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Boat Propeller Injuries: Medical Case Studies paper

Trauma Monthly published a great paper in July 2017 in which eight European medical professionals in The Netherlands wrote in detail about four specific boat propeller accidents. The authors provide medical histories of the four individuals injured including color photos of their injuries, how they were treated by paramedics, what happened initially at the hospital, […]

Stop the Bleed

New York University at Winthrop has expanded their “Stop the Bleed” education program for first responders in Nassau County New York to include law enforcement, school educators, and others in response to a boat propeller accident. The program now trains citizens to assist in bleeding emergencies before professionals arrive on the scene. The goal being […]

Malta Doctors Call for Propeller Safety Public Legislation & Boat Design

Three physicians on the Mediterranean Island of Malta are calling or the use of boat propeller guards. Their paper in the Malta Medical Journal covers the accident and recovery of a propeller accident victim there. The 44 year old man was scuba diving off Malta. As he was surfacing, strong currents pushed him into the […]

Fundraisers for People Struck by Boat Propellers

Medical costs for propeller strike injuries can be astronomical. Many struck are young people without insurance. Others are uninsured or have insurance caps that do not cover costs of these magnitudes, prosthetics, etc. In addition to meeting medical costs, several struck were providing for their families, meeting loan and mortgage payments, and face other pressing […]