a private dock at the time of the accident. He was taken to Lake Regional Hospital.
  • ************* 4th of July holiday begins Wednesday 3 July **********************


  • 29 June accident – 1 July 2024 Asean Now (Thailand accident) “Russian Teen Injured from Speedboat Propeller Near Patong Beach” reports a 17 year old Russian girl was struck by a boat propeller at Patong Beach (Thailand) 29 June. She received a severe propeller cut to her right leg. She was taken to a hospital.
  • 27 June accident – 28 June 2024 WANE “Steuben County boater loses balance, hits hand on propellor” reports a Bryan, Ohio man fell from a hydrofoil on Jimmerson Lake in northeast Indiana on 27 June 2024. The 56 year-old male received a serious hand injury when he was struck by the boat’s propeller.
  • 22 June accident – 27 June 2024 Boca Beacon (Boca Grande, Florida) reports a 22 June propeller strike.
  • 26 June accident – 26 June 2024 KSNT (Kansas) “Man injured by boat propeller at Milford Lake life-flighted to Wichita hospital” reports a man was stuck by a boat propeller on Milford Lake on Wednesday 26 June. Good Samaritans came to his rescue til first responders arrived. He was life-flighted to a hospital in Wichita.
  • 23 June accident – 23 june 2024 NBC-DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Texas) “Man seriously hurt after boat propeller accident in Eagle Mountain Lake” reports a man was struck by a boat propeller on Eagle Mountain Lake (North Texas). Both of his legs were severely damaged by the propeller. He was life-flighted to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth on 23 June 2024.
  • 24 June 19 accident – 20 June 2024 Pen City Current “Details released on boating accident” reports Carlos Tecpanectal, 21, of Fort Madison Iowa, was on a boat with 5 more people. Carlos fell into Mississippi River north of Fort Madison. He was struck several times by the boat propeller. He was taken to Willow Patch where he was tended to by first responders, then life flighted to University of Iowa’s Hospitals and Clinics.
  • 20 June accident – 3 July 2024 Daily Voice “Teen Struck By Boat Propeller Airlifted After Saved By Off-Duty Officer On Greenwood Lake” reports a 18 year old male was stuck by a boat propeller on Greenwood Lake on 20 June. An off-duty police officer rescued him and used a rope to create a tourniquet. He was taken to shore and then by ambulance to meet a life-flight helicopter. Then flown to Hackensack University Medical Center.
  • 8 June accident – 9 June NJdotcom reports a woman was struck by a boat propeller at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on Saturday 8 June at about 1:40 pm. The woman was life flighted to a hospital in the area.
  • 1 June accident – 5 June 2024 KXON (Austin Texas) “There’s a boat hurtling toward us’: Multiple injured on Lake LBJ after empty boat rams into sandbar” reports an operator fell from a boat on Lake LBJ (Texas) on Saturday June 1st. The out of control vessel ran into a crowded sandbar, and ran up onto one boat. Several people were injured. At least one person, a male, was struck by the propeller. He received “some pretty deep cuts. I mean, the [propeller] ran up his whole leg — it cut all up his calf and quad”.


    ********************* Memorial Day Weekend Ends Monday 27 May 2024 **********************

  • D 27 May accident – 28 May 2024 News 8 ABC (Tulsa OK) “GRDA police recover woman’s body after boat accident on Grand Lake” reports A woman yet to be publicly identified was struck and killed by a boat propeller on Grand Lake (Oklahoma) near the docks at Spinnaker Point. She fell from the back of the boat on Monday, May 27. Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) Police recovered the woman’s body the next morning. The woman was later identified by KSN16 as Lynne Butts Beeson, 63, of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • 25 May accident – 27 May 2024 KXEO (Mexico, Missouri) “Two Teens Injured In Boating Accident At Mark Twain Lake” reports Two 19 year old teenagers were tubing on Mark Twain Lake in Monroe County Missouri on Saturday May 25, 2024. The adult boat operator related to one of the youth drifted into the tube. Jacob Utterback and Mackenzie Adams were both struck by the propeller. Jacob was life flighted to University Hospital in Columbia Missouri. Mackenzzie was taken to the same hospital.
  • 25 May accident – 26 May Ozark Expo (Missouri) “24-Year-Old Hit By Boat Propeller On Lake Of The Ozarks, Seriously Injured” reports Sophie Mount, a 24 year old woman, was struck by the propeller of a 2023 Lowe Pontoon boat at a dock. She had voluntarily departed from the boat earlier. The accident was on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri the evening of 25 May 2024. The young woman was taken by ambulance to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.
  • ********************* Memorial Day Weekend Begins Friday 24 May 2024 **********************

  • 19 May accident – 22 May 2024 Fox8 (Greensboro, North Carolina) “Off-duty Rowan County firefighter helps save boy on High Rock Lake” reports an eleven-year-old boy was struck by a boat propeller on High Rock Lake. An off duty firefighter rescued the boy from the water. The boy was taken to shore by first reponders, and life flighted to a nearby hospital.
  • 15 May accident – 26 May 2024 Fox10 (Mobile Alabama) “Citronelle woman loses leg to propeller in boat accident” reports Nikki Goldman and her husband were on a boat in Baldwin County, Alabama on May 15th. The steering “hydraulic cable” broke, the boat went into the Circle of Death, and both of them were ejected. Her left leg was amputated by the propeller, her right leg was badly injured. Two Good Samaritans came to their rescue. Nikki calls on those planning to go boating during Memorial Day weekend to make sure their boat is safe and they are wearing their life jacket.
  • 3 May accident- WHO13 (Des Moines Iowa) “One hospitalized after boat crashes into dock at Saylorville Marina” reports A pontoon boat accidentally bumped into Sailorville Marina dock in Polk County, Iowa on May 3rd. A person was ejected over the stern. They were struck by the propeller when the operator backed up the boat during the confusion.


  • April accident in Nicaragua – 1 June 2024 Fox 5 San Diego, California “SD Lifeguard Recovering After Boat Accident” reports a San Diego lifeguard, Todd Rice, has returned to California after a severe boat propeller strike from a Ponga boatin Nicaragua. He had to use his lifeguard skills to survive. Now, he is still trying to save his leg.
  • D 29 April accident in the Philippines – GMA Network (Philippines) “Man in duck-chasing game hit by boat propeller” reports An open water swimmer named Hanz was struck and killed by a boat propeller in the Philippines 29 April 2024. Some of men were playing a game in small speedboats. They were trying to grab ducks as they zoomed along. One of their boat propellers fatally struck Hanz in the neck and elsewhere.
  • 20 April – North Fort Myers Neighbor “Fundraiser set for woman seriously hurt in boating accident” reports Nichole Hall, 29, was traveling home April 20th with a few friends in a boat. The boat hit a wave or struck an object in the water. Nichole and two others were ejected. Nichole was struck in the leg by the boat propeller. Her leg was amputated the next day. A fundraiser is being held in Cape Coral Florida on Sunday, May 5th.
  • 15 April accident in Bengal – 15 April 2024 Millenium Post (Bengal) “Digha: Woman injured after being hit by speed boat while bathing in sea” reports a woman was bathing in the ocean at Digha on Monday April 15, 2024. Yasmin Khatun was wearing a life jacket when the boat ran over her. She suffered multiple propeller strikes.
  • D 14 April accident – 15 April 2024 Local 10 (Florida) “Man dies after being knocked off boat, into propeller while fishing off Key West” reports Timothy Adam Christianson, 35 of Pennsylvania, was operating a 24 ft Sea Fox south of Key West, Florida. Another man was with him when a wave hit the boat about 10am. Christianson was ejected, struck and killed by the propeller.
  • D 7 April accident in New Zealand – 13 April Northern Advocate (New Zealand) “Person dies after suspected boat accident at Whangārei Heads, Northland” reports someone was struck by a boat propeller at Whangarei Heads, Northland, New Zealand on Sunday 7 April 2024. Emergency crews were unable to revive them.
    UPDATE – his family identified him as Shelford Hawira. They say he died of a heart attack, not from a propeller strike.


  • 31 March accident in Australia – 1 April 2024 7News Australia “Man in hospital after boating accident at Turkey Beach, Queensland” reports a man in his 20s was struck by a boat propeller at Turkey Beach in Queensland Australia on Sunday 31 March. He suffered significant wounds to his back and chest. The man was taken to Gladstone Hospital.
  • 30 March accident – 31 March WPBF (Florida) “Teen Airlifted from Boating Accident in Sebastian” reports a 16 year-old girl fell from a small boat near the Captain Hiram Resort in Sebastian, Florida when the boat struck a wake on Saturday 30 March. She was struck by the propeller and life-flighted to the hospital. A nearby boat brought in a 17 year-old male on the same vessel. The injured girl was later identified as Nicolle Colsant by Fox35.
  • 8 March accident – 9 March 2024 WPTV (Florida) “Marine unit deputy suffers serious injuries after thrown from his vessel” reports a St. Lucie Florida County Deputy was ejected from his boat, likely by a rogue wave, and struck by the propeller on 8 March. He was life flighted to HCA Florid Lawnwood Hospital in Fort Pierce. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Good Samaritans who immediately came to his rescue and took life saving actions, the USCG station at Fort Pierce, MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife, St Lucie County Fire District, and medical personnel at Lawnwood HCA Trauma Center for assisting their seriously injured officer.


  • 20 January accident in Maldives – 23 January 2024 DiverNet “Prop severs female diver’s leg in Maldives” reports A 62 year old lady was struck by a boat propeller in the Maldives on 20 January 2024. She became caught in a buoy that as entangled in the propeller. Her leg was chopped off at the knee. Responders were unable to find her leg. She was taken to Tree Top Hospital.

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