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Boating Safety in Press Release Images : Open Bow Wakesurfing Boat

Brunswick / Mercury Marine / MerCruiser recently released their new Bravo Four S forward facing stern drive. As part of the media coverage they released a number of images for the press / media to use while covering the release. We noticed several of Mercury’s press release images for the Bravo Four S drive were […]

Pennsylvania changes wakesurfing laws to accommodate Volvo Penta FWD drive

The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) reports Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has approved allowing wakesurfing behind boat propelled by propellers OR water jets, but ONLY if the propulsion system was specifically designed by the manufacturer for use in wakesurfing. Previously the State of Pennsylvania only allowed wake surfing behind direct drives (inboards). NMMA notes […]

Yu Chen, Wakesurfer, killed by Univ Wisconsin Rescue boat propeller 21 May 2017

Yu Chen, 43, an accomplished wakesurfer (Sail Surfer) was teaching lessons on Lake Mendota in Wisconsin about 6 pm Wednesday 31 May 2017. The University of Wisconsin maintains a Lifesaving Station on the lake. Their boat was returning from a rescue to Governors Island when Yu Chen was struck between the UW LifeSaving Station and […]