2022 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2022 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2022 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

    • 23 April accident – 24 April 2022 KTNV Las Vegas Nevada “Swimmer lacerated by boat propeller on the Colorado River north of Lake Havasu, police say” reports a boat was stuck in shallow water on the Colorado River, North of Lake Havausu. Several people pushed the boat free, the operator thought the boat was in neutral, a male near the swim ladder was struck in the abdomen by the propeller on Saturday 23 April.No mention is made of this boat being a rental, but the situation sounds like it might have been. Police said inexperience may have been factor but no impairment was suspected.
    • D 4 April accident – 5 April 2022 KHON (Hawaii) “Fatal boating accident brings safety concerns to surface” reports a woman was killed by boat propeller during a Monday night Manta Ray dive tour in Hawaii off the coast of Kaila-Kona on 4 April 2022 little before 6pm. She was taken to Kona Community Hospital but did not survive. The lady is thought to have been a crew member of one of the dive vessels. Numerous boats and lots of divers on the same site was previously considered to be an issue. This combined with several previous high profile propeller strikes in Hawaii has once again raised interest in propeller guards.
    • D 21 March accident in Nigeria – 24 March 2021 Premium Times NG (Nigeria) “Fisherman found dead on Badagry waterways” reports George Whensu, a 58 year old Nigerian fisherman, was found dead in the water on Wednesday by his canoe. Mr. Whensu had been killed when he was struck in the head by a boat propeller of a commercial smugglers boat on Monday night 21 March 2022 in Nigeria.
    • D 13 March accident in Florida – 16 March 2021 People “Boyfriend Tried to Save N.H. Woman, 22, Who Died in Boat Accident While Vacationing in Florida” reports Lindsey Partridge, young woman from New Hampshire, was on vacation in Florida on Sunday March 13th. Her 24 year old boyfriend, Jacob Smith, was on board with her when the boat hit a small wave and she was ejected from the boat. Jacob turned the boat around, jumped in, and swam pulling her to shore along with assistance of Boca Beach Club lifeguards. She had suffered a fatal propeller strike to the back of her head. The accident happened near Boco Inlet in Florida. It is interesting there were two boyfriend – girlfriend propeller fatalities in Florida in two days with one man and one woman surviving.
    • D 12 March accident in Florida – 14 March Daily Mail”Devastated woman, 30, has no memory of moment her billionaire banking heir, 31, fiancé was sliced to death by ‘razor sharp’ 36-inch fishing boat propeller after he dived in to save her when she was knocked overboard” reports “Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, was maimed by a razor sharp propeller spanning 36 inches when he jumped in the water to save his fiancée, Andrea Montero, during a fishing competition Saturday afternoon.” While in a fishing tournament on a 60 foot yacht, the captain slipped while trying to help a boy with a fishing rod, bumped Juan Carlos’ fiancee Andrea Montero while they were about six miles off Key Largo Florida. She fell overboard, Juan Carols jumped in to rescue her, and he was killed by the propeller. Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez is the son of the founder of Venezuelan bank Banesco, a billionaire.
    • DDApproximately 3 March accident in Mexico- 4 March 2022 New York Post “US tourists killed by boat propeller while snorkeling in Mexico: report” reports a man and a woman in their 60s were snorkeling near Cancun Mexico when they “were killed after being chopped up by a boat propeller.” They were there as tourists on an Squalo Adventures tourism boat. A quick look at the dive boat place indicates the vessel was likely powered by twin Yamaha 115 horsepower outboards.
    • 24 February accident in Thailand – 28 February New York Post “Actress in Thailand dies after falling from speedboat on restaurant trip with friends” reports A beautiful actress in Thailand, Nida Patcharaweeraphong, 37, was in a speedboat on the Chao Phrya River on 24 February 2022. She fell from the back of the boat. Thirty or more divers searched for her body. Reports indicate her brother may have found her remains. An autopsy found Nida drowned with a deep gash on her left leg thought to have been caused by the boat’s propeller.
    • 13 February accident in Mexico – 15 February Global News Canada “I am not going to die: Man seriously injured after boat hits him in Mexican waters” reports Adam Moss of Ontario Canada and his female partner have been traveling the world for several years assisting those with mental health issues. Adam went swimming on Sunday 13 February off Playa del Carmen, Mexico and was struck by a hit and run boater’s propeller. He managed to stay up long enough for another boater to spot him. He clung to the side of the second boat as they drug him to shore. Thanks to Global News for covering the story and producing the video.
    • 18 January accident in Guyana- 20 January 2022 StaebrookeNews (Guyana) “Upper Pomeroon man dies after boating mishap” reports Chive Persaud, 23 of Upper Pomeroon, locally known as Boyo had traveled to Port Kaituma. He was sitting on the back of the boat when the propeller came loose and hit him in the head on 18 January 2022. He was taken to Mabaruma regional Hospital where he died. this may be an outboard motor flipped into the boat accident
    • early February accident in Australia – 4 February Mirror (UK media) “Fisherman almost loses his hand in propellor in horrific boating injury” reports Alexy Barkhatov was spearfishing in Sydney Harbor (Australia) near Middle Head in late January or very early February with a friend when his hand was struck by the propeller of a passing boat. The spear fishermen had put up two marker floats. Alexy dove to avoid the boat as he heard it come at him and attempted to protect his body with the speargun> He was stuck in the hand. The boat stopped and picked him up. They used a dog leash as a tourniquet. Doctors were able to save his hand.

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