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Kim Hong Soek riding banana boat killed by boat propeller: Indonesia

Kim Hong Soek, a 19 year old tourist from South Korea was riding a banana boat (large towed inflatable) behind a tow boat in the Riau Islands (in Indonesia) on Saturday 9 January. Kim Hong Soek, his parents, and brother were staying at Bintan Lagoon Resort, a well known luxury resort. Their website says they […]

Pattaya Establishes Fund to Pay for Tourists Deaths & Injuries

Much concern has been raised about the safety of tourists in Thailand both from thieves and from recreational injuries. We have closely followed the water tourism segment of those concerns. Several tourists have been struck and killed by boat propellers. The Chinese government and the U.K. government have both lashed out against Thailand in concern […]

Tourists Being Struck and Killed by Boat Propellers in Diving / Snorkeling Areas

The recent December 2012 Casey Schulman propeller accident is reminiscent of many other diving and snorkeling tourist prop strikes in diving / snorkeling areas. These regions of the world often lack quick emergency response teams, paramedics, life flight, trauma centers, advanced medical care, and blood supplies. Boats are usually not registered and no boating safety […]