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Coast Guard contractor finds flats boats unsafe : Kali Gorzell

Texas flats boats also called bay boats have been found unsafe by a United States Coast Guard Contractor. Bay boats / flats boats are relatively flat bottomed for shallow water operation. In July 2012, Kali Gorzel, a 16 year old girl loved by hundreds, fell from a bay boat off Port Aransas Texas when the […]

Propeller Guard Test Protocol Draft: PGIC Public Comments

ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and CED (CED Investigative Technologies) recently completed a draft of the Propeller Guard Test Protocol. We announced they requested public comment from interested parties by April 11, 2012 on our Propeller Guard Test Protocol Released by ABYC/CED for Public Comment page. We sent in our comments today (April 11, […]

Propeller Guard Test Protocol Rough Draft Released by ABYC / CED for Public Comment

Effectiveness of Propeller Guards About 2006 the U.S. Coast Guard began consulting and contracting with some experts to produce a test protocol for propeller guards. The American Boat and Yachting Council (ABYC) and CED Investigative Technologies are now finalizing that process for USCG. CED Investigative Technologies is a forensic engineering and accident reconstruction firm specializing […]

Hydrodynamics of Propeller Accidents Part 2 – Right Whale Collision Research

Following up on Hydrodynamics of Propeller Accidents Part 1, we now share some research work that looks very applicable to future hydrodynamic studies of human body / swimmer / man overboard interactions with boats, drives, propellers, and propeller guards. We recently came across some hydrodynamic studies of whale interactions with ships, ship hulls, and ship […]

Hydrodynamics of Propeller Accidents – Part 1 the History

Little research has been done surrounding the hydromechanics of people / swimmers/ man overboard encounters with propellers or propeller guards. We will now explore this field, some of the opportunities it presents, and some recent research that looks very applicable to studying the hydrodynamics of human / boat / propeller / propeller guard interactions. We […]

The Emperor Has No Boat – SUNY Propeller Guard Testing

CED Investigative Technologies, Inc. has been testing the human factors of propeller guards at State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo at their Center for Research in Education and Special Environments (CRESE) facility. Some may recall, this is the same facility used by Mercury Marine and Outboard Marine Corporation to test a propeller guard back […]