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UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) backs off prop guard statement

Cian Williams, then 13, was struck by a boat propeller in August 2012 in Wales. Since the strike, Cian and his mother have been among the leading propeller safety advocates in the UK. Cian has been gathering names on a petition to change Welsh law to require propeller guards on boat propellers. In the wake […]

Cian Williams – 2012 Boat Propeller Accident in Wales

Cian Wyn Williams, a 13 year old Wales boy, was at Porthmadog Harbor with some friends about lunchtime Saturday 11 August, 2012. While they were visiting with a speedboat operator, the man invited them to join him for a ride to Pwiheli to refuel his boat. The joined him, refueled, and on the way back […]