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Media still misleads boaters on Kali’s Law impact on fatalities

Our June 2019 post, Kali’s Law: Misleading Fatality Statistics explained in detail how the media is publishing misleading boating fatality statistics surrounding Kali’s Law. Kali’s law will require the use of kill switch lanyards on certain power boats under 26 feet beginning September 1st, 2019 in the State of Texas. Texas media outlets continue to […]

Ryan’s Law filed in State of New York

Back in June 2018 Suffolk County, New York voted to require propeller guards on boats used for youth instruction. The law was named for 12 year-old Ryan Weiss, killed by a boat propeller at Long Island’s Centerport Yacht Club in July 2017. Ryan was killed during a training exercise on righting a capsized sailboat. Now, […]

Stages of grief: boating industry resists proposed safety devices

The recreational boating industry has long used a series of objections in their efforts to resist proposed safety devices, including propeller safety devices. The industry raises different objections during different stages of the process. Overall the process resembles the 5 stages of grief people pass though when a loved one dies. The five stages of […]

Pennsylvania changes wakesurfing laws to accommodate Volvo Penta FWD drive

The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) reports Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has approved allowing wakesurfing behind boat propelled by propellers OR water jets, but ONLY if the propulsion system was specifically designed by the manufacturer for use in wakesurfing. Previously the State of Pennsylvania only allowed wake surfing behind direct drives (inboards). NMMA notes […]

New Zealand Diving Charter Fined in death of Bruce Porter

Bruce Porter was a member of the Western Underwater Dive Club. Eleven club members, including Mr. Porter, booked a dive charter vessel tour in New Zealand on 7 February 2014. Mr. Porter was from England and settled in New Zealand on Aukland’s North Shore with his wife in 2008. While diving near the entrance to […]

BBC to Broadcast Boat Kill Cord Video Monday 30 September 2013

We discuss and review the actual broadcast at BBC Kill Cord Investigative Report. This page announced the program and covers how to “watch” the program until approximately Monday October 7th, 2013. ******************* We just heard the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will be broadcasting their boat kill-cord / lanyard kill switch short documentary film tonight, Monday […]

USCG Kill Switch (Engine Cut-Off Switch) Proposed Rule USCG-2009-0206 Our Public Comments

One of our earlier posts noted the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is seeking public comments on a proposed rule concerning Boat Kill Switches, also called Engine Cut-Off Switches. Details of their proposal and request for comment on our Kill Switch/Engine Cut-Off Switch Proposed Rulemaking Comments Sought by USCG post. The two most basic questions […]