Boater Demographics and Other Accident Databases


Boater Demographics and Boat Statistics


If you are developing propeller guards / prop guards and other protective devices, you will need some level of understanding of the types of boats out there, what types of people are using them, their level of experience, and other variables. The Boater Survey and Boat Statistics provide at least some of that information .

Databases for Other Types of Accidents

The U.S. Coast Guard collects recreational boating accident data, maintains the database (BARD), and creates an annual summary report. We (Propeller Guard Information Center) collect media coverage of propeller accidents and present the reports in our Media Reports of Propeller Accidents Blog by year.

Similar types of accident data are collected for many other activities by other groups and organizations. We (the boating industry) could study some of these other systems and apply the concepts and presentation methods that seem best applicable to our situation to improve propeller accident data AND its presentation. A few other systems we find particularly interesting are listed below.

  • Avalanche Accidents on
  • Aviation Accident Database worldwide database of aviation accidents involving a fatality operated by much more information is presented on the site.
  • National Transportation Safety Board provides access to several NTSB databases
  • NTSB Aviation Accident Database
  • Transportation Safety Database. A discussion of the NTSB databases.
  • National Electronic Injury Surveillance System NEISS is operated by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)