Post Sale monitoring boats for safety hazards: Introduction to our coverage

This series of posts discusses the duty of boat manufacturers, marine drive manufacturers, and other boating product manufacturers to monitor their products after sale to identify potential safety issues. Manufacturers are legally required to warn boaters (customers) of significant risks discovered after sale.

These posts are NOT professional legal advice. They were written to stimulate action and discussion on these topics.

A major resource for monitoring boat and marine drive accidents after sale is the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD).

This series of articles reveals as many as 32 to 45 percent of accidents annually reported to USCG are invisible in the BARD database as supplied to manufacturers and safety experts. This articles call for making those accidents visible, and explain how that could be done.

Our in-depth coverage is divided into 5 segments.

1. Handout summarizing our coverage
2. Post Sale Duty to Monitor Product Risks / Accidents: Boating Industry
3. Moral Responsibility to Monitor Products Post Sale: Boating Industry
4. How to Monitor Boating Product Accidents / Risks Post Sale
5. Full access to BARD is CRITICAL for monitoring product safety after sale
6. We encourage you to return to item #1 the summary handout

References: Post Sale Duty to Monitor / Surveillance of Product Safety Issues & Incidents

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