2023 Boat Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2023 recreational boat propeller accidents.

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Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.


  • 26 December accident in Thailand – 27 December 2003 Longview News Journal (Texas) “Canadian tourist injured when he falls onto speedboat propeller” reports A tourist from Canada rented a boat in Thailand on December 26th. He was standing in the rear of the boat when it was struck by a wave. The man was ejected and fell onto the boat’s propeller which was not running at that time. Rescue workers took him to Krabi Hospital for treatment for a wound on his chest.

  • November

  • D 8 November accident in Belize. 8 November 2022 Breaking Belize News “Coast Guard officer Kimane Garcia dies in tragic boating accident” reports Kimane Garcia a young officer in the Belize Coast Guard fell overboard and was struck by the boat’s propellers 8 November. He was taken to medical attention, but was deceased upon arrival. They were coming back from the Bacalar Chico reserve when the accident occurred.

  • October

  • 8 October accident – 9 October DC News Now (Washington DC) “MPD officer hit by boat propeller in Potomac River” reports a Washington DC Harbor Patrol officer was struck by his boat’s propeller during a routine stop of a jet ski / PWC on Sunday afternoon October 9, 2023. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

  • September

  • DD 25 September double fatality in Thailand – 26 September 2023 Longview News Journal (Texas about accident in Thailand) “Russian singer and Thai girlfriend cuddling together in sea ‘hacked to death’ by speedboat propellers” reports a Russian rapper, Enrike Rakhman, 20, and his Tai girlfriend, Narada Taichaisong 20, were just off Tian Beacch in eastern Thailand the evening of 25 September. A speedboat struck them as it came in to pickup tourists, the operator left the scene but was arrested later. The owner was also identified. Narada’s body was recovered and very damaged by the propellers. They are still looking for Enrike’s body.
  • September accident in South China Sea – 23 September 2023 Electric City Magazine “Chinese army provides assistance to Filipino fishermen” reports the Chinese army recently rescued two Filipino fishermen in the South China Sea. One had been struck by a boat propeller.
  • 15 September accident in Australia – 16 September Geelong TV on Facebook “Boating mishap on Bluff Rd Leaves Man in Critical Condition” reports a 50 year old man was struck in the head by a boat propeller when he fell from his boat near Geelong Australia September 15th, 2023. Other reports state the unmanned boat was circling and the man was moaning in the water.
  • 10 September accident – 10 September 2023 KTLO (Missouri) “Missouri man injured when struck by boat propeller” reports Jean Herrera, 41 year old male, was wakeboarding behind a 2023 Harris Pontoon boat. While boarding, the tried to grab a rope, fell, and was struck by the propeller. He was life flighted to Cox South Hospital in Springfield Missouri.
  • D 8 September accident in Columbia – 12 September Daily Mail “Colombian student Yurany Vanegas Peña, 24, dies after her limbs are ripped off by boat propeller while swimming with her family” reports Yurany Vanegas Pena, 24 year old student from near Bogata Columbia was swimming on holiday September 8th at San Andres, Columbia. She was ran over by a boat. The propeller “ripped off” one of her arms and one of her legs. A Columbian Navy officer reported the captain of the small boat that ran over her did not see her in the water. She was taken to a local hospital but arrived with no vital signs (deceased).
    This report plus a similar report in the Mirror notes two recent previous propeller accidents in the region. (1) A Costa Rican tourist, Joan Lopez, 21 year old male, was struck by a boat propeller while swimming in the ocean near Cartagena on August 20th. Lopez remains in intensive care. (2) Natalia Larranaga, 26, was killed when both her legs were cut off by a propeller while swimming in San Andres on November 27, 2022.
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  • D 4 September accident in Canada – 7 September CBCCA (Canada) “Woman dies after boat crashes into floating log, throws her backwards into propeller: Manitoba RCMP” reports a fishing boat struck a log on Winnipeg River, ejecting a 65 year old woman. She was struck by the propeller, life flighted, and died two days later from her injuries.
  • 1 September accident – 1 September KSN16 “Child Injured in Grand Lake Boating Incident” reports a 12 year old boy was tubing on Grand Lake (Oklahoma) on September 1st. The boy was struck by the boat propeller.
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  • D 26 August accident – 27 August KRMS (Missouri) “Update: At least 15 people involved in fatal accident” reports a 32 foot Crownliner with 15 onboard struck a large wake and breakwater near a dock Saturday evening 26 August 2023. Several people wound up in the water. Nicolette McKenna was said to have been struck by the propeller and died at the scene. Three others were taken to Lake Regional Hospital. Note – Missouri State Highway Patrol reports the fatality as “Collision With Fixed Object” not as a propeller strike.
  • August accident – 18 September 2023 Insider (Utah woman struck by boat propeller in South Carolina) “A woman said her butt was “chopped off” after being sucked into a boat’s propeller. She’s been documenting her hospital journey, as shocked viewers pray for her recovery.” reported Kenzey Hunt of Utah and her sister went to South Carolina with friends. They went tubing, Kenzey was ran over when the boat came around to pickup a girl who had fallen from the tube. Kenzey has since released several TikTok videos of her recovery.
  • 11 August accident – 17 August 2023 Carteret County News Times “Young man airlifted to Vidant in Greenville after PKS boating accident Aug. 11” reports a young many operating a boat struck another young man in the water with the boat propeller Friday evening August 11th. They were off McNeill Park in Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina. The man struck by the boat propeller received life threatening injuries. He was taken to a hospital in Morehead.Then he was life flighted to East Carolina University Health.
  • D 13 August accident – 13 August 2023 KUTV (Utah) “3-year-old killed by boat propeller after falling into Echo Reservoir in Summit County” reports Walter Greer, age 3 of Salt Lake City, was on Echo Reservoir (Utah) Sunday afternoon 13 August 2023. The young boy fell overboard from a wake board boat, and was struck by the propeller. He died before first responders arrived.
  • 12 August accident- 12 August 2023 News8 (Tampa Florida) “Coast Guard rescues injured 14-year-old boy who went overboard in boat collision” reports a 14 year old boy was among the passengers of two boats colliding about 13 miles off Egmont Key, Florida on Saturday 12 August. The boy fell overboard, and his arm was struck by the propeller. The Coast Guard helped rescue the boy and got him to emergency medical care.
  • 6 August accident in Canada – 6 August 2023 Global News Canada “Man injured by boat propeller on Okanagan Lake” reports A several people were boating on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada mid day Sunday 6 August 2023. A young man’s leg was struck by the boat propeller. He was taken away by ambulance.
  • 3 August accident in the UK – 7 August 2023 Cornwall Live (UK) “Beachgoer pulled from water after boat propeller injury at Pentewan Beach” reports a person was struck by a boat propeller in the UK at Pentewan Beach on Thursday 3 August 2023. The accident was close to Pentewan Sands near St. Austell. The Coast Guard was nearby at that time. An ambulance and a life flight service responded.
  • D 3 August accident in Italy – 4 August 2023 Daily Mail “Horror moment wedding yacht party witnesses propeller death of Bloomsbury USA president Adrienne Vaughan after she was thrown from speedboat captained by drunk skipper on Amalfi coast” reports Adrienne Vaughn, 45 year old publishing executive at Bloomsbury USA, was with her husband and children on a chartered / rented 29 foot Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) with a captain off the coast of Amalfi, Italy on 3 August. The RIB crashed into a 130 foot tour sailboat with about 85 guests celebrating a wedding. She and her husband, Mike White, were ejected. Adrienne was struck by the propeller, Mike received other injuries. First responders in an ambulance worked on Adrienne, but by the time life flight service arrived, she was deceased. The children were treated for shock.
  • 2 August DOUBLE accident in Australia – 2 August 2023 Yahoo News Australia “Men struck by capsized boat propeller” reports Two men were boating about 2 kilometers offshore North Shore Beach near Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia about 2:20pm Wednesday afternoon 2 August 2023. Their boat was struck by a rogue wave. The wave capsized their boat, ejecting both men. The boat went into the Circle of Death. Both men tried to swim to shore but they were both ran over by their boat and struck by the propeller. Both men were life flighted to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
  • 29 July DOUBLE accident – 1 August 2023 Patch (New Jersey) “2 Men Hurt, 3rd Charged With Drunken Boating At Barnegat Bay Party” reports Two men were struck by boat propellers in separate incidents on Saturday 29 July 2023 at the 2023 Floats and Boats event at Tices Shoal, New Jersey at Barnegat Bay. The event attracted about 2,000 boats. One man was life flighted to a hospital, the other was taken to a hospital.

  • July

  • 29 July accident – 31 July 2023 KSAT (San Antonio Texas) “Fisherman cut by propeller rescued 130 miles off South Texas coast” reports Six adults were recreational fishing 130 miles off the Texas coast very early the morning 29 July 2023. About 3:15 am the Coast Guard was notified via a satellite call a 37 year old man had been struck by a boat propeller. The Coast Guard launched a night time helicopter rescue, had to refuel at an off shore oil platform, and brought the man to to a Corpus Christi hospital. A total of 6 adults had been fishing from a 43 foot center console boat.The man was taken to Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Coast Guard used the opportunity to remind boaters going far offshore to carry long range communication gear, as this vessel did.
  • D 28 July accident – 28 July 2023 WISTV (Arizona) “6-year-old girl dies after being hit by boat propeller at lake, authorities say” reports two families on a wake board boat started out early on Lake Pleasant (Arizona) Friday morning 28 July. In total, 6 adults and 6 children were on the vessel. About 11 am, the mother was pulling up a wake boarder, did not see her six year old daughter in the water in front of the boat who may have just jumped in to swim, the boat ran over the young girl almost amputating her leg. Cell reception was very poor in the area. Another boat came to their rescue and assisted in getting the girl to Pleasant Harbor Marina. She was taken to an area hospital and died. The boat involved appeared to be a Centurion wake board boat in the images supplied.
    UPDATE – 1 August 2023 Daily Mail identified the young girl as Sunni Wasden, daughter of Blake Wasden, and grand daughter of Lawrence Wasden, the longest serving Attorney General in Idaho.
  • 26 July accident – 27 July 2023 NBC Miami (Florida) “Diver hospitalized after being struck by Miami-Dade Police boat near Boca Chita Key” reports/ a male diver in his 40s was struck by boat propeller near Boca Chita Key, Florida on Wednesday 16 July 2023. The man had lacerations to his right heel, right arm, and buttocks. He was life flighted to a hospital.
  • D July 19 accident – 22 July 2023 Daily Mail “Ex-MLS goalkeeper Brad Knighton’s daughter, 11, is killed in South Carolina boating accident after being struck by a propeller when she fell into the water” reports Olivia Knighton, age 11, was among a dozen people onboard a 23 foot boat on the Intracoastal Waterway on Little River in Horry County, South Carolina on 19 July 2023. The boat was rocked by another’s boat’s wake. Nine people, including Olivia, were ejected. Olivia was struck and killed by the propeller. Olivia Knighton’s father, Brad Knighton was a former Major League Soccer player. UPDATE – 28 July WBTV reports the Coast Guard has taken the lead in the investigation since a commercial vessel was involved. Still no identification of the vessels involved.
  • 17 July accident in Fiji – 2 October 2023 New Zealand Herald (New Zealand article covering a resident struck by boat propeller in Fiji associated with a cruise ship snorkeling experience) “Kiwi snorkeler hit by boat in Fiji: Karain Eketone recovers after head sliced open by propeller” reports Karain Eketone, 42 of Hamilton Zew Zealand, was snorkeling in Fiji associated with a cruise ship trip celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary on 17 July, 2023. He was struck by a boat propeller off the island of Dravuni. Karain was very seriously struck in the head and right arm by the boat propeller. He flatlined 3 times when he was medically evacuated back to New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald ran this follow up story 2 October 2023. We wish Karain success in his efforts to regain his previous life.
  • 16 July accident – 18 July 2023 AUDACYdotcom WWJ (Michigan) “Man sustains large laceration to head and shoulder, hit by boat propeller after jumping into Cass Lake” reports a 26 year old male jumped from the bow of a boat on Cass Lake in Michigan on 16 July 2023. The man was struck in the head and shoulders by the propeller of another boat. Authorities found him laying on the back of a pontoon boat with his arm nearly severed.
  • 16 July accident – 17 July 2023 NBC Bay Area (California) “Man’s hand partially amputated after being hit by boat’s propeller at Lake Berryessa (California)” reports 39 year old male riding on the front of the bow, fell overboard Sunday July 16, 2023 on Lake Berryessa in California. His hand was partially amputated by the boat propeller. Boat type was not specified but it sounds like it might have been a pontoon boat.
  • 9 July accident – 11 July 2023 Southern Minnesota News “Boy Injured by Boat Propeller at Madison Lake” reports a 9 year old boy jumped from the back of a boat near a dock on Madison Lake in Blue Earth County, Minnesota on Sunday 9 July 2023. The boy was struck by the propeller and life flighted to a hospital.
  • 6 July accident – 11 July 2023 WFLA (Florida) “Man hit by boat propeller while scalloping in Homosassa” reports A man was struck by a boat propeller while he was diving for scallops in the Crystal River and Homosassa area of Florida on July 6, 2023. The accident appears to have been a hit and run accident. Authorities are searching for the boat and operator. WTSP later identified the man as Jason Wetmmore.
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  • 4 July accident – 12 July 2023 WIBX (New York) ” Boy Struck by Boat Propeller After Falling from Boat in Upstate New York” reports a 12 year old boy from Philadelphia was tubing in Raquette Lake near Long Lake, New York on 4 July 2023. The by fell from the tube, the boat circled, the operator was unable to see him, and the boy was struck in the leg by the boat propeller. He was life flighted to to a hospital.
  • 4 July – 5 July 2023 Yahoo News! “I couldn’t leave: Husband, wife help rescue man in lake cut by propeller” reports a man was struck by a boat propeller on Mountain Island Lake, North Carolina over July 4th 2023 weekend. A man had jumped in to rescue a child that was floating away on a life jacket. The man began to struggle. Another man jumped in to rescue them and was struck by the boat propeller. A husband and wife nearby came to rescue the two men while the child also got out safely.
  • 2 July accident – 5 July 2023 Yahoo! News “I couldn’t leave’: Husband, wife help rescue man in lake cut by propeller” reports on a 2 July Mountain Island Lake (North Carolina) boating accident in which one person jumped in to help a child that was floating away from the boat. That person began struggling to stay afloat. Another man jumped in to help and was struck by the propeller. The child made it out okay. A couple nearby (Brandon and Monica Blasi) were able to assist the two adults in the water.
  • 2 July accident off Spain – 4 July 2023 Express (UK news covering accident off Spain) “Swimmer seriously injured after being run over by speedboat at Spanish tourist resort” reports a 63 year old woman was swimming off the northeast coast of Mollorca (an island off the coast of Spain) on July 2nd. The calf of her leg was struck by the propeller of a passing boat. Another boat brought her to shore and she was taken to a hospital.
  • 1 July accident – 2 July 2023 Berkshire Eagle (Massachusetts) “Massachusetts Environmental Police Respond to a person caught in a boat propeller on Pontoosuc Lake in Lanesborough” reports MEP responded to a person entangled in a boat propeller Saturday on Pontoosuc Lake.
  • 1 July accident – 2 July 2023 Now Habersham (Georgia) “Search continues for father believed drowned in Southeast Georgia river” reports on the search for a missing man, but also reports a man was struck by a pontoon boat propeller on Lake Altoona (Georgia) when he was holding onto the pontoon as the boat pulled into Glade Marina.
  • 1 July accident – 1 July 2023 WBAY (Wisconsin) “Person injured in boating accident in Green Bay” reports Green Bay Metro Fire Department received a call about 5:30pm July 1st involving a boat bringing in a propeller strike victim to the Bay of Green Bay. The police department found the boat, GBMFD’s Marine 1 met up with them. The injured party was transported to shore, then taken by ambulance to a hospital.
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  • 29 June accident in Scotland – 5 October “UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) preliminary investigation” titled “Injury to person during MOB training on the rigid inflatable boat Midsummer” reports a trainee in a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) class off St. Andrews Beach in Scotland fell from a RIB during a Man Overboard recovery training session 29 June 2023. The man was struck by the boat’s propeller. The preliminary investigation found the 4.5 meter Valiant RIB did not have enough handholds on the sponsoons (tubes) for three people to ride on one sponsoon while underway.
  • 29 June accident – 5 July 2023 ABC10 (California) “1 injured, 1 missing in unrelated incidents at New Melones Reservoir” reports a man was trying to dock his boat with a houseboat on New Melones Reservoir (California) on Friday 29 June. He fell overboard and was struck by the propeller. He was life flighted to Valley Hospital. It is not obvious in the report if he was struck by his boat’s propeller or the houseboat’s propeller.
  • D 22 June accident – 22 June Valley News Live (Minnesota) “UPDATE: Teen dies after being hit by boat in Otter Tail County” reports a 15 year old boy was killed by a boat propeller on Six Lake in Otter County, Minnesota on Thursday 22 June 2023. Later reports identify the boy as Benjamin Rennie of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Some reports say he was 13 years old. He was tubing at a church camp with another youth. He was struck by the propeller while boarding the boat after tubing.
  • 1 June accident in Thailand – 4 June 2023 Phuket News (Thailand) “Foreigner slashed by boat propeller in Phuket” reports a foreign man was slashed by a boat propeller the afternoon of June 1st. His left foot was cut by a propeller less than a kilometer from the Pearl Center Pier. He was taken to Chalong Hospital. Comments on the story point out Phuket has developed a bad reputation for tourism safety over the last several years which we have been following as well.

  • May

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  • 27 May accident – June 7 2023 Islander “Streetlife – 06-07-2023” Bradenton Beach: reports a child was cut by a boat propeller at Coquina Boat Ramp South on 27 May. The calf of their leg was struck. Manatee County Emergency Medical Services transported them to a hospital.
  • 26 May accident – 29 May 2023 KWCH (Wichita Kansas) “Father asks for prayers as 10-year-old daughter suffers brain injury in Winfield Lake boating incident” reports ten year old Rielynn Martin was in the front of a pontoon boat with her sister and a friend along with other family members onboard on Winfield Lake near Wichita Kansas, Friday 26 May 2023. The pontoon boat crashed with another boat> All three girls went overboard. The propeller of the other boat struck Rielynn in the head. The propeller crushed her skull into her brain. Doctors at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita Kansas attempted to stabilize her and repair some of the damage to her skull and brain. Her father is requesting prayers in her behalf.
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  • 20 May accident in Trinidad Tobago – 22 May 2023 Trinidad Tobago Loop News “Tobago: Man injured in propeller accident” reports Two men were fishing in a 32 foot Pirogue off Charlotteville, Tobago (Trinidad Tobago) the morning of Saturday 20 May 2023. One of their boat’s propellers hit something. They stopped their boat to figure out what had happened and heard a man in his 50’s calling for help. Both of the man’s legs had been struck by the propellers. He was taken to Scarborough General Hospital.
  • 20 May accident – 22 May KMVT (Idaho) “Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office has busy weekend on the waterways” reports a person was bow riding on Murtaugh Lake (Idaho), the boat turned, the person fell over the bow, and their foot was struck by the boat propeller. The person was life flighted to a hospital in Utah.

  • April

  • 20 April accident off Nevis / St. Kitts – 20 April St. Kitts & Nevis Observer “Man Dies After Boating Accident” reports Ishmael Hanley, 58, was swimming in open water off Nevis / St. Kitts on 20 April 2023. He was struck by the boat propeller of a boat from Islander Water Sports. Mr. Hanley was pronounce dead on arrival at Alexandra Hospital.
  • 17 April accident in Mexico – 18 April Yucatan Times “A boat propeller hits a Veracruz tourist in Celestun” reports a tourist identified only as Willbert A. was swimming near Celestun Mexico in open water when his feet and legs were struck by a boat propeller.
  • April 2023 accident in Sint Maarten (part of Saint Martin) – 14 April The Sun “BLOOD IN THE WATER: Horror moment cruise ship passenger has foot RIPPED OFF by boat propeller in front screaming tourists” reports a man swam up to a water taxi and was boarding then his right foot was “ripped off” by a boat propeller as his fellow tourists watched and recorded the event and his screams.

  • March

  • D 12 March Belize accident – Amandala “Father of four dies in boat accident” reports Jose Castro was fishing by himself off Belize on 12 March. His boat was having some problems, Jose fell overboard, was struck by the propeller, but managed to get back into the boat. Jose died of his injuries.

  • February

  • D 26 February accident in Hong Kong – February 28 South China Seas Morning Post reports a 3 meter fishing boat struck the wake of a wake surfing boat off Hong Kong. Two men were ejected on 26 February. Both men (ages 57 and 59) were struck by the boat propeller, the 59 year old male was killed.
  • D 14 February accident in Belize – 17 February Breaking Belize News “Police: Teenager Logan Pratt died from injuries in boat collision” reports Logan Ceylon Pratt, 17 year old girl from Bartlesville Oklahoma, and her mother Tamra Lee were both struck by the propeller of a tour boat coming back from the Mexican Rocks area on February 14th. Logan was pronounced dead at a medical facility in San Pedro. Logan and her mother were swimming off the Mata Chica Resort when the accident occurred.

  • January

  • D 2 January 2023 Dominican Republic Accident – 4 January Dominican Today “Two-year-old baby manipulated the boat where a tourist died in Palmilla” reports Sarydee Hernández López, 55, was swimming at the Palmilla Beach in La Romana province on Monday January 2nd when a 2 year old boy put a boat in reverse and she was killed by the boat propeller. She died at the Casa de Campo tourist complex. She was a U.S. Citizen currently living in Puerto Rico

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