The Leash receives U.S. Patent

We just noticed The Leash, a tether to prevent outboard motors from flipping into boats when striking submerged objects, received U.S Patent 9,771,136 back on 26 September 2017. Some of our work in this field was cited in the patent references as well.

The Leash: left and right views side by side

The Leash: left and right views side by side

Roy John Grohler is listed as the inventor and the patent is assigned to The Leash, LLC.

Congratulations to all those associated with the leash. It it takes tremendous effort and dedication to bring an innovative, new product to market these days.

We also noticed they have a 2017 year end blow out sale going on at their web site. If you have been thinking about getting one, you might want to visit their web site, before the end of the year.

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