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Moving Propeller Alert System – Self Contained, Economical Version – Senior Design Project

This design project is a self contained, self powered, warning module that lights or blinks LED lights off the stern when the outboard or stern drive engine is running to warn people in the water to stay out of the propeller danger area. Earlier today (30 November 2011) we posted coverage of Mercury Marine’s new […]

Propeller Guard Designed for Courtroom Use – Senior Design Project

The boating industry continues to reject the use of propeller guards and vehemently testifies against them in propeller injury trials. One of their tools is to illustrate ANY changes in the performance of the boat with the guard vs. without the guard and claim those changes are unacceptable. We propose a Senior Design Project, Capstone […]

Propeller Guard Drag Research Projects – Senior Design Projects

Boat propeller guards create drag which effects the performance of the boat, especially the top speed attainable at wide open throttle and time to plane. Propeller guard designers try to minimize drag by increasing the size of the mesh (make the open holes larger) and by decreasing the size of the wires / rods used […]

Research Projects for Senior Design Classes, Masters Thesis Projects, Industrial Design & Other Researchers

Most college students in engineering and design take one or more design project classes, often a Senior Capstone Design Projects Class, in which they work individually or as teams to develop solutions to problems. We are trying to tap this resource and encourage students to consider selecting design projects related to propeller safety. More student […]