Propeller Injury Prevention Campaigns

Major propeller safety campaigns we are aware of are listed below:

  • “Get Connected” 2017 NSBC kill switch campaign encouraged connecting kill switches to prevent being ran over by the propeller in the event the operator was ejected.
  • Get Connected banner NSBC

    Prop Aware Propeller Safety Campaign

    Australian Take Care Be Prop Aware campaign logo

  • A propeller safety campaign was announced in Australia by New South Wales (NSW) Maritime in January 2010. The program is called , Take Care – Be Prop Aware. They will be supplying packets of t-shirts, brochures, and stickers to hundreds of locations. It includes a propeller safety brochure somewhat similar to the 2006 USCG Propeller Injury Awareness brochure, and a nice prop safety decal. We strongly commend NSW Maritime for their actions and wish their campaign well.
  • DAN European diving propeller safety logo

    DAN European diving propeller safety logo

  • Dan (Diving Accident Network) Europe has had a long running Dan Europe Propeller Injury Prevention Campaign focusing on preventing propeller injuries to divers.
  • Propeller Injury Awareness Brochure. U.S. Coast Guard. 2006. We assisted in the development of this brochure.
  • Not a Campaign but, Seaworthy Magazine, published by BoatUS, has a nice Avoiding Propeller Injuries page dated April 2012 that lists many of the classic tips to avoid boat propeller injuries.

  • Powerboat & RIB Magazine, a U.K. boating publication, distributed free warnings encouraging boat operators to attach their kill cord (UK calls kill switch lanyards, kill cords) in the wake of the Milligan accident.
  • Kill Cord Warning sticker by Powerboat and RIB magazine

    Kill Cord Warning sticker by Powerboat and RIB magazine

Public Service announcements include:

If anyone is aware of any other propeller safety campaigns, please contact us.