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California woman struck by boat propeller in Columbia

Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo, 26 originally from Columbia, now from California, was on vacation in Columbia on November 27, 2022. Natalia was on Wata Beach in San Andes, Columbia about 445 miles off the mainland coast of Columbia. She saw some people she knew on a tour boat and joined them. The tour boat was […]

Casey Schulman Was Not the First: Catamaran Dive, Snorkel, & Party Boat Propeller Accidents

Casey Schulman’s Anchorage Dive Center charter boat propeller accident in Dominica was not the first one. The recent Casey Schulman propeller accident in Dominica involving a large Sail Cat on a Snorkel & Party charter has been called a “freak accident” by the media and even by the tour boat company involved. Anchorage, the charter […]