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Media still misleads boaters on Kali’s Law impact on fatalities

Our June 2019 post, Kali’s Law: Misleading Fatality Statistics explained in detail how the media is publishing misleading boating fatality statistics surrounding Kali’s Law. Kali’s law will require the use of kill switch lanyards on certain power boats under 26 feet beginning September 1st, 2019 in the State of Texas. Texas media outlets continue to […]

Kali’s Law signed by Texas Governor: boat kill switch law

Greg Abbot, Governor of Texas, signed Kali’s Law on Monday June 10, 2019 per a Soundings Trade Only report dated 11 June 2019. Named for Kali Gorzell, the law will require mandatory use of kill switch lanyards on certain vessels. Kali’s Law will go into effect September 1st, 2019.

Coast Guard contractor finds flats boats unsafe : Kali Gorzell

Texas flats boats also called bay boats have been found unsafe by a United States Coast Guard Contractor. Bay boats / flats boats are relatively flat bottomed for shallow water operation. In July 2012, Kali Gorzel, a 16 year old girl loved by hundreds, fell from a bay boat off Port Aransas Texas when the […]

Charlie Hutton & Kali Gorzell : it’s been 3 years

Its now been three years since the tragic propeller fatalities of Charlie Hutton near the Isle of Wight in the U.K., and Kali Gorzell in Texas on Friday July 20, 2012. Both youth showed incredible promise, and both lives were snuffed out at a young age. Charlie, the promising field hockey player was taken at […]

Kali Gorzell & Charlie Hutton: Its Been a Year

This weekend marked the one year anniversary of the July 20, 2012 death of these two fine young people on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Kali Gorzell was struck and killed by a propeller near Port Aransas, Texas. Just 16, she was full of life and vitality, and known for living life to the fullest […]

Musical Tributes to Propeller Accident Victims

We have seen some inspiring video/music tributes to deceased boat propeller accident victims as well as some songs written in their honor, and videos of deceased victims performing. We gathered some of those works to this page. Charlie Hutton Charlie Hutton, a 14 year old boy in the UK, was fatally struck in July 2012. […]

Texas Legislature Introduces Bill in Memory of Kali Gorzell

On March 15, 2013 Texas Representative Lyle Larson filed HR 986 in the Texas House of Representatives. The bill honors the life of Kali Gorzell of San Antonio who was killed in a propeller accident on July 20, 2012. The bill was placed on the Congratulations and Memorial Resolution Calendar on March 27, 2013. HR […]

Kali Gorzell : Texas Girl Killed in Aransas Pass Boat Propeller Accident

Live Like Kali <3 Sixteen year old Kali Gorzell of greater San Antonio Texas was boating near Aransas Pass about 10:30am Friday July 20, 2012. The teenage girl was onboard a boat as a friend of two sisters and their father. They were boating on Redfish Bay, near Dagger Island. The boat turned, she fell […]