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David Schulman representative of the Estate of Casey Schulman v. Semester at Sea, et al.

We previously covered the Casey Schulman propeller accident. The 20 year-old young woman from Falls Church, Virginia was struck and killed by the propeller of a snorkel tour boat while visiting the Caribbean island of Dominica as part of a University of Virginia Semester at Sea program. Her father, David Schulman, filed a lawsuit in […]

Casey Schulman: Andrew Armour Charged in Her Death by Propeller

Casey Schulman, a University of Virginia (UVA) senior participating in the UVA Semester at Sea program was struck and killed by a boat propeller on the island of Dominica in December 2012. Recently, her family hired legal assistance to try to encourage further action in Dominca. Today, Thursday 9 November 2013 Andrew Armour, captain of […]

Casey Schulman’s Family Seeks Justice in Dominica

Casey Schulman, a University of Virginia (UVA) student, was killed December 1, 2012 by the propeller of an excursion vessel in Dominica while on a UVA “Semester at Sea” program. We covered the accident at Student Killed by Propeller in Dominica. As is frequently the case at water tourism destination sites outside the U.S., the […]

Casey Schulman, University of Virginia “Semester at Sea” Student, Killed by Propeller in Domica

Casey Shulman, 22 year old fourth year University of Virginia (UVA) student from Falls Church Virginia, spent the Fall 2012 semester on a 14 week “Semester at Sea” program. The semester for this University of Virginia program was winding down in early December 2012. Their vessel, the MV Explorer, with 54 UVA students on board […]