“Shine On” Week Celebrated at Jeb Stuart High School

Casey Schulman

Casey Schulman

In April 2014, Casey Schulman’s family helped sponsor “Shine on Week” at Jeb Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia in honor of their daughter that lost her life to a boat propeller.

The week is to be filled with encouragement and good will for all. Casey’s mother, Margo Schulman reported the week turned out to be just what she wanted it to be. During the week, students also have the opportunity to nominate other students for a $20,000 college scholarship. The intent is to award the scholarship to someone involved in improving the lives of others.

Staff members reported the week was an opportunity to stop and enjoy life and share some of the passion Casey had for life.

Students tried to raise some of the funding for the scholarship via crowd sourcing at StartSomeGood.

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