Denique Peace, 16, struck by propeller December 2014: a followup

Denique Peace

Denique Peace
cropped from a Facebook image

Denique Peace, now 16, was struck by a boat propeller while wake boarding back on 12 December 2014 on the Murray River in Australia. The young girl aspiring to be a dancer lost her left leg just below the hip.

19 January 2016, about a year after the accident,Daily Mail, a well known U.K. media outlet with in Australian presence, published an excellent followup story on Denique’s recovery. As some other young girls struck by propellers, Denique has been extremely resilient. Now she hopes she will be able to dance in her school prom using her prosthetic leg.

The Daily Mail article is titled,

It felt as if my leg had gone through a shredder.
by Jenny Awford for Daily Mail Australia.
19 January 2016.

The Daily Mail article does a great job of following Denique’s recovery and includes numerous photos and a couple videos.

Yahoo News7 also recently released an article on her recovery.
Teen Takes it All in Her Stride a Year After Losing a Leg in Boating Accident.
by Emily Angwin.
18 January 2016.
Yahoo News7 (Australia).

We wish Denique Peace well and thank her for sharing her story. We hope it will inspire other youth facing similar challenges.

We also thank Daily Mail and Yahoo News7 for covering the story.

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