Rex Chambers speaks on The Leash: video

Rex Chambers, well known professional bass angler and his fishing partner were injured 3 May 2014 on Wheeler Lake in Alabama when they struck a submerged log, the 250 horsepower Mercury outboard motor broke off, and flipped into the boat still under power. His fishing buddy was struck in the head by the skeg. Rex was cut in the left shoulder and left leg by the propeller. See our previous coverage of Rex’s accident.

On 3 May 2018, the four year anniversary of his accident, Rex posted a video on his Facebook page, Rex Chambers Fishing, reminiscing from Lake Wheeler about the accident and telling about how he now runs The Leash, a tether to prevent such accidents.

We like his down home, straight forward talk and how he is able to speak from personal experience of the need to tether large outboard motors.

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