Nixon Sandbar Video vs. “Don’t Wreck Your Summer”

Miami New Times continuing coverage of boating safety issues identified Nixon Sandbar as a well known party spot with ties to some major boating accidents (like the DJ Laz accident, and the July 4th Dinner Key accident).

As part of their investigation, Miami New Times shot some video coverage of the weekend of July 4th, 2014 activities at Nixon Beach. The article by Trevor Bach, is titled Partying at Nixon Sandbar on Fourth of July.

The video shows a pretty rowdy crowd, with little to no attention being paid to boating safety.

The antics displayed above are quite similar, but a little wilder and raunchier, than those portrayed in Don’t Wreck Your Summer, a U.S. Coast Guard boating safety Public Service Announcement (PSA) the industry banned for showing boating in a bad light.

Don't Wreck Your Summer

Don't Wreck Your Summer - USCG PSA

Interestingly the industry banned the Coast Guard from using Don’t Wreck Your Summer, but a boat that left Nixon Sandbar the evening of July 4th was involved in a quadruple fatality. One boat collided with a second boat, then collided with a third boat. In addition to the fatalities, several people were critically injured and the the large boat circled in the Circle of Death with two unconscious people on board.

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