2022 Boat Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2022 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2022 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • 2022 accident in Ireland – 20 October 2023 CBS News Boston “Keepgoing, Malden Catholic swimmerThea Sanzone over comes tragic injury to compete at high level” reports Thea Sanzone was struck by sailboat propeller accident in 2022 in Ireland. With great effort and determination, she has been able to return as a competitive swimmer for her High School in Boston MA for her senior year.
  • 8 December near miss accident – Diver had flipper struck by propeller – Hawaii News Now reports a near miss propeller strike in Hawaii involving a diver on December 8, 2022. Christopher Lastra, 30, was spearfishing near Magic Island in Hawaii. He ducked out of the way of an oncoming boat. Hawaii News Now’s report includes video from a camera Christopher was wearing at the time of the incident. Always use a dive flag. Christopher lost his recently and almost lost his life.
  • D 27 November 2022 accident in Columbia – Daily Mail “Woman is killed when she jumps into the sea to retrieve her flip-flops and is shredded by boat propeller in Columbia” reports Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo, 26 of California, jumped from a tour boat off Columbia to retrieve her flip-flops and was fatally struck by the boat propeller. The accident happened off White Wata Beach in San Andreas, Columbia. Twenty four people plus a two man crew were on the tour boat. Some images suggest it might be a pontoon boat. She was taken by a PWC / jet ski to a hospital on the island but died the next morning of her injuries. Daily Mail images show several boats were in the area
  • D 26 November accident – 29 November 2022 WSJM (Michigan covering a Florida accident) “Boy, 9, missing after falling off pontoon boat, being hit by propeller” reports a nine year old boy and two of his brothers were on a pontoon boat operated by their father on Lake Annie in Polk County Florida on Saturday 26 November 2022. The boy fell off the front of a pontoon boat while the boat was underway. His shirt was found wrapped around the propeller. Search and rescue recovered his body Tuesday morning November 29 per a report by the Daily Mail.
  • 7 October accident – 13 October 2022 Soundings Online (Florida accident) “Three Teenagers Save Boat Crash Victims” reports three local teenager males saved some boaters on October 7 in the St. Lucie River in Florida. A boat passed the teenagers boat while they were out fishing, at least one of the boys saw the other boat hit a channel marker, leaving 3 passengers on board and 3 in the water. The boys found a 14 year old boy in water with severe injuries to his back. Skin on his back from his shoulder to his hip were gone. The teenagers could see exposed skin and organs. They stabilized the 14 year old boy, then rushed him to shore to meet the ambulance they had called. Various reports call it a propeller strike or possible the boy hitting the channel marker. The teenagers also assisted the other two people in the water back onto the boat they were originally on and encouraged them to follow the 3 teenagers boat to shore.
  • 10 October accident in Canada – 12 October 2022 CTV News Winnipeg (Canada) “Winnipegger seriously injured after being thrown from boat, hit by propeller: RCMP” reports a 20 year old Winnipeg, Canada male was a riding in a boat on a Manitoba waterway along with the boat operator on Monday October 10, 2022. The boat swerved to miss “an obstacle” in the water, the young man riding as a passenger was ejected, struck by the propeller, and taken to a hospital. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) responded to the accident.
  • D 23 September 2022 report of an accident in the New Guinea Islands- 23 September 2022 Papua New Guinea Post-Courier “Boat Engine Propeller Kills Boy” Police reported an 8th grade student was allegedly killed by a boat propeller in Manus. The student had gone out with his friends on a boat trip to Seadler Harbor in Lorengau in the New Guinea Islands. He fell from the boat, was struck by the propeller, and died in the hospital./li>
  • 10 September accident in Spain – 12 September 2022 EuroWeekly (Europe) “Male hospitalized after being hit by a boat’s propeller while swimming in Denia, Alicante (Spain)” reports a 30 year old male was struck in the face by a boat propeller of Coasta Blanca on Saturday September 10th. Friends pulled him from the sea and got him to Les Marines Beach for medical attention. He was taken by ambulance to Denia Hospital, then on to La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital.
  • D 3 September accident – 4 September 2022 MyEasternShoreMD (Maryland) “Woman Dies in Boating Accident” early reports a 47 year old woman was killed by a boat propeller strike on the Chester River near Camp Pecometh in Maryland about 4 pm Saturday 3 September. Early reports say the boat she was in capsized.
  • 3 September accident – 3 September 2022 WBIR Knoxville, Tennessee “TWRA: Boating crash on Douglas Lake leaves two teenagers injured” reports two teenage girls (ages 16 and 17) were tubing with others on a single tube. At least these two girls fell. Another boat hit a wave and ran over both girls. The accident was on Douglas Lake on September 3rd. Both girls were life flighted to Tennessee Medical Center with serious propeller injuries. Both boats were rentals per TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
    UPDATE WJHL Sept 4 – both boats were pontoons, the boats were together (groups knew each other), both rented from Smokey Mountain H2O rentals. Six girls were on the tube, four fell off.
  • ********** Friday September 2, 2022 Labor Day weekend begins ****

  • 26 August accident – 2 August 2022 The Talk of Delmarva (Delaware) “Men Injured by Pontoon Boat Prop; One Critically” reports About ten college aged young men were in a rental pontoon boat Friday 2 August on Rehoboth Bay in Delaware. They decided to take a photo, the operator stepped forward to take the picture while the boat was still underway. Three of those posing fell overboard of which two were struck by the pontoon boat propeller per WGMD.
  • 20 August accident – 22 August 2022 WATE6 of Tennessee reports a 38 year old Ohio man, was on a rental PWC in Campbell County Tennessee on Norris Lake, Tennessee Friday August 20th. The PWC struck a pontoon boat, the man was ejected and struck by the pontoon boat propeller. He was life flighted to University of Tennessee Medical Center.
  • 19 August accident – 19 August 2022 ABC17 (Missouri) “Iowa man hurt by boat propeller at Lake of the Ozarks” reports Marvin Neill, 57 of Iowa, fell from a boat on Lake of the Ozarks on Friday 19 August. He fell when the boat operator put the boat in gear to dock the vessel and was struck by the propeller. He was taken to a hospital.
  • 14 August accident – 15 August 2022 CapeCod (Massachusetts) “Sheriff’s boat assist in man overboard call Sunday” reports Wayne Silvera fell from his own boat near Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts. He was in the water for over two hours and struck by the propeller of his own boat. A “Good Samaritan” attempted to rescue him, a medic arrived and they were able to get Mr. Silvera onboard. He was taken to Little Harbor at Station Woods Hole where he was treated and transferred to Falmouth Harbor.
  • 14 August accident – 15 August 2022 Newsday (New York) “Police: Man airlifted to hospital after being struck by a boat propeller” reports a 53 year-old male was struck by a boat propeller off Meadow Island in Nassau County, New York on Sunday August 14th. The Coast Guard was among those responding to the accident and the man was life flighted to Nassau University Medical Center East in Meadow, New York. Minimal details on how the accident occurred have been provided so far.
  • 13 August accident – 15 August 2022 CBS2 Chicago IL “I thought I was going to die – Woman recalls boat accident in Lake Michigan’s Playpen” reports on a high profile propeller accident in Chicago at the playpen (just north of Navy Pier) on Saturday August 13, 2022. A large Sea Ray rental was said to be having problems setting anchor. They backed into / sucked in a floating raft with six to eight people on it. One lady had both feet severed, her friend had a hand severed. Thanks to CBS2 Chicago and numerous other stations for covering this accident and the local marine patrol briefing. Plus thanks to all who assisted with the rescue of those on the raft.
  • 4 August accident – 5 August 2022 BringMeTheNews “Men injured after boat crash sends propeller spinning onto craft” reports two men, ages 32 and 34 from International Falls, Minnesota, were on Rainy Lake late Thursday 4 August. Preliminary reports are the outboard motor struck a rock and flipped into the boat. It landed between the two men with the motor still running. One man’s right leg was injured by the propeller (probably the passenger). The other man’s left arm and left leg were struck by the propeller (probably the boat operator). They were taken to Rainy Lake Medical Center. Other reports indicate they were then life flighted to another hospital. Fox9 reports they were near Franzen Island when the accident occurred. The two men have since been identified as Joshua Urban, 32, and Nicholas Hagan, 34.
  • D 2 August accident in Albania – 6 August 2022 New York Post “Father fights Albanian police chief who allegedly killed daughter with boat” reports Jonada Avidia, 7 year old girl from Great Britain, and her father were near the shore in an area marked for swimmers at Potam Beach in Albania. An off duty police commissioner, Arjan Tase, rapidly drove through the area in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) powered by two large, white outboard motors (they look like Mercury Verado outboards to me). The 7 year old girl was immediately killed by the propellers. The police officer beached his boat on shore. The girl’s father, Bedlar Avdia, fought with the police officer that ran over his daughter. Some reports indicate 15 police officers had been assigned to this area to keep things safe, but none were present. Locals are very upset with the police. The accident is getting a great deal of attention in the press.
  • D 29 July accident – 2 August 2022 East Oregonian “Boating accident at McKay Reservoir claims life of Milton-Freewater man” reports Benjamin Ryan Camden, 41, had been tubing on McKay Reservoir near Pendleton Oregon. He attempted to enter the boat via the swim ladder. The swim ladder broke. He was unable to enter the boat without the use of a ladder. He decided to hang onto the side rail on the starboard side of the boat (right side) as the boat operator slowly headed toward a boat ramp. We are guessing this means it is an inboard boat as those in the water behind a boat with no ladder will often try to climb in using the outboard motor as a ladder which is very dangerous as well. Mr. Camden lost his grip, was struck by the propeller, suffering would in his lower leg. Other boaters were able to get him to shore. A vehicle took him toward the McKay Reservoir entrance. An ambulance met them and took Mr. Camden to St Anthony Hospital in Pendleton where he died.
  • 31 July accident – 1 August 2022 Shore Daily News (Virginia) “Child Injured by Boat Propeller at Smith Beach” reports a 7 year old child was struck by a boat propeller at Smith Beach in Virginia the afternoon of Sunday 31 July.
  • TWO ACCIDENTS – 30 July accidents – 1 August 2022 WBRZ (Louisiana) “Two men hurt by propeller in separate boating accidents Saturday” reports on two separate propeller strikes in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana the evening of Saturday July 30, 2022.
    One man lost control of a small boat on Old Sabine River. The boat flipped over and he was struck by the propeller.
    One man, the boat operator, fell over the bow of a 20 ft boat while he and other passengers were in the process of jumping out of the boat while the boat was being operated by another passenger in Calcasier Ship Chanel. He was struck by the propeller when he went under the boat.
  • 30 July accident – 30 July 2022 Providence Journal (Rhode Island) “Aquapalooza’s record attendance of 1,000 vessels keeps law enforcement busy” reports on some of the law enforcement and safety issues at Aquapalooza, an on water festival off Prudence Island, Rhode Island Saturday 30 July. Among the issues attributed to the more than one thousand vessels in attendance was a leg injury from a moving propeller.
  • D? 28 July accident – 29 July 2022 Kansas City Star on a Michigan accident “11-year-old killed by boat while tubing at a camp, Michigan officials say” reports About twelve girls were riding a towed banana boat at a camp in in Hilldale County Michigan on Lake Michindoh near Michindoh Conference Center, a Christian camp. About 3 girls fell, the boat circled back to pick them up. The adult boat operator had an adult spotter but both missed seeing an 11 year old gir in the water. She was struck by the boat, taken to Hilldale County Hospital, and pronounced dead there. There are multiple reports of the accident. Some say the 11 year old girl was among those that fell from the banana boat, others suggest the 11 year old girl was already in the water in that area for some other reason. No mention of a propeller strike was seen in the media but it sounds likely. This accident COULD turn out to have similarities with the high profile UK Princess Club Water Sports Park fatality of 11 year old Mari-Simon Cronje in 2010.
  • 27 June accident – 27 June 2022 News7 Miami Florida “1 airlifted after being cut by propeller while diving for lobsters during 2-day mini season” reports a person was diving for lobsters in Biscayne Bay (Florida) during the 2 day lobster mini season the afternoon of 27 July 2022. They were struck in the leg by a boat propeller. Miami-Dade Fireboat 73 crew applied a tourniquet to their leg. The injured person was taken to No Name Harbor Marina and life flighted to a hospital.
  • 25 June accident – 27 June 2022 MySunCoast (Florida) “Woman falls off pontoon boat and hit by prop, Panhandle authorities say” reports a woman was bowriding a pontoon boat at Crab Island, a popular sandbar anchoring spot near Destin Florida on July 26th. Her feet caught a wave and she was pulled over the bow. Per other reports she was struck in the arm by the propeller. Sheriff’s marine units applied a tourniquet before EMS. The woman was later identified by nwfDailyNews as Taj Bldiar, 23, of Memphis Tennessee. nwfDaiyNews also identified the pontoon boat as being a rental. She was flown to a hospital in Georgia for a doctor to operate on a severed artery. She has since had many surgeries and Doctors currently give her about a 10 percent chance of saving her arm.
  • D 23 July accident – 23 July 2022 KSLA (Shreveport, Louisiana) “Loranger man killed on Lake Pontchartrain; boat driver booked with vehicular homicide, DWI” reports Hunter Prevost fell from the front of a 25 foot vessel on Saturday 23 July in Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana). His body was recovered a few hours later. No mention was made of this boat being a pontoon boat but it sounds like it might be. Michigan Live identified the boat as a 1989 Supra Sunsport belonging to the church camp.
  • 23 July accident – 24 July 2022 WITN (Greenville North Carolina) “Incoming ECU baseball player seriously injured in Beaufort County boating accident” reports Parker Byrd, an East Carolina University baseball recruit, was tubing with another person. Both fell from their tubes, Bryrd was approaching the stern of the boat, the motor was supposed to be in neutral. His tow rope became entwined in the propeller. It pulled him into the propeller. Both his legs were struck by the propeller. A tourniquet was applied to his legs. A nurse passing by explained how to put another tourniquet on his legs. Byrd was life flighted to ECU Medical Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina.
  • 22 July accident – 22 July 2022 12 News (Maricopa County, Arizona) “Woman hit by boat propeller at Lake Pleasant” reports a woman was struck in the leg by a boat propeller on Lake Pleasant (Arizona) on Friday July 22nd. She was life flighted to medical care. Lake Pleasant has had an unusually large number of boating accidents and drownings this year.
  • 20 July Accident in Singapore – 27 July 2022 Straights Times (Singapore) “S’porean worker dies after being struck by boat propeller at Pulau Brani; 31st workplace death this year” reports a propeller accident involving the Police. A 55 year old male trainer for the Singapore Police Coast Guard fell from a boat July 20, 2022 and was fatally struck by the boat propeller. The accident happened at the Police Coast Guard’s (PCG) headquarters in Pulau Brani, Singapore.
  • D 17 July accident in Hong Kong – 18 July Hong Kong Buzz “Speedboat captain who jumped into the sea to save wakeboarder confirmed dead after being hit by propeller” reports a speedboat captain for hire from the boat company, a 31 year old male, was struck and killed by the boat propeller in Hong Kong on July 17, 2022. The captain was taking out three women out to wakeboard off Tai Mong Tsai, Sai Kung, a popular area for water skiing. One of the women got into trouble in the water, he jumped in to save her. She is now okay but he was fatally struck by the propeller per Hong Kong Buzz. The Government Rescue Flying Service (air rescue) was dispatched to try to spot his body from the air. Rescuers found his body about an hour later.
  • 14 July accident off Spain near Majorca – 14 July 2022 Majora Daily Bulletin (Spain) “Seven-year-old serious after being hit by boat propeller” reports a 7 year old boy was stuck by the propeller of Zodiac RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) on Thursday 14 July. The boy fell into the water before he was struck by the boat propeller. He was on a sailing course at San Antonio Yacht Club in Can Pastilla. The boy suffered serious head and arm injuries. He was taken to Espases Hospital. We suspect this could be a coach boat situation similar to Ethan Issac or Ryan Weiss here in the United States.
  • 11 July accident – 15 July 2022 ABC7 (New York covering a New Jersey accident) “Couple nearly killed in hit-and-run boat crash in New Jersey” reports a couple and their dog were on Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey in a pontoon boat Monday evening July 11, 2022. A hit and run boater ran over their boat. Those on the pontoon took chase of the hit and run driver for a short period till the pontoon boat “sputtered to a stop” from damages during the collision. Jon Richman was struck in the back by the propeller of the hit and run boat.
  • D? 11 July accident KGW8 (Portland Oregon) “Two hit by boat while tubing on Willamette River in Newberg; one critically injured” reports Two young men were being pulled on an inflatable tube on Willamette River in Oregon on Monday 11 July 2022. The boat operator started to turn one way, then turned the other way running over the two men as their tube swung around in front of the boat. One man was life flighted, the other was taken by ambulance to a hospital. Two other individuals were on the boat. The boat appears to be powered by a MerCruiser stern drive with a something like a whale tail mounted on in. The same news source, KGW8, later reported the man that had been life flighted died on Thursday July 14th. Thanks to one of our viewers in the NorthWest for bringing this accident to our attention. News reports do not confirm it to be a propeller strike, but it reads like it is.
  • 10 July accident – 10 July 2022 Cape Cod Daily News (Massachusetts) reports a woman was struck in the leg by a boat propeller near the Highbank Road Bridge late Sunday afternoon July 10th. She was taken to Cape Cod Hospital.
  • D 9 July accident – 12 July 2022 Colorado Parks and Wildlife “CPW investigation into July 9 boating death finds woman’s injuries were result of making contact with a boat propeller” reports a woman fell from a jet ski (PWC) on Lake Pueblo in Colorado on Saturday July 9th. She was struck by the propeller of a nearby boat, and declared dead at the scene.
  • 9 July accident – 10 July 2022 NBC21 (Macon Georgia) “UPDATE: Body recovered from Lake Tobesofkee after Saturday incident” reports a man was struck by pontoon boat propeller on Lake Tobeskofkee (Georgia) July 9, 2022. A pontoon boat was towing two tubers not wearing life jackets, they fell and and struggling in the water. A man jumped in from the pontoon boat to assist them. He was struck by the boat’s propeller. One of the two men that had fallen from the inflatable was rescued. The body of the second was recovered the next day. The man struck by the propeller was taken to the hospital.
  • 7 July – multiple reports are coming in of a bass boat running over a pontoon boat on Lake Sam Rayburn in Texas on July 7. One dead, multiple injuries. No mention of propeller strikes but they typically occur when one boat goes over another.
  • D 7 July accident – 12 July 2022 Branson TriLake News “Fatal Accident on Table Rock Lake” reports a 15 year old girl and a 16 year old boy were struck by a pontoon boat while swimming in Table Rock Lake on Thursday 7 July. They were swimming at Breezy Point when they were struck by a 2022 Regency pontoon which stuck a rock bluff shortly after striking them. The teenage girl was from O’Fallon Missouri. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Missouri Highway Patrol has labeled the accident as “Persons struck by a propeller/propulsion unit/water jet. We have been following this accident suspecting it was a propeller accident, which it now looks even more like it is.
  • D 6 July accident – 6 July 2022 Chattanoogan (Tennessee) “Jordan Matthews, 34, Killed In Boating Accident On Chickamauga Lake” reports Jordan Matthews, age 34 of Hamilton County TN, was bowriding an older pontoon boat on Chickamauga Lake about 1pm July 6th. He fell over the bow, was ran over by the boat, received several lacerations, and was recovered unconscious. He was taken to Rhea Medical Center after receiving CPR and was declared dead at the medical facility.

********** Monday July 4, 2022 4th of July weekend ends ****

    • 4 July accident – 5 July 2022 Michigan Live “3 hospitalized after boat crash, propeller slicing in Bay County on July 4 weekend” reports a woman, 32 of Saginaw Michigan, was trying to push a boat off shore. The propeller was not under power at that time. She suffered a large laceration to her leg when she fell from the boat while trying to push it off shore.
    • D 4 July accident – 4 July 2022 WAFB (Louisiana) “Teen girl killed by boat propeller after going overboard; driver charged” reports Madison Bradley 17, of Slidel Lousisana, was killed by a pontoon boat propeller on July 4, 2022 when she fell from the bow (bowriding). The boat hit the wake of a passing boat, she and another person fell overboard. They were on the Blind River in Livingston Parish. Six people were on the pontoon boat.
    • 4 July accident – 4 July WFLA News8 (Florida) 4 July 2022 “Man struck by boat propeller near Egmont Key” reports a 46 year old man was struck by boat propeller July 4, 2022 near Egmont Key (Florida). Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) responded to the 2pm accident. St. Petersburg Fire Rescue transported the victim to a medical facility.
    • 3 July accident – 5 July 2022 Mpls St Paul (Minneapolis Minnesota) “Family of Justin Sutherland Launches GoFundMe After Boat Accident” reports Justin Sutherland, a well known tv chef in Minnesota, was boating July 3rd. His hat blew off, he reached for it, the boat hit a wave, and he was ejected. Sutherland was struck in the head and arm by the boat propeller. “His arm is broken … His jaw is severely broken, … he sustained many lacerations.”
    • 3 July accident – 4 July 2022 Havasu News (Arizona) “Teen suffers major injury after boating accident on Parker strip” reports Colorado River Station Marine Enforcement Unit responded to Roadrunner floating bar on Parker Strip on July 3rd. A 17 year old victim was struck in the lower extremities by a boat propeller as the boat was backing off shore. He was life flighted to a trauma center in Phoenix. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident.
    • 3 July accident – 3 July (Massachusetts) “New details: Boating accident leaves one person with serious injuries “New details: Boating accident leaves one person with serious injuries” reports a 31 year old male received life threatening injuries to his leg from an outboard propeller near Barnstable / Cape Cod Massachusetts Sunday shortly after 5pm July 3rd, 2022. The boat experienced engine trouble after the accident, it was met by a boat from the Barnstable Harbormaster’s Office which delivered the man to an ambulance, which took him to a life flight helicopter. Life Flight flew the injured man to a Rhode Island Hospital Trauma Center.”The Barnstable Fire Department would like to reinforce the importance of wearing a personal floatation device when using watercraft, as well as the importance of training in bleeding control and tourniquet use. Visit to find a local training class.”
    • D 2 July accident – 5 July 2022 Tennessean (Tennessee) “10-year-old girl dies in boating accident on Tennessee River during Fourth of July weekend” reports a ten year old girl was riding a tube pulled by a pontoon boat on the Tennessee River on Saturday 2 July. She and the tube contacted the outboard motor in Decatur County. Her injuries were fatal. While the news does not specifically mention a propeller strike, it sounds like that is what happened.
    • D 2 July accident – 3 July KOCO (Oklahoma) “Two drowning deaths on Oklahoma lakes mar holiday weekend” reports Braxton Byrd, 23 of Norman Oklahoma, was wake surfing on Lake Eufuala (Oklahoma) a mile south of Porum Landing Boat Ramp about 6pm Saturday July 2, 2022. He fell, the boat operator went past him, then backed up to him. Braxton Byrd was fatally struck by the propeller. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.
    • D 2 July accident – 3 July WRIC (Virginia) “Teen killed in boating accident on James River” reports a 17 year old girl killed by boat propeller on James River in Virginia on Saturday July 2, 2022. Two youth were floating on a tube pulled by a boat. They fell, the boat turned around to get them, that act created a wave that changed the trajectory of the boat. A 17 year old girl was ran over by the boat and fatally struck by the propeller. She was declared dead in a nearby hospital.
      Not mentioned in the article, but this sounds like it could be a wake boat with water in its sacks
      The girl was later identified as Julia Budzinski, daughter of Mark Budzinski, a Toronto Blue Jay’s coach.
    • 2 July – 8 July JAX (Jacksonville Florida CBS47) “Local Man Loses Leg in Boating Crash” reports via video Logan Farquar (spelling uncertain) lost his leg under the Vilano bridge Saturday 2 July 2022 when a ski boat crashed into a small fishing boat Saturday night near St Augustine Florida. He lost his leg to a boat propeller while trying to save his fiancee.
    • 2 July accident – 8 July 2022 KTLO of Mountain Home Arkansas “9-year-old Jonesboro girl injured in boating accident on Norfork Lake” reports a Nine year-old girl was struck by pontoon boat propeller on Norfork Lake in Arkansas on 2 July 2022. The young girl had just approached the boarding ladder when the pontoon boat operator put the boat in reverse to go pickup a group of people that had jumped off a bluff. The girl was life flighted to Springfield Missouri.

********** Friday July 1, 2022 4th of July weekend begins ****

    • 21 June accident – 22 June 2022 Fox 6 (Milwaukee Wisconsin) “Lake Geneva boat propeller accident, man cut” reports a man, 37 from Illinois, was struck by boat propeller on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin on 21 June 2022. His wife was trying to move a 22 foot Monterey stern drive boat away from shore. He jumped into the water to help shove the boat off shore. He was pulled under the vessel and struck by the propeller. The man was life flighted to a hospital.
    • 17 June accident in California – 18 June 2022 KCRA “Swimmer critically injured after being hit by boat in Lake Berryessa” reports a woman was struck in both legs by the boat propeller of 40 foot, double decker, pontoon party boat on Lake Berryessa in California on Friday 17 June 2022. Both legs required tourniquets before the Napa County sheriff’s boat could take her across the cove.The woman was life flighted to Kaiser Vacaville.
    • DD 10 June accident. 10 June 2022 News4 San Antonio Texas “Two people killed by boat’s propeller at Canyon Lake” reports A 54 year-old male and a 22 year-old female jumped from a boat underway on Canyon Lake near San Antonio, Texas. Others were still onboard when the boat ran over them. They were fatally struck by the boat propeller. The victims were later identified as Hector Ricardo Brun, 54, and Kacie Elizabeth Banks, 22, both of San Antonio. While the investigation is ongoing, it now sounds like both victims jumped from the boat about a hundred yards from shore near a marina, then one of the remaining occupants accidentally shifted the boat into gear and it ran over them. The boat was later described as having two propellers.
    • D 5 June accident – 5 June 2002 WSPA (South Carolina) “Man dies after leg caught in boat propeller on Lake Keowee” reports a man was struck by a boat propeller on Lake Keowee, South Carolina on Sunday afternoon June 5, 2022.The WSPA news report sounds like he was entrapped on the propeller and suffered a cut on his right leg. The man was later freed from the propeller, taken to the hospital and died from blood loss.
    • 3 June accident – 4 June 2022 ABC News17 (Missouri) “Woman struck by boat propeller at Lake of the Ozarks” reports Payton Newlin, age 26 of Nebraska, jumped from a boat on Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri) in Millow Hollow Cove in Camden County on Friday night 3 June 2022. She was struck by the boat propeller and life flighted to University Hospital in Columbia with serious injuries.

********** Memorial Day Weekend ends Monday 30 May 2022 *********

    • Memorial Day Weekend accident – 31 May 2022 “DNR reports at least 9 Memorial Day Weekend waterway deaths” Fox5 (Atlanta Georgia) reports a ten year old girl was struck by a boat propeller while climbing onto a boat in Butts County, Georgia. She was taken to a hospital in Bibb County.
    • 30 May accident – 31 May 2022 KXII (Oklahoma) “Woman Injured by Propeller on Broken Bow Lake” reports Brandon Kelly Anderson, 27 of Broken Bow in Southeastern Oklahoma, was behind a ski that was beached boat on Broken Bow Lake (Oklahoma). About noon Memorial Day (30 May 2022) the boat reversed and turned quickly. She attempted to kick the back of the boat to avoid being struck, but was struck in the leg by the propeller. She was taken to LSU medical center.
    • 29 May accident – 30 May 2022 Fox4 (Southwest Florida) “FWC confirms one injured after ejection from boat” reports Four people were on a 20 foot boat in Lee County Florida near Flamingo Bay in Pine Island Sound about 5pm Sunday afternoon 29 May 2022. One person was ejected from the boat, struck by the propeller, and taken to a local hospital. FWC is investigating.

******** Memorial Day Weekend starts Friday 27 May 2022 ***********

  • D 21 May accident – 23 May 2022 News4 Tuscon (Arizona) “Woman dies in Lake Pleasant boating accident” reports Tehana Smith, 32, was boating on Lake Pleasant in Arizona on 21 May. One of her legs was cut off by a boat propeller. She was life flighted, but later died from her injuries. While this KVOA report says she was water skiing, other reports say she lost a leg to a ski rope, but more recent news indicates she was helping some children that fell from a tube and was struck by the propeller. The woman was later identified as 32 year-old Tehanah Smith,
  • D 17 May accident – 19 May 2022 Citrus County Chronicle (Florida) “FWC releases details on fatal boat crash near Floral City” reports a boat struck a metal culvert on Hampton Lake near Floral City, Florida on Tuesday May 17. One person was ejected and killed by the boat propeller. Of the four others onboard, 3 were taken to the hospital.
  • 23 April accident – 24 April 2022 KTNV Las Vegas Nevada “Swimmer lacerated by boat propeller on the Colorado River north of Lake Havasu, police say” reports a boat was stuck in shallow water on the Colorado River, North of Lake Havausu. Several people pushed the boat free, the operator thought the boat was in neutral, a male near the swim ladder was struck in the abdomen by the propeller on Saturday 23 April.No mention is made of this boat being a rental, but the situation sounds like it might have been. Police said inexperience may have been factor but no impairment was suspected.
  • D 4 April accident – 5 April 2022 KHON (Hawaii) “Fatal boating accident brings safety concerns to surface” reports a woman was killed by boat propeller during a Monday night Manta Ray dive tour in Hawaii off the coast of Kaila-Kona on 4 April 2022 little before 6pm. She was taken to Kona Community Hospital but did not survive. The lady is thought to have been a crew member of one of the dive vessels. Numerous boats and lots of divers on the same site was previously considered to be an issue. This combined with several previous high profile propeller strikes in Hawaii has once again raised interest in propeller guards.
  • D 21 March accident in Nigeria – 24 March 2021 Premium Times NG (Nigeria) “Fisherman found dead on Badagry waterways” reports George Whensu, a 58 year old Nigerian fisherman, was found dead in the water on Wednesday by his canoe. Mr. Whensu had been killed when he was struck in the head by a boat propeller of a commercial smugglers boat on Monday night 21 March 2022 in Nigeria.
  • D 13 March accident in Florida – 16 March 2021 People “Boyfriend Tried to Save N.H. Woman, 22, Who Died in Boat Accident While Vacationing in Florida” reports Lindsey Partridge, young woman from New Hampshire, was on vacation in Florida on Sunday March 13th. Her 24 year old boyfriend, Jacob Smith, was on board with her when the boat hit a small wave and she was ejected from the boat. Jacob turned the boat around, jumped in, and swam pulling her to shore along with assistance of Boca Beach Club lifeguards. She had suffered a fatal propeller strike to the back of her head. The accident happened near Boco Inlet in Florida. It is interesting there were two boyfriend – girlfriend propeller fatalities in Florida in two days with one man and one woman surviving.
  • D 12 March accident in Florida – 14 March Daily Mail”Devastated woman, 30, has no memory of moment her billionaire banking heir, 31, fiancé was sliced to death by ‘razor sharp’ 36-inch fishing boat propeller after he dived in to save her when she was knocked overboard” reports “Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, was maimed by a razor sharp propeller spanning 36 inches when he jumped in the water to save his fiancée, Andrea Montero, during a fishing competition Saturday afternoon.” While in a fishing tournament on a 60 foot yacht, the captain slipped while trying to help a boy with a fishing rod, bumped Juan Carlos’ fiancee Andrea Montero while they were about six miles off Key Largo Florida. She fell overboard, Juan Carols jumped in to rescue her, and he was killed by the propeller. Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez is the son of the founder of Venezuelan bank Banesco, a billionaire.
  • DD Approximately 3 March accident in Mexico- 4 March 2022 New York Post “US tourists killed by boat propeller while snorkeling in Mexico: report” reports a man and a woman in their 60s were snorkeling near Cancun Mexico when they “were killed after being chopped up by a boat propeller.” They were there as tourists on an Squalo Adventures tourism boat. A quick look at the dive boat place indicates the vessel was likely powered by twin Yamaha 115 horsepower outboards.
  • 24 February accident in Thailand – 28 February New York Post “Actress in Thailand dies after falling from speedboat on restaurant trip with friends” reports A beautiful actress in Thailand, Nida Patcharaweeraphong, 37, was in a speedboat on the Chao Phrya River on 24 February 2022. She fell from the back of the boat. Thirty or more divers searched for her body. Reports indicate her brother may have found her remains. An autopsy found Nida drowned with a deep gash on her left leg thought to have been caused by the boat’s propeller.
  • 13 February accident in Mexico – 15 February Global News Canada “I am not going to die: Man seriously injured after boat hits him in Mexican waters” reports Adam Moss of Ontario Canada and his female partner have been traveling the world for several years assisting those with mental health issues. Adam went swimming on Sunday 13 February off Playa del Carmen, Mexico and was struck by a hit and run boater’s propeller. He managed to stay up long enough for another boater to spot him. He clung to the side of the second boat as they drug him to shore. Thanks to Global News for covering the story and producing the video.
  • 18 January accident in Guyana- 20 January 2022 StaebrookeNews (Guyana) “Upper Pomeroon man dies after boating mishap” reports Chive Persaud, 23 of Upper Pomeroon, locally known as Boyo had traveled to Port Kaituma. He was sitting on the back of the boat when the propeller came loose and hit him in the head on 18 January 2022. He was taken to Mabaruma regional Hospital where he died. this may be an outboard motor flipped into the boat accident
  • early February accident in Australia – 4 February Mirror (UK media) “Fisherman almost loses his hand in propellor in horrific boating injury” reports Alexy Barkhatov was spearfishing in Sydney Harbor (Australia) near Middle Head in late January or very early February with a friend when his hand was struck by the propeller of a passing boat. The spear fishermen had put up two marker floats. Alexy dove to avoid the boat as he heard it come at him and attempted to protect his body with the speargun> He was stuck in the hand. The boat stopped and picked him up. They used a dog leash as a tourniquet. Doctors were able to save his hand.

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