Beautiful but Gone: Texas Boating Safety Video

Kali Gorzell

Kali Gorzell

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) released a ten minute video August 26, 2014 titled, Beautiful but Gone.

The video features three families that lost teenagers to boating accidents and one family whose teenager’s brain was damaged as the result of a boating accident.

  • Jacob Damoff’s mother Jeanne Damoff
  • Brandon Fugates’ parents Mike and Belinda Fugate
  • Connor Gage’s mother Dana Gage
  • Kali Gorzell’s parents James and Donna Gorzell

Beautiful but Gone

Beautiful but Gone

Among the families are Donna and James Gorzell who lost their daughter Kali Gorzell in a July 2012 boat propeller accident.

The parents and families talk about their final moments with their children, receiving the calls, going to the hospital, being met by nurses and doctors, dealing with the loss, and offer some safety tips.

This heart wrenching film joins “Never Happens” a TWPD film released earlier this year (the Gorzell accident is also mentioned in that video). The two films will be used in boating safety and driving safety classes in Texas to raise the awareness for boating safety.

We salute TPWD for a job well done. We also salute the Texas legislators that encouraged this project and helped secure its funding, including Representative Tan Parker and Representative Lyle Larson of San Antonio (home area of Kali Gorzell).

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