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Boat Propeller guards / prop guards, propeller guard technical reports, research, and patents, propeller strike accidents, injuries and the resulting legal cases, propeller guard manufacturers, manatee propeller issues, and the use of sensors to detect people near the propeller (Virtual Propeller Guards) are covered here.

Don't Wreck Your Summer

Don't Wreck Your Summer

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Ejected from bass boat

The video above shows two collegiate anglers being ejected from a bass boat in a January 2017 bass boat tournament. It shows the importance of wearing your kill switch lanyard to prevent the boat from repeatedly circling and striking those ejected with the propeller., previously known as the Propeller Guard Information Center, provides easy access to information on those and many other aspects of propeller safety as part of our efforts to assist others in reducing the frequency and severity of recreational boat propeller accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

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Our visitors from other nations sometimes use these terms: prop guard, helices, propellor, propelor, shield, protector.

prop aware campaign, NSW Maritime Centre for Maritime Safety (Australia)

Prop Aware campaign by NSW Centre for Maritime Safety (Australia)


Dan Europe Propeller Safety Campaign

Dan Europe Propeller Safety Campaign


First Responders 2018 postal stamp

First Responders 2018 postal stamp

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