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Analyzing Boat Acceleration & Boat Coast Down Data

This paper develops a new mathematical model for how boats accelerate during a high speed test run. The process divides a top speed run into two segments, namely a displacement segment and a planing segment. The equation only requires three coefficients for each segment. Each coefficient is independent of the others. Additionally, each coefficient has […]

Modeling the Risk of a Propeller Striking a Person or a Submerged Object: a Senior Design Project

Recreational boat propellers often strike swimmers, divers, snorkelers, tubers, people ejected from the boat, logs, driftwood, dredge pipes, debris, marine life, or other floating or submerged objects. A model of those risks would be useful in crafting: Boating safety tips Regulations Propeller safety products Design and marking of swimming, snorkeling, and diving areas Boat and […]

Hydrodynamics of Propeller Accidents Part 2 – Right Whale Collision Research

Following up on Hydrodynamics of Propeller Accidents Part 1, we now share some research work that looks very applicable to future hydrodynamic studies of human body / swimmer / man overboard interactions with boats, drives, propellers, and propeller guards. We recently came across some hydrodynamic studies of whale interactions with ships, ship hulls, and ship […]