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Our List of Pontoon Boat Over the Bow Accidents Updated 8 July 2014

We recently spent some time updating our list of Pontoon Boat Bowriding propeller accidents. Since our October 2013 update, we have become aware of or identified about 15 more over the bow pontoon boat propeller accidents. They are mostly 2013 and 2014 accidents. Several of the new 2013 accidents come from the recently released 2013 […]

USCG’s “Estimating Benefits of Reducing Accidents” Our Public Comment

The U.S. Coast Guard requested public comments on an Industrial Economics Incorporated (IEC) report, “Estimating the Benefits of Reducing the Risk of Recreational Boating Accidents: Alternative Sources of Information on Fatalities, Injuries, and Property Damages” by August 27, 2013 in docket #USCG-2013-0437. The report was funded by USCG to investigate how underreporting / under reporting […]

Timothy Clippard of Missouri Killed on Kentucky Lake in Boat Accident

Timothy Allen Clippard, 51 of Jackson Missouri, was participating in a bass fishing tournament on Kentucky Lake on Thursday 9 May 2013. About 4:15 pm, he and his partner were on the way back to Moor’s Marina to weigh in their catch. While going north under Eggner’s Ferry Bridge in Marshall County Kentucky, their boat […]

Medical Care Advances Influence Trends in BARD Fatalities

The U.S. Coast Guard has long touted the downward slope in annual BARD (USCG’s Boating Accident Report Database) fatalities as a measure of improvements brought about by: Regulations Law enforcement presence Boater education Boating safety programs Improvements in boating equipment USCG reported 1,754 recreational boating fatalities in 1973 (the highest number of fatalities since 1970). […]

U.S. Coast Guard 2010 BARD Unreported Propeller Accidents: Carla Faul Pontoon Boat Propeller Accident in Florida

The boating industry continues to claim almost all boat propeller accidents are reported in BARD. They base their claims on the United States Coast Guard’s claims that the more serious a boating accident is, the more likely it is to be reported. The industry says propeller injury accidents are very serious and therefore they must […]

Florida Propeller Accidents Missing From U.S. Coast Guard 2010 Boating Accident Report Database (BARD)

As mentioned in our previous review of propeller accident reporting in USCG’s BARD 2010 database, 7 of the 10 propeller accidents we found news media reports for that were not listed in BARD occurred in the State of Florida. That got us wondering if something might be different with their reporting criteria, their boating accident […]

Brunswick Misled Two Federal Courts on Frequency of Propeller Accidents

Brunswick requested a rehearing of the Jacob Brochtrup v. Mercury Marine and Sea Ray propeller injury case before the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on June 10, 2011. Mercury Marine and Sea Ray are both divisions of Brunswick. On page three of Brunswick’s formal request for a rehearing, Brunswick faults Brochtrup for not providing […]

Propeller Accident News Media Coverage Phase 1 (Breaking News Reports) Wordle

We mentioned in our earlier post on using wordles to explore propeller safety topics our intention of using wordles to identify common threads in media coverage of propeller accidents. For those not familiar with wordles, they are a form of word art in which the relative size of a word represents its relative frequency in […]